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¡Bueno, mira quién es!

Well, Look Who It Is! es el episodio 13 de Batalla por la Isla de Ensueño Nuevamente, el episodio de Plantilla:Eporder en orden dentro del universo y el episodio 81 de la serie en general. Fue lanzado el 18 de julio de 2024 a las 12:22 p.m. PST. Es un episodio especial "no competitivo", similar a "¡Bienvenidos de vuelta!" y "Out Of The Blue".



Personajes en la WTF[]

Personajes en el TLC/LOL[]

BFDIA Concursantes eliminados permanentemente[]
Debutantes fallidos / No concursantes[]

BFDIA current contestants[]

W.O.A.H. Bunch[]

Team No-Name[]






Before the intro[]

The episode begins with Flower on a hospital bed, left unconscious due to getting crushed by Spongy in the last episode. "Ruby" (still being replaced by her sisters) and Needle are there beside her. Ruby (Amethyst) comments that it's sad she's still on life support, but Needle says she finds it poetic instead. Ruby (Fluorite) says she thinks she might know how to lift Flower's spirit and proceeds to do the Flower Power dance. Suddenly, the patient monitor goes flat, and just as the TPOT intro is about to start, Firey interrupts, saying it's the wrong season before playing the actual BFDIA intro.

After the intro[]


Needle, Ruby and her sisters walking.

Needle and Ruby (Garnet) are standing outside the hospital, where it is revealed that Flower has died. Needle asks Ruby (Ammolite) if she wants to watch the Cake at Stake, and she agrees. They arrive at the auditorium, where they are greeted by the bugs. The bugs inquire about everyone else's whereabouts, and Ruby (Feldspar) tells them they're all dead. The bugs decide to postpone the ceremony until all the other contestants are revived, which Needle agrees with. She suggests they go to Yoyleland to recover everyone, and they walk through the Goiky highway, followed by all of Ruby's sisters.

Upon arrival in Yoyleland, Ruby (Peridot) agrees to type in everyone's names as Needle cranks. When they recover Pin, Needle remarks that it didn't take that much cranking, adding that it saved her some work. Ruby (Opal) asks who she has to thank for that, and Needle says her, before they high-five. The scene then shifts to Coiny and Pin's subconscious briefly, where Pin asks Coiny if he heard that. Coiny says yes, adding that FreeSmart will pay.

Nickel, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, and Bomby are also cranked out, and then "Ruby" (Flourite) also cranks out Horrifying Sludge. When Needle asks Ruby who that is, Ruby (Pyrite) says it was her best friend as a kid. Needle manages to push the sludge back into the HPRC. Then, they recover Yellow Face, who they carry over to the WTF, as he was eliminated. Once there, Yellow Face says that being in the WTF is so embarrassing, and Gelatin reassures him that it is not. However, all of the contestants start to laugh at them, but it turns out to be just Pencil.

Pencil's laugh echoes all the way to the Locker of Losers, where it is heard by Match. She asks if anyone else heard the sound, but Snowball tells her to shut up, insisting it was just a hallucination. Match is adamant she heard Pencil's voice, prompting Snowball to insult her hair dye. Frustrated, Match urges Donut to get Snowball out of her face, so Donut points out that he, Match, Teardrop, Puffball and Dora all competed in BFDIA, while the others didn't. Gaty suggests they draw a line between the BFDIA contestants and the non-contestants, and Match enthusiastically agrees with the idea.

The scene shifts back to the BFDIA contestants and the WTF prisoners. The BFDIA contestants abruptly leave, and as they do, Ice Cube begs Pencil, Book and Ruby to take her back. However, Firey tells her that they are all busy competing and shouldn't be distracted. Ice Cube fears that they're never getting out, but just then, Gelatin realizes that they could simply step out of the WTF. They all leave, and Gelatin comments that all those months in the WTF were agonizing. Yellow Face agrees, but Gelatin dismisses him, then pulls out a yellow tomato, declaring it the new Yellow Face. Firey eats the yellow tomato, resetting his Yoyle-metal, and suggests they go explore Yoyle City. The group agrees enthusiastically and set off on their new adventure.

