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Batalla por la Isla de Ensueño Wiki es una enciclopedia colaborativa de Batalla por la Isla de Ensueño (BPIE) en Español, una serie web creada por jacknjellify en YouTube. El programa cuenta actualmente con cinco temporadas, consistentes en objetos antropomórficos que compiten en desafíos para ganar la Isla de Ensueño (Una isla de lujo), u otro premio. Puede leer y cualquiera puede contribuir o editar acerca de los concursantes y los episodios de esta emocionante serie web.


Batalla por la Isla de Ensueño Wiki
Batalla por la Isla de Ensueño Wiki

Esta información puede contener spoilers de la serie de BPIE. Por favor mire los episodios si es que no los has visto.


Estos son los cuerpos, rostros, extremidades, accesorios y detalles de los personajes, elementos y ubicaciones de la franquicia Batalla por la Isla de Ensueño, que están fácilmente disponibles en esta página.

Las colecciones vectoriales oficiales de activos (en formato Flash) están disponibles aquí.  Se requiere Macromedia Flash 8 o una versión posterior.

Los archivos fuente completos de un episodio, introducción o cualquier otro medio se enumeran en archivos .fla.  Los archivos fuente creados por fans se enumeran en Proyecto:archivos .fla/Fan-made.

Exporte las imágenes de los activos a su dispositivo como archivos .PNG, .SVG o .GIF.  No los exportes como tipos de archivos que no pueden tener transparencia.

Al importar GIF a Adobe Animate, asegúrese de configurar el símbolo en un gráfico, de lo contrario no podrá reproducirse.

Debido a la gran cantidad de recursos, esta página se ha dividido en varias subpáginas.

Main subpages[]

  • Character bodies
    • Current bodies
      • BFDI:
        • Contestants
        • Failed debuters
      • BFDIA:
        • Newcomers
        • Failed joiners
      • BFB
      • Extras:
        • Algebralians
        • Speaker Boxes
        • Others
    • Simple version (main character bodies)
    • Old character bodies and prototypes
    • Character combinations
    • Character bodies with various effects
      • Metal character bodies
    • Character bodies with various shading variations
      • Inside the basket
      • In thumbnails
      • In voting icons
    • Recommended character bodies
      • BFDI/BFDIA
      • BFB 1-16
      • BFB 17-30
      • TPOT
  • Faces and limbs: Eyes, mouths, arms, and legs
    • Facial features: Eyes and mouths
    • Limbs: Arms and legs
    • Oldies (Pre-BFDI faces and limbs)
  • Backgrounds
  • Recovery centers
  • Accessories
  • Everything else
    • BFDI
    • BFDIA
    • BFB
    • XFOHV


  • Masks, sketches, and measurements
  • Vector (.svg) assets
    • Recommended character vectors
  • Full unsplit version
    • Parts:
      • Part 1
      • Part 2
      • Part 3
      • Part 4

Fanon assets[]

Fan-made assets should be posted to the following project pages:

  • Fan-made assets
    • Fan-made faces and limbs
    • Fan-made vector assets
      • Vector-traced versions of official assets
    • Fan-made backgrounds
    • Fan-made recovery centers
    • Fan-made chambers

Missing asset request[]

If you are looking for an asset that isn't here, or an existing asset needs some reworking, please request it at Battle for Dream Island Wiki:Wanted assets.

How to export assets[]

This section lists the tutorials on how to insert assets from the series properly, as long as it's a .png, .gif, or .svg file. There exists two tutorials: exporting using Flash, and using another software that's not Flash.

Exporting in Flash[]

You must have Adobe Flash (Macromedia Flash 8 or later), otherwise this process will not work out very well. To install Flash, click here.

