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Modèle:CharacterProfily, also known as Profile Picture is a recommended character and a contestant who competed in [./ Battle for BFB], and allegedly competed in [./ Battle for Dream Island] and [./ Battle for Dream Island Again]. They resemble a default YouTube profile picture. In "[./ The Hidden Contestant]", they debuted in the game and were eliminated shortly after; their elimination was made into the episode's challenge. They claim that they have been part of BFDI since the very beginning, thought it is not confirmed if these claims are true. Although, they and [./ Announcer] seem to recognize each other in "[./ B.F.B. = Back From Beginning]", as they nicknamed him "Announcery Forfouncery" and the Announcer calls them by their main nickname and does not ask who they are.


Profily resembles the default profile picture that used to be given to new YouTube channels and Google accounts, but with arms and legs. Their design is based on the old default profile picture used on YouTube, which showed an outline of a person on a blue background.


BFB 22

BFB 23

  • Profile Picture is now drawn smoothly, and their black background is changed to gray.
  • Profile Picture gains limbs.
  • Profile Picture now uses BFB/TPOT assets for their face and limbs.

BFB 25

  • Profile Picture now uses User's assets, which is a blue default YouTube icon.

BFB 26

  • Profile Picture is renamed Profily.

Alleged changes

Some alleged changes were also shown in "[./ The Hidden Contestant]":

Early BFDI

  • Profily's shading is loose.
  • The figure in Profily's asset is overlapped above their outline.


  • Profily's shading is improved to be more reflective.
  • The outline is above the figure and slightly transparent.


  • Profily's outline is slightly darker.
  • Profily's mouth is all white.


Profily is mainly calm, kind, and easily excitable. They are also very skilled, as they were able to complete every contest Four gave them faster than any other contestant. They desire feeling included, due to allegedly being apart of the show since the beginning and being neglected since no one remembered them. They are also shown to be thoughtful and empathetic as they felt that Four became the desert due to feeling unwanted and ignored, which is how they felt for a long time.




Battle for BFB

Profily first appeared as Profile Picture in the credits roll of [./ recommended characters] in "[./'s_Diary%3F Who Stole Donut's Diary?]". In this appearance, they were poorly drawn, and had a design depicting [./ Firey] and [./ Coiny] on them.

Profile Picture appeared once again in the credits roll of recommended characters in "[./! Fashion For Your Face!]", this time being a higher-quality recommended character, and also gaining limbs.

Profily appeared again the credits roll of recommended characters in "[./ The Tweested Temple]", using the same design as [./ User], a previously used character for social media posts.


In "[./ The Hidden Contestant]", they appear after [./ Woody]'s elimination, after [./ Four] says that the game is down to its final five contestants. Profily then randomly appears, correcting Four; they ask if Four meant the final six to include them. Four says that he did not mean that, and Profily rebutes him, saying that there are obviously six contestants left, including them. Four is frustrated by this, and asks who they are. Profile Picture then introduces themselves as Profily, and proclaims they are the audience's favourite contestant. They then go up to [./ Gelatin] to ask if he recognizes them, who sheepishly feigns remembering Profily. Four then asks the remaining contestants if they actually remember Profily, with all of them, except for [./ Teardrop], who cannot speak, saying that they do not remember them at all.

Profily is shocked by this, and wants everyone to remember the "funny adventures" they had together. A flashback sequence starts, with the first flashback starting with an event preceding the events of "[./ Sweet Tooth]", where Profily shows [./ Announcer] a "tie breaker", ripping a necktie in half in the event of a tiebreaker. Announcer liked the pun Profily made. Profily then asks Announcer not to steal it, out of fear that it would be something he would become known for; Announcer shrugs them off. This is followed by flashbacks to "[./ Return of the Hang Glider]", where Profily is present at the finale, but got zero votes to win. In "[./ Get Digging]", Profily supposedly interjects during [./ Coiny]'s name suggestion for [./ W.O.A.H. Bunch], by saying that they are a ray of sunshine and everybody loves them. Neither [./ Pin], [./ Donut], nor [./ Coiny] acknowledge Profily or their suggestion. In "[./'s_Nightmare_3 Insectophobe's Nightmare 3]", Profily shows off their flamethrower to [./ Puffball Speaker Box]. They then try to kill the fireproof bugs with it, but Puffball Speaker Box says that this will probably do nothing. In "[./ The Escape from Four]", they are off-screen at the Final 14 screen. The camera then pans to accommodate Profily. Finally, in "[./ The Tweested Temple]", they apparently find the last totem for the challenge. [./ Lollipop] figures out that they were the reason everyone waited 73 days for [./ Flower] to find a rock. Four is still not convinced, however. Profily responds that it is easy to forget them, but that they are even in the intro, and starts it by raising their arm.