Upon arrival, they come across the Yoyle Fountain and eagerly jump into the water. Ice Cube comments on how easily she floats in it. Gelatin encourages Firey to join them, but Firey hesitates, revealing his fear of fountains. Gelatin reassures him that the fountain is filled with Yoyle Oil, not water, so Firey decides to jump in. As he is about to do so, Ice Cube quickly warns him not to, pointing out that oil is flammable. However, it's too late, and they all burn to death. Firey quickly goes over to recover them, and they move on to the French bakery.


"600 YEARS OLD!?"

At the bakery, Gelatin recognizes a baguette and mentions that his brothers are huge fans of them. Firey asks if Gelatin wants to try a cookie and mistakenly feeds him Rocky. Gelatin comments on the taste, calling it stale. Firey apologizes, realizing he just put Rocky in Gelatin's mouth. He then gives him an actual cookie, but Gelatin still calls it stale. Firey explains that the bakery hasn't been in operation for over 600 years, which is why the baked goods are stale. This causes Gelatin to faint, so they quickly take for the recovery center so they can recover him.

Once he is recovered, Gelatin notices the Yoyle stadium. Intrigued, they decide to check it out. Inside the stadium, Firey asks Ice Cube to play Yoyle Ball with him, and she agrees. Firey kicks Ice Cube, shattering her on impact. Gelatin tells him he has to play with the actual Yoyle Ball, which has several sharp spikes on it. They toss the spiked ball around, but it quickly proves to be too dangerous. The scene quickly shifts to Firey recovering Gelatin after he got hurt from the spikes.

In Coiny and Pin's subconscious, the atmosphere is charged with tension. Pin's voice adopts a robotic tone as she urges Coiny to fulfill the revenge she seeks. Coiny, resolute and determined, responds that her wish is his command.

Pin then outlines her plan in meticulous detail:

With these instructions clear, Coiny sets off on his mission. He begins by making his way through Goiky Highway, carrying Pin’s body with unwavering determination. As he completes each task, he continues his journey, eventually digging towards the Earth's core, where he meets Pin in the Underworld, and tries to pull her out.

Archivo:Screenshot 3(1).png

Two worlds collide

Back in the LOL, the BFDIA contestants are lounging on one side of the room, while everyone else is crammed tightly on the other. Suddenly, a small tube appears, signaling dinner time. Taco eagerly anticipates the menu, while Eraser grumbles about Bottle being in the way, even though she's transparent. Snowball chimes in, saying that erasers don’t have brains, and Eraser explains that it's because Grassy and Balloony are inside her, causing the tight squeeze. Bottle tells Grassy and Balloony to stop talking, because it tickles her, and Lollipop suggests popping Balloony using Naily for a better view.

They all turn to TV, who is loading the menu on the screen, but Cake sits in front of them, blocking everyone's view. Marker comments that he doesn’t remember Cake being so wide, and Cake insists that he isn’t wide. Fanny expresses her frustration, just as bread starts coming through the tube. Puffball says the bread is delicious. Donut asks if Puffball hears anything from the peanut gallery, and Puffball says no. Donut insists he hears something, which turns out to be Coiny digging into an inverted planet. Suddenly, Pinecone shows up and tells him that the term "inverted planet" is outdated.

As they’re talking, Donut overhears and comments that it’s a fascinating story, speculating that it must be from far away. Match then asks if it sounded like Pencil’s voice as she eats a loaf of bread, and Donut confirms that it wasn’t. Suddenly, the ground starts shaking, and Donut turns to Dora, asking if that was her doing. Dora complains that she’s hungry, and Saw is surprised to realize that the rumbling came from Dora’s stomach. Marker notes the abundance of bread and suggests that Dora could just eat that, but Pie points out that Dora is allergic to anything that isn't islands. Saw calls Dora the weirdest contestant, and Dora responds by slapping her.