  1. Go to the BFDI assets page and find a .fla file you want to export assets on. Once you find it, download it.
  2. Open a version of Adobe Flash that isn't below Macromedia Flash 8 and open the file you downloaded earlier.
  3. Once you open the .fla, find an asset you want to export. It is highly suggested that you go to the wanted assets page so that you can check what assets are missing on this wiki.
  4. Right-click on the asset you found and click on "Export PNG Sequence". Put the asset in a location that can be easily found, and make sure the widths and heights are set to their highest levels possible. If you keep them on their normal levels, the asset you exported will end up being in low resolution.
  5. Go to any asset page that the asset you exported earlier fits the best on. If the asset is a body, it should go on any of the bodies page's subpages. If the asset is an eye, mouth, or a limb, it should go on any of the faces and limbs page's subpages.
  6. Upload the asset you exported to the wiki. Is the upload button still disabled? Make sure the "I agree to image policy and terms of use" option is checked on.
  7. Once inserted into the page you are on right now, remove any mentions of "[[File:" and "|thumb]]" if it's on a gallery.

Exporting without Flash[]

This tutorial is for people who don't have Adobe Flash, or want to add an asset from an episode or media that does not have any confirmed source file of it yet.

  1. Upload the pose to The InPaint.
  2. With the tools provided, you get to remove the limbs. Make sure that there are no visible marks of limbs when "InPainting" them.
  3. When finished, the site will ask you to download in low resolution, and to log in if you're registered. It is recommend that you register next to the log in button so the site can remember your images (Stored up to 240 mins).
  4. When done, click "Download in low resolution". The image will save as a .jpg file. This leads to Photo Scissors.
  5. Before proceeding, go to any photo editing software you prefer (if you don't have one, use websites such as Google Slides, Google Drawings, Scratch, Sketchpad, etc.) and upload the image if you were unable to remove some limbs.
  6. Make sure to copy the image and crop the main colors where the limbs are seen.
  7. Paste the cropped image onto the visible limbs/marks. Repeat the crop/copy-paste part until the asset looks/is legit enough.
  8. Screenshot the image and go upload it to Photo Scissors.
  9. With the tools provided, mark the area where you want the asset to be visible.
  10. The image may auto-generate visibility marks, so all you gonna do is add and remove.
  11. When done, you will be asked to save the image in low resolution, as in some occasions when being signed in, you get it in HD. Before even uploading the image to Photo Scissors, it is recommend to register, and you get impressive HD results.
  12. Download the image and you're now finished.
  13. In other words, some people choose to make the images via Scratch, so it's up to you to choose which works for you best. It is also possible to trace over the images in Inkscape, allowing for high resolution and anti-aliased bitmaps when a vector file is exported.


  • The assets were made public since February 2, 2012, first starting with .png files of the season 1 character bodies and later evolving into .fla files.
  • The first ever assets added to the page are the eyes.
  • Nickel's current asset was the hardest to make, according to The 22 Best Questions You Asked Us — BFDI + II Meetup.
  • Every asset in BFDI was made in Adobe Flash.
  • The assets in the .fla files are separated by each category folder:
    • Backgrounds - Contains parts of a background. The starfield parts have their own folder called Starfield assets.
    • Body Parts - Contains each part of a character, such as the bodies, eyes, limbs, and mouths.
      • Characters - Contains the bodies of the characters.
      • Eyes - Contains the eyes for the characters.
      • Limbs - Contains the limbs for the characters, separated into two folders: Arms and Legs. The finger asset is not inside any two of these folders.
      • Mouths - Contains the mouths for the characters, separated into three folders categorizing the emotions: Frowns, Neutral, and Smiles. The tongue asset is not inside any three of the folders.
    • Effects - Contains the visual effects, some of them used as transitions.
    • Objects - Contains the items & props used in the series.
    • As of Battle for BFB, lots of changes had been implemented:
      • Backgrounds has evolved into _bg_stuff. The currently-existing backgrounds are on its own folder called oldBackgrounds.
      • Characters has been renamed into _bodies and is now on the library root.
      • Objects was moved to a new folder called _items. Effects wasn't in the folder until it was a long time later.
  • A lot of assets had been gaining updates over the years.
  • The page used to be unsplit until March 6, 2017. The last revision before the page was split into subpages can be found here.
  • The page was originally put downhill by Blocky roblox cuzco on October 11, 2012, with the reason stating because of over usage. The page was brought back by Guylan on November 16, 2012.

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