(スペイン語で)"ダダダダダダ…" - Dora


Golf Ball Stub

"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" - Golf Ball
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Season 1 (Battle for Dream Island)[]

通算 クール中
サムネイル タイトル 投票結果 票数 公開日
1話 1a Ep1part1 "Take the Plunge: Part 1" - - Jan 1, 2010
Twenty animated objects are told by a talking speaker, that they can win Dream Island.


1話 1b Ep1part2 "Take the Plunge: Part 2" - - Jan 1, 2010
The two winners from the last episode chooses two teams for the competition.


2話 2 Ep2 "Barriers and Pitfalls" Flower (4) 7 Feb 1, 2010
This time it's an obstacle course! Eraser, Pen, Pencil, and Spongy go rescue Blocky. Firey and Coiny fiercely battle. It's a race against time!


3話 3 Ep3 "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?" Spongy (4) 12 Mar 1, 2010
The teams are challenged one more time with a new task: a test. Don't cheat! Or doodle!


4話 4 Ep4 "Sweet Tooth" Blocky (6) 12 April 2, 2010
Pin thinks ice cakes are terrible. But can she, along with the rest of the contestants, possibly do any better!? Find out in this thrilling episode of BFDI!


5話 5 Ep5 "Bridge Crossing" Woody (9) 14 May 1, 2010
With one more contestant gone, the anticipation builds as the two teams are faced with the hardest challenge yet: crossing a bridge! Falls and screams! Oh, no! Yikes! Wah, boo hoo! It's too hard!


6話 6 Ep6 "Power of Three" Pin (5) 13 Jun 1, 2010
You know those multivitamin commercials where they say that everything's getting smaller? Well, so are the teams... temporarily. Not everyone gets their desired team!


7話 7 Ep7 "Puzzling Mysteries" Needy (12) 18 Jul 1, 2010
Trapped in a room with nothing else to do, the contestants are forced to solve a jigsaw puzzle! Oh, and one contestant switches teams.


8話 8 Ep8 "Cycle of Life" - - Aug 1, 2010
It's a race! Of the special relay kind! But instead of carrying a bar or a bag or type of food, the contestants will be forced to carry each other!


9話 9 Ep9 "Insectophobe's Nightmare" Blocky (8; 復帰) 28 Sep 1, 2010
No, it's not about insects. It's about a six-legged race! Get it? Six legs? Insect?
Plus, it's a new stage in the whole battle for Dream Island!


10話 10 Ep10 "Crybaby!" Teardrop (5) 29 Oct 1, 2010
Boo hoo, it's a crying contest! And two other contests! Find out who gets eliminated and who stays!


11話 11 Ep11 "Lofty" Golf Ball (12) 37 Nov 1, 2010
Ooh, an aerial contest. Involving balloons and darts! And yet another gripping elimination ceremony!

おっ、今度は空中でのコンテスト。風船とダーツを使うよ。 そしてまたまた心を引く脱落の時間が!

12話 12 Ep12 "A Leg Up in the Race" Coiny (30) 61 Dec 1, 2010
With an a heart-wrenching elimination ceremony, adrenaline-pumping ladder-climbing contest, and a heart-stopping twist in the entire fate of the series, this episode will probably make you die of excitement.


13話 13 Ep13 "Don't Lose Your Marbles" Snowball (47) 80 Jan 1, 2011
You're probably crying with joy. You'd better be, because this episode is filled with all of the causes to do so! Cry with joy, cry with sorrow, cry with laughter, or cry with mania! Do it all, be the jack of all trades, because this episode is bringing it on!


14話 14 Ep14 "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None" Match (66; 脱落)
Spongy (復帰)
158 Feb 1, 2011
With all of its fourteenness, is finally here! Yet another contestant will go home this time. The competition gets more fierce as the remaining ten contestants realize they've reached the celebrated, yet also dreaded, half-way mark. What will happen?


15話 15 Ep15 "Vomitaco" Eraser (99) 220 Mar 1, 2011
Ew. That doesn't sound very appetizing. But who needs palatability when you have Dream Island, the ultimate motivator? See who feels the same way in this heart-pumping and fist-pumping episode of Dream Island!


16話 16 Ep16 "Bowling, Now with Explosions!" Pen (144) 259 Apr 1, 2011
The bowling balls themselves don't explode (aw, what a let-down), but something else does. And so will the tension, exhilaration, and excitement with this epic episode of BFDI!
17話 17 Ep17 "The Reveal" Blocky (112) 288 May 1, 2011
So, how disappointed were you when you didn't see your character? Or how amazed were you when you did see your character? Don't you just love BFDI? Why, it's the best show in the world! Oh, and the contestants throw frisbees in this episode.


18話 18 Ep18 "Reveal Novum" Tennis Ball
David (102; 参入)
450 Jun 1, 2011
OMG, a recommended character comes into the game, and it's not one you wanted! Ha, ha, ha! Staring's involved, too!


19話 19 Ep19 "Rescission" Pencil (259) 464 Jul 1, 2011
Yay, we thought that bringing in the new guy would be well received! Apparently not, so now we give you the voice to undo your decision! Have fun fun fun fun!
20話 20 Ep20 "Gardening Hero" David (331) 545 Aug 1, 2011
Space. Space? SPACE! Now with all your recommended characters!

ウチュウ? うちゅう?宇宙だ!君たちが推薦したキャラも大勢いるよ。

21話 21 Ep21 "The Glistening" Ice Cube (10人+; 脱落)
Flower (205; 復帰)
856 Sep 1, 2011
You'd better get used to these random episode titles! Characters joining, others leaving.