Archivo:The BFDIA contestants walking the loop-de-loop.jpg

The scene shifts to the BFDIA contestants returning to the auditorium for the cake at stake. Book notices a loop-de-loop and wonders how they’ll ever get past it. Tennis Ball proudly mentions that he refurbished Flower’s non-slip shoes into super stick shoes, but Golf Ball corrects him, saying that she helped refurbish them too. Tennis Ball gets upset, insisting it was his project, but Golf Ball reminds him that since he rented out her factory to build them, she deserves partial credit.

Bomby tries on the shoes and comments on their comfort, and they all begin walking the loop-de-loop. Nickel hesitates, saying it looks scary, but Fries encourages him. As Fries reaches the top of the loop-de-loop, his fries fall, so he quickly heads to the bottom to catch them. Nickel compliments Fries on his quick save.

As they exit the loop-de-loop, Needle asks Pencil about the perks of being an official FreeSmart member. Pencil stops her and questions when she became a member. Needle explains that it was due to the sacrifice she made last episode. Since Pencil was dead at the time, she doesn’t remember it and asks Book for confirmation. Book reminds her that she was dead for most of the episode, so Pencil doesn’t believe it. She tells Needle to come back when she performs an actual sacrifice, much to Needle’s frustration.

Archivo:The WTF people on the bridge.jpg

The episode shifts to the WTF contestants, where Gelatin spots the Yoyle train station. Ice Cube asks him why he frequently says "oh my collagen" and what it means. Gelatin explains that collagen is a protein found in animal bones and skin, adding that he’s 90% collagen. They decide to cross the bridge to reach their destination, but Firey is terrified of heights.

As they cross, Firey screams the entire way, so Ice Cube puts a blindfold over his eyes to calm him. Firey asks where he is, and Ice Cube lies, saying he's at ground level. Firey sighs in relief but then tells Rocky he’s too close, inadvertently pushing him into the water. Gelatin exclaims that Rocky’s going to drown, but Ice Cube quickly shushes him, warning not to let Firey know they’re still on the bridge or he’ll start screaming again. Gelatin tells Firey to keep walking, but Firey, feeling crowded, pushes Gelatin into the water as well. Gelatin begs Ice Cube for help, but Ice Cube refuses to risk it. Eventually, they manage to recover Rocky and Gelatin and continue their journey. Since Firey still has the blindfold on, he accidentally walks into the Toilet Emporium.

They finally reach the train station. Gelatin extends his arm to guide Firey and brings him to the station. Firey remarks that it wasn’t as thrilling as it would have been if he could see. Ice Cube informs them that the Yoyle train is one of the 8 wonders of the world and can even take them to the science museum, which is 2,763 miles away. Firey says he’d be impressed if the train actually takes them that far, so they all board. On the train, Firey asks how they’ll get it moving, and Ice Cube discovers the fuel tank runs on collagen. Ice Cube finds this familiar, but Gelatin denies ever hearing the word and even mispronounces it on purpose. Despite his attempts, Firey and Ice Cube push Gelatin into the fuel tank, causing the train to speed up rapidly. As they pass the recovery center, they quickly recover Gelatin.

The episode then shifts to Coiny, who is still digging. Once he reaches the bottom, his body melts and drips into the underworld, where he meets Pin, who has her limbs, face, and original size restored. Pin uses her freeze breath to return Coiny to his original form. Coiny asks why she looks so different and inquires about their location. Suddenly, a loud voice roars, "GET OUT," prompting Pin to tell him they must leave. Coiny pulls out a grappling gun and escapes with Pin. Once he reaches the top, he makes it out safely but struggles to pull Pin with him. As he attempts to rescue her, Pin starts glitching and tells him that she's proud of him, her voice alternating between text-to-speech and normal.

In the LOL, the BFDIA contestants watch the scene unfold through a window. Donut asks what’s happening, and Pen reassures him that it's probably not that scary. However, upon witnessing it himself, Pen warns everyone that they must leave immediately. Snowball grabs Fanny's fan, attaches it to the top of the LOL, and various contestants start cranking the lever, causing the LOL to fly away. Pen sighs in relief. Meanwhile, Coiny continues to pull Pin out of the hole, and eventually succeeds, however, Pin reverts to her original form as she loses her limbs, face and size.