Afterwards, Four decides that Profily is a legitimate contestant and allows them to compete. When Four tries to start the next contest, however, Profily interrupts by accidentally talking over him. Four tries to start the contest again but Profily sings, cutting him off. After talking with [./ X], Four starts making up unreasonable challenges on the fly so that Profily can lose, from climbing the tallest mountain in the valley, digging the deepest hole, killing bugs, and looking the most like a leaf, all of which Profily succeeds in doing. Four decides that this is not a good strategy to get rid of Profily, has them place 6th overall, and snaps them to the [./ BRB]. However, the remaining contestants all grab hold of Profily, unanimously agreeing that their elimination is unfair. [./ Leafy] suggests that they throw Profily a party since they all went so long without noticing them. This makes Four furious since the contestants were willing to throw a party for someone they just met, over Four who once made it a challenge to throw him one and only two contestants actually did so. After Four finishes his tirade, he makes the challenge for the contestants to eliminate Profily by taking them to the BRB.

Leafy starts the contest by grabbing Profily, but Teardrop snatches them away. Leafy attempts to gain Profily again as Teardrop carries them to the BRB. In this scene, Leafy calls Profily 'Profily'. However, Profily states that only their friends call them Profily, and that Leafy should refer to them as "Profile Picture", much to Leafy's shock. Teardrop then walks up the BRB with Profily. Teardrop arrives to where Lollipop and Flower are. Lollipop asks Teardrop to hand over Profily but she refuses. Lollipop has no issue with this since Teardrop brought Profily up there herself and should get to continue. Profily angrily asks if they have a say in any of this. Flower then tackles Teardrop, causing them both and Profily to fall to the ground. Profily rejoices that they are free from Teardrop's clutches. After some convincing from Gelatin, X snaps Profily to the BRB. As they rise, Flower, Teardrop, and Lollipop grab hold of them. The [./ Carrot Cakes] remove everyone from Profily and then drop them, leaving just Leafy, who is by the aloe vera garden. She grabs hold of Profily and gets them in the garden.

In "[./ Uprooting Everything]", Profily is mentioned by [./ Flower] in the room inside the [./'s_Largest_Oven World's Largest Oven].

Fichier:Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 4.09.09 PM.png

In "[./ B.F.B. = Back From Beginning]", Profily is released from the BRB and says hello to the Announcer, who greets them back. During the challenge, [./ Loser] and Profily are posted at the 26th challenge since it revolves entirely around eliminating them. Flower tells Profily they're eliminated, making them act over dramatically to their newest elimination. When Gelatin and Teardrop arrive, the latter throws Profily off into the distance to eliminate them.

In "[./ SOS (Save Our Show)]", Profily tells the Announcer to stop handing out medals. The Announcer then gives them a wooden medal for being rude. Profily happily accepts it and asks what's going on with the competition, and the Announcer reveals that BFB is canceled due to the show's low budget. Later, the budget gets so low that everyone becomes paper cutouts. Profily exclaims that they need to do something or else everyone will forget them, before quickly correcting themself by saying "I mean us".

In "[./ Chapter Complete]", Profily meets X, who's been sitting alone in the desert for a couple of months. X says that they're waiting in the exact spot that Four sunk into, so Profily offers to wait with them. During Cake at Stake, Profily has a hard time choosing between Flower or Gelatin to win, since they apparently have so much history with both, but they settle on Flower. Profily then assists in the drum roll for the winner. After Cake at Stake, Profily joins X again, asking how Four and the desert correlate. X clarifies that the entire desert is Four, and shows them the seasons of BFDI that Four has been hosting in their mind. Profily says that Four must be trying to escape due to how unwanted he's been. Profily figures that he'll come back if everyone showed that they care for him. Profily attempts to start by hugging a four cactus, but it causes them to become distorted and rise into the air until they pop. X recovers Profily, so they decide that they can instead hug the sand. X leaves to tell the contestants to execute Profily's idea with the contestants help, leaving Profily by themself. They start calling out to Four, which Four starts to hear from inside their mind. Profily is making sand castles when a large sandy Four emerges from the ground, saying that he'll go to the Pillary Ruins to be alone. X's group arrive back to Profily, who tells them that Four is going to the Pillary Ruins.

Later, the group that chased after [./ Purple Face] for [./ A BFDI] arrive to Profily, asking what happened. Profily mistakenly tells them what they did, and then explains that Four became conscious and is headed to the Pillary Ruins. They feel that they have to help, but Profily reassures everyone that the other group can handle getting Four back, and proposes that they can help with something else. This is later revealed to be a party meant for Four, which he loves.



  1. "[./ Chapter Complete]": Popped in the air when hugging a Four cactus.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "[./ If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge]": Stabbed to death by [./ Donut].


Character Number of times killed Episodes
[./ Bugs] 22 [./ The Hidden Contestant]

Non-canon kills:

  1. "[./ If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge]": Ejects [./ Ruby] into space.






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