"I am so proud of you, Coiny, we did this together."

Meanwhile, in the auditorium, Pan Flute ties Evil Leafy to the wall as punishment for ruining his performance last month. Evil Leafy tries to escape but is restrained by the tape, and Pan Flute advises her to reflect on her actions.

The scene transitions to the WTF prisoners at the Science Museum, where Firey admits he is impressed. However, Firey begins breaking several artifacts, prompting Ice Cube to tell him to stop. Gelatin worries about getting caught, but Firey suggests they replace the items before leaving.

They go upstairs and find an Enhancement L-Yoy-Ser, which Gelatin mistakes for a ride due to its colorful buttons. Despite Ice Cube's warnings, Gelatin starts pressing random buttons and gets confused when it doesn't move. Firey tells him it's because he hasn't paid, so Gelatin forces a coin into the screen, breaking it and causing the machine to malfunction. Various lasers are unleashed, enhancing the appearance of multiple objects. Gelatin thinks the machine is awesome and asks what else he should shoot. Firey suggests aiming at "that ugly looking thing" (The LOL) in the sky, so Gelatin directs the laser at the LOL.

Inside the LOL, Dora's stomach rumbles again, prompting Match to call it gross. Suddenly, Pen screams as he notices a laser heading their way. The LOL prisoners try to dodge it but fail. Once they are hit, everyone's appearance changes, with some changes being more noticeable than others. Balloony is recovered and points out that Fanny now has legs, which Fanny says she hates. He also comments on Gaty's improved appearance as Saw approaches her with a bucket of periwinkle paint. Finally, he points out Dora's change, but Dora, still starving, decides to order takeout.

Dora pulls out her phone and dials a company called "Blazing Fast Delivery of Islands." The delivery man answers and asks what she would like to order. Dora requests one island. Match chimes in, also wanting an island, specifically one with additional matchstick factories. Puffball asks for an island featuring rainbows, sparkles, and puffy clouds, but is interrupted by Donut. He tells everyone to stop bothering the delivery guy with bizarre requests and proceeds to order an island with lots of blood.

Archivo:The BFDIA eliminated contestants ordering their islands.jpg

The delivery man takes note of the requests and asks what they want for their fifth island. He instructs them to speak if they want fire and to remain silent if they want water. Donut hands the phone to Teardrop, who says nothing, and the delivery man acknowledges this choice. Barf Bag then asks to add something to the order, but Match sarcastically comments that she can't hear her because Barf Bag is too far away. Barf Bag tells her to just hand over the phone, but Match quickly hangs up, saying it’s too late.

Meanwhile, back at the Science Museum, Gelatin continues to shoot lasers, while Ice Cube warns Rocky that the lasers are dangerous and advises him not to jump. Despite the warning, Rocky jumps and gets hit by the lasers. Ice Cube gasps as Firey points out that Rocky doesn't seem to look any different. Suddenly, Rocky begins vomiting acid, which melts both Gelatin and the machine. Ice Cube requests that they dial back the chaos, and Firey agrees. They decide to recover Gelatin before calling it a day. As they head towards the recovery center, Firey stops to examine a tree, the same one that was zapped by the laser earlier, and stares at it for a moment before Ice Cube tells him to move along.

As the credits roll, a silhouette of the LOL flying away is shown against the setting sun, followed by a truck delivering the five islands they ordered earlier. Inside the truck, Snowball complains that cranking makes him tired, and Bracelety asks if they can be put down now since the glitching Pin is no longer an issue. Match replies that they cannot, adding that their next stop is to see her friend Pencil. Clock expresses his reluctance and asks about the islands. Match dismisses his concerns, stating that she doesn’t listen to people on the opposite side of the line. Donut then informs her that their islands have actually arrived, and Match retorts that she doesn’t listen to people on her own side of the line either.


Firey, Ice Cube, and Rocky recover Gelatin at the HPRC. Gelatin picks up Ice Cube and Rocky to go back to the WTF, leaving Firey alone. Initially hesitant, Firey decides to recover Leafy, who wakes up to see a faint light around the corner with no Firey in sight. She says "Who?", which Evil Leafy hears in the auditorium, burns the tapes and teleports a few times as the episode ends.


  • Created by:
    • Cary Huang
    • Michael Huang
  • Written and directed by:
    • Anthony Acedo
    • Cary Huang
    • Joseph Pak
  • Audio:
    • Benjamin Cross
    • Braden Whiteside
    • Daniel Booth
    • Griffin Weber
    • Ian Woodside
  • Voice processing:
    • Braden Whiteside
    • Giovanni Edwards
    • Joseph Pak
  • Storyboarding:
    • Bryan Ndubisi
    • Chelsea Winters "Wuggolo"
    • Dane Trent "WoopDoo"
    • Daniel Adam Valle
    • Giovanni Edwards
    • Joseph Pak
    • Xander Archibald "Xananer"
  • 3D animation:
    • Clara Chou
    • Coby Palivathukal
    • Emily Kalish
    • Ryan Dietrich "SirRyan18"
  • Props and backgrounds:
    • Aidan L. "Aidae"
    • Anthony Acedo
    • Carson C. "Pancaiks&Butter"
    • Joseph Pak
    • Lazlo T. "TopHatTheHat"
    • Punch-Holer
    • WormBuffer
    • Zak Friedland
  • Recommended characters:
    • Aidan L. "Aidae"
    • Anthony Acedo
    • Chelsea Winters "Wuggolo"
    • Filip K. "Khoreo"
  • Animation:
    • Aidan L. "Aidae"
    • Aiden Gomez
    • Anthony Acedo
    • Bryan Ndubisi
    • Chelsea Winters "Wuggolo"
    • Dane Trent "WoopDoo"
    • Daniel Adam Valle
    • Diego D. "p0tatomango"
    • Giovanni Edwards
    • Griffin Weber
    • Ivan Maslov "Highvan"
    • Joseph H. "Spherigon"
    • Joseph Pak
    • Xander Archibald "Xananer"
    • Zak Friedland
  • Revisions and video editing:
    • Anthony Acedo
    • Joseph Pak
  • Music:
    • Kevin MacLeod



  • This episode features the first chronological (coherent and distinct) speaking appearances of Balloony, Barf Bag, Bell, Bracelety, Bottle, Cake, Eggy, Grassy, Naily, Pie, Saw, and Taco.
  • This is chronologically the first non-competition episode, by upload date being IDFB 1.
  • This episode is the first in BFDIA to feature characters from the WTF as the main characters and to spotlight the characters in the TLC.
    • This is the second episode to have characters from an elimination area as the main characters, if going by release dates. Otherwise, it would be the first episode.
    • Due to this, this episode does not have a challenge nor an elimination. Instead, viewers are encouraged to vote on their favorite character through a Google Form. The elimination will instead take place in the following episode.
  • This is the second time where Pencil, Match, Basketball, Robot Flower, Bracelety, Dora, David, 8-Ball, and Firey Jr. appeared in a non-competition episode that revolves around eliminated contestants although this is the first time chronologically.
    • Pencil is the only one who's not in the elimination area.
  • This episode breaks the record held by You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right? and B.F.B. = Back From Beginning (five days) for the shortest gap between episodes of BFDI. What's Up Bell's String? was released three days prior.
  • This is the first episode of BFDIA where Spongy does not appear outside the intro.
  • This episode explains various things that were unknown before then.
    • This episode explains the change in assets for the BFB debutants.
    • This episode explains how Rocky regained his vomit.
    • This episode explains how Leafy was recovered.
    • This episode, however, does not explain the change in personality for Donut and Marker or Marker and Lollipop's voice change.
  • This episode uses the pre-BFB voices for Marker and Lollipop.
  • This is Blocky and Snowball's first speaking role in season 2. However, Blocky only speaks in the group when the eliminated contestants say "Aw, man! Boo! Grrr!".
  • This is Donut's first speaking appearance in BFDIA since his elimination in "Get Digging".
  • This is Yellow Face's first appearance in BFDIA since "Catch These Hands", as he died in that episode but wasn't recovered until this episode.
  • This is the first time Marker is voiced by someone other than Cary Huang. In this case, he is voiced by Joseph Pak.
  • The 13th spoken word of this episode is "Instead". Therefore, the secret message so far is "Don't try that thing again, because it definitely won't work this time. Instead [...]".
  • Blazing Fast Delivery of Islands also abbreviates to BFDI.
  • This is the shortest episode of the BFDIA revival.

Continuity references[]

  • When Firey interrupted the TPOT intro, saying it's the wrong season, it technically foreshadowed the TPOT season.
  • Flower is nearly dead from when she was flattened by Spongy last episode.
  • Ruby performs Flower Power, which is later revisited in Fortunate Ben.
  • The Goiky Highway from "Taste the Sweetness" is revisited several times (Both in 2D and CGI).
  • Ruby's line "You crank and I'll type" is a reference to one of Nickel's lines from "Meaty", albeit with the order of the first and last two words swapped around.
  • Needle mentions the term "cranklord" from Well Rested.
  • Rocky flies around, like he did in The Glistening, Welcome Back and The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life.
  • Gelatin saying his brothers are huge baguette fans is a reference to B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E.
  • Firey saying the French bakery hasn't been in operation since 1338 is a reference to the number of days one can go without eating, as mentioned by Leafy in "Hurtful!".
  • Firey, Rocky, Gelatin, and Ice Cube tying their legs together in the WTF is a callback to "Taste the Sweetness" and was previously established in "It's a Monster" (albeit mentioned) and "The Long-lost Yoyle City".
  • Coiny is still attempting to bring Pin's limbs and face back, as she is speaking to him in a similar fashion to the previous episode. He uses the trash compactors, a shovel, visits the Underworld, and ultimately almost succeeds.
  • Characters such as Cake, Marker, and Lollipop have different voices. In the case of Marker and Lollipop, it's referencing the unique voices they had in "The Reveal" and "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" respectively. In the case of Cake, his voice is similar to Spongy's.
    • It’s possible that they lose those voices and gain their respective BFB voices due to the Enhancement L-Yoy-Ser.
  • Eraser alludes to his eventual one-sided rivalry with Bottle, starting in "What's Up Bell's String".
  • Grassy and Balloony say "glorp", as does the description. "Glorp" was originally mentioned in "Crybaby!" via the new Cake At Stake theme.
  • The LOL characters are still being fed bread, as was mentioned in "Vomitaco".
  • "Apple, orange, banana" was also said by Bomby in "Catch These Hands" and Ruby in "Taste the Sweetness".
  • The Buried Forest, Deciduously Insulated is visited by Coiny. It is later seen again in Don't Dig Straight Down, though it seems to be a different one, as Pinecone isn't seen, and the climate is different.
    • Donut hearing about the forest from the TLC would later be referenced in BFB 14, when he corrected Gelatin on its name and claimed he "never knew we lived so close to one!"
  • Pie mentions the fact that Dora can only eat islands, a fact that was previously mentioned in episodes like "The Reveal" and "Get Digging".
  • Team No-Name talks about how they used Golf Ball's Underground Factory to upgrade Flower's Non-Slip Shoes So Ha, which are now known as Super-Stick Shoes So Ha.
  • Fries fumbles his fries and rushes to catch them, animated similarly to the Steam Train sequence in "Fashion For Your Face!".
  • Match hearing Pencil's voice saying "Ha!" from the TLC is a reference to Blocky hearing Grassy saying "Funny doings" from a distance in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".
  • Snowball mentions the fact that erasers don't have brains, which was previously acknowledged in "Return of the Hang Glider" and "Intruder Alert".
  • Gelatin explains the meaning behind "oh my collagen", which was later used throughout BFB.
  • Bottle being tickled by Balloony and Grassy inside her is a nod to how she was tickled by objects inside her in episodes like "Fortunate Ben", "The Escape from Four", and "Gardening Zero".
  • Match telling Donut to get Snowball out of her face is a reference to Flower telling Snowball to beat up Bubble in "Take the Plunge: Part 2".
  • Firey mentions a fear of heights, which was also mentioned in Insectophobe's Nightmare. He also screams the same way he did in that episode when he is on the bridge.
  • The camera zooms way in on Gelatin's face, similar to how it zoomed in on Match, Ice Cube, and Book in The Long-lost Yoyle City.
  • The Yoyle Transit Train slightly resembles the High Speed Express Train.
    • Ice Cube also mentions that the train used to be the "eighth wonder of the world", which may be a reference to the title of the TPOT episode "The Seven Wonders of Goiky".
  • Gelatin is used as fuel, due to his collagen content. This is a reference to "Gardening Hero", when Spongy was used as fuel due to his yellow squishy nature.
  • Ice Cube, Rocky, and Firey reuse some voice lines while riding the train.
  • Pin mentions the idea of Coiny becoming an alloy, similar to when Leafy mentioned the idea of Ice Cube being in an alloy in "Hurtful!".
  • Zappy is used as a grappling hook once again.
  • Ice Cube licks the cake in the bakery with her ugly face from "Get Digging", "Catch These Hands", "Taste the Sweetness", and "Lots of Mud".
  • Firey shoving the cookie into Gelatin's mouth is a reference to Ruby shoving Yoyle berries into Book's mouth in "Well Rested".
  • Fries yelling "Bye!" is a reference to Flower yelling the same thing in "Lots of Mud".
  • Firey wiggles his arms to express apathy, as was later explained by Pillow in "Getting Teardrop To Talk".
  • Firey, Gelatin, Ice Cube, and Rocky walking and flying through different locations is a reference to Team No-Name walking through different locations to get to the Yoyle woodlands in "Intruder Alert".
  • Gelatin realizing he, Rocky, Firey, and Ice Cube could have escaped the WTF the whole time is similar to how he discovered that Four's cell was made of cardboard tubes covered in metal paint in "Fashion For Your Face!"
  • The science museum is seen, and it is in the same state as "Welcome Back", with the exception of some of the exhibits being different due to Firey breaking and replacing them. Most notably, he replaces an artifact inside the Museum with a cookie. This cookie later reappears in Welcome Back when Tennis Ball and Golf Ball raid the Museum.
  • Pen calls Donut "Bagel Brain", the same nickname Lollipop gives him in "Four Goes Too Far".
  • Snowball arguably does the exact opposite of the dodging pattern: there is only one projectile, and he still manages to crash the flying LOL into it.
  • Various characters, including Gaty, Cake and Fanny, have their assets upgraded, explaining their appearance in IDFB's voting screen and BFB. Notably, Grassy is not included (possibly due to being stuck inside Bottle at the time shielding him from the Laser Effects).
  • Gaty is unpainted, but Saw hands her a bucket of paint, referencing The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life, where she talks about the fact that she chose her color and gender.
  • Donut mentions blood. This is similar to "Get in the Van", where Ruby claims that Donut's blood "tastes pretty good", and is later revisited in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", when Marker mentions the concept of Donut being a vampire.
  • Rocky regains his barfing ability, and it is upgraded by making it significantly more destructive. This was implied in IDFB, but was explored in "Lick Your Way To Freedom" and "Don't Dig Straight Down".
  • When Gelatin scolds Firey for eating the yellow tomato he deemed the "new Yellow Face", he waves his arms the same way Pencil does in "No More Snow!" and "Catch These Hands". Rocky also moves his legs similarly to how Firey waves his arms in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3".
  • The Evil Here Hotel is seen in the background, along with a large tree that resembles Tree's state in "Balancing P.A.C.T.".
  • Some music returns from the stinger of "Well Rested".
  • Firey is shown recovering Leafy again, as stated in "The Four is Lava".
  • Needle's "get well ugly" card looks similar to the first place recommended character in "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Get Well Card For Jacknjellify.

Cultural references[]

  • Archivo:Bfdi oo ref.png

    Rocky and Toaster eating grass.

    During the Yoyleball Stadium scene, Rocky can be seen eating grass. This is a reference to Object Overload (created by Niall Burns) where Toaster eats the grass.
  • Archivo:ObjectIllusion.jpeg
    During the wave of recommended characters that are hit by the Enhancement-L-Yoy-Ser, The characters Orange, Pink Gumball, Watermelon, Strawberry and Police Hat can be seen. This might be a reference to some of the characters of the same names from Object Illusion (created by AsaphDaKing Animations).
    • Orange is also doing the Kame Kame Haaa pose which is also reference to Object Illusion in "Trust No One".
      The dodecahedron in the science museum resembles an Megaminx with an altered color scheme.This makes sense because cary is a speedcuber.
  • When Xbox is hit with the Enhancement L-Yoy-Ser, they transform from a standard Xbox console into the infamous "Xbox 720", a popular Xbox concept and rumor popularized by its unique design.
  • The recommended character "Holy Hand Grenade" is in reference to the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch from Monty Python & the Holy Grail.


  • At 0:08, Needle's "get well ugly" card switches fonts.
  • During the flatline, one of the wires seems to have its outline messed up.
    Archivo:Minor mistake.png
  • Continuity error: Firey is seen putting the cookie on display in the Science Museum after he knocks the other gadget off. This implies that this happened later in the timeline. However, in Well Rested, the cookie can be seen on display in the Science Museum when FreeSmart is riding the SuperVan around the city.
  • Fanny is placed on top the LOL to propel it in the air. Once the LOL gets hit by the "enhancement laser", Fanny with her new design is seen inside the LOL, but the LOL is still flying. However, it could be argued that this happened because only part of Fanny was outside the LOL with the other part inside the LOL.
  • Pin references 2763 by saying it may even take Coiny "27 days and 63 nights" to bring her back to life, despite that being impossible with how days and nights always take roughly the same amount of time.
    • Ice Cube also mentions that the Science Museum is somehow 2763 miles away from the train station despite them both being in Yoyle City.
  • At 6:21, it shows all three Trash Compactors on stage, even though one of them was destroyed in "Catch These Hands". It could've possibly been repaired at some point though.
  • At 7:33, Fanny is alive, but in the next shot her fan blade is gone, despite her fan blade getting ripped off multiple scenes later.
  • Firey's blindfold doesn't burn. However, it's possible that the material is fireproof.
  • Gelatin is seen in his bitten form when he pretends to not know what collagen is despite being recovered multiple times being whole.
    • However, this is actually due to Rocky slamming him into the wall as Ice Cube explained how the Yoyle Train could take them to the Science Museum.
  • At 12:40, the crank thing is grey, but at 12:48, it's white.


  • Since Horrifying Sludge is recovered with the HPRC, it means that she have died of unknown cause a long time ago. And the HPRC would not work if the character is still alive.
  • Flower’s heart monitor flatlines in her hospital deathbed.
  • Ice Cube, Rocky, and Gelatin were killed in the oil fountain by Firey.
  • Rocky was fed to Gelatin by Firey.
  • Gelatin died from eating a stale cookie.
  • Ice Cube was kicked to smithereens by Firey.
  • Gelatin was crushed by a Yoyleball.
  • Pin was crushed by a trash compactor.
  • Balloony was popped by Lollipop using Naily.
  • Rocky and Gelatin drowned after Firey kicked them off a bridge.
  • Gelatin was used for fuel in the Yoyle Train.
  • Coiny melted in the Earth's core (debatable, as he was freeze).
  • Fanny's face was removed by Snowball.
  • Gelatin was dissolved by Rocky's acidic vomit.
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