22話 22 Ep22 "Don't Pierce My Flesh" Rocky (319) 844 Oct 1, 2011
Yeah! いえーい!
23話 23 Ep23 "Hurtful!" Spongy (432) 816 Nov 1, 2011
In all of its glory! 絶頂の中だ!
24話 24 Ep24 "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" Flower (524) 735 Dec 1, 2011
BFDI gets temporarily canceled, the remaining competitors get attacked by bugs, and as stated in the previous episode, there was no challenge.


25話 25 Ep25 "Return of the Hang Glider" Bubble (228)
Leafy (236)
870 Jan 1, 2012
Epically begin to watch from the epic beginning to the epic end of this epic end of an epic beginning of the epic end!


Season 2 (Battle for Dream Island Again)[]

通算 クール中
サムネイル タイトル 投票結果 票数 公開日
26話 1 Again1 "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" - - Jun 29, 2012


27話 2 Again2 "Get Digging" Donut (TLC)
Coiny (景品)
(1,008 👍, 978 👎)
Aug 1, 2012
28話 3 Again3 "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3" Dora (LOL)
Puffball (景品)
(3,744 👍, 2,504 👎)
Aug 15, 2012
29話 4 Again4 "Zeeky Boogy Doog" Teardrop
(1,621 👍, 1,351 👎)
Nov 1, 2012
30話 5a Again5a "Get in the Van" Match (LOL)
Puffball (景品)
(4,240 👍, 2,864 👎)
Jan 2, 2013
31話 5c Again5c "No More Snow!" - - Apr 14, 2013
32話 5d Again5d "It's a Monster" - - Jul 7, 2013
After creating a new HPRC, the teams continue the challenge.


33話 5e Again5e "The Long-lost Yoyle City" (Bubble (LOL; 追放)[note 1]) - Aug 1, 2013
Voting is over.


71話 6 Again6 "BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes" Puffball (LOL)
Firey (景品)
(5,852 👍, 3,959 👎)
Sep 1, 2023
BFDIA 6:お蔵入りシーン
73話 7 Again7 "2,7" Rocky (WTF)
Bomby (景品)
(191,295 👍, 78,253 👎)
Oct 1, 2023

Glorp! Gloop! Doot!

75話 8 Again8 "2,8" Firey (WTF)
Ruby (景品)
(163,438 👍, 67,466 👎)
Nov 13, 2023
Hork Hork Hork!

Glorp Glorp! Gloop Gloop Gloop! Doot Doot!

77話 9 Again9 "2,9" Yellow Face (WTF)
Bomby (景品)
(141,252 👍, 56,498 👎)
Jan 31, 2024
われはcary。われはおそろし。ぇ- 僕のわずかにでもものすごくチーズがかかったガーリックトーストを試してみて!

Hork Hork Hork! Glorp Glorp! Gloop Gloop Gloop! Doot Doot!

78話 10 Again10 "2,10" Gelatin (WTF)
Tennis Ball (景品)
(118,744 👍, 33,163 👎)
Mar 1, 2024
Hork Hork Hork!

Glorp Glorp! Gloop Gloop Gloop! Doot Doot!

80話 11 Again11 "2,11" Spongy (WTF)
Ice Cube (景品)
(266,905 👍, 95,421 👎)
Apr 1, 2024

この回はどろどろなかい。 みんあがどろまみれになるところを見れるよ。 ぅイスも1!

Season 3 (IDFB)[]


通算 クール中
サムネイル タイトル 投票結果 票数 公開日
34話 1 Idfb1 "Welcome Back" - - Sep 1, 2016
Looking into the new life of the objects living in Yoyle City.


Season 4 (Battle for BFDI)[]


通算 クール中
サムネイル タイトル 投票結果 票数 公開日
35話 1 BFB 1 "Getting Teardrop to Talk" - - Nov 3, 2017
Battle for Dream Island.

Battle for Dream Island Again. IDFB. And now, Battle for BFDI.

夢島戦記。 再・夢島戦記。 記戦島夢。 そして、BFDI戦記。

36話 2 BFB 2 "Lick Your Way to Freedom" Pencil 9,983 Nov 17, 2017
Pencil is eliminated. As a response to the teams' pleas to revive the dead contestants, Four traps the recovered in jawbreakers, which the teams must break open to be safe.
37話 3 BFB 3 "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" Leafy 19,843 Dec 8, 2017
Leafy is eliminated. The contest is to swing around 50 times on a swing set.
38話 4 BFB 4 "Today's Very Special Episode" Bracelety 20,255 Dec 22, 2017
Bracelety is eliminated. To commemorate it being the fourth episode, the challenge is to replicate Four in art.
39話 5 BFB 5 "Fortunate Ben" Liy 20,389 Jan 12, 2018
Liy is eliminated. The challenge is to avoid touching the ground while piloting paper airplanes.
40話 6 BFB 6 "Four Goes Too Far" Roboty 21,916 Feb 2, 2018
Roboty is eliminated. After Four is multiplied by zero, Donut becomes the new host. The contestants have 3 hours to avoid the Twinkle of Contagion.
41話 7 BFB 7 "The Liar Ball You Don't Want" Loser 23,119 Feb 16, 2018
Loser is eliminated. A shocking lie changes the way some contestants look at Loser. The challenge is to place the Liar Ball into a team's hole.
42話 8 BFB 8 HQ "Questions Answered" 8-Ball 22,238 Mar 10, 2018
8-Ball is eliminated. A Better Name Than That and Logo-bfb-bleh get off the moon. The challenge is to answer correctly in Donut's quiz show.
43話 9 BFB 9 HQ "This Episode Is About Basketball" Stapy 22,340 Apr 6, 2018
Stapy is eliminated. X is found and reinstated as host. The challenge is to weigh down baskets using balls.
44話 10 BFB 10 "Enter the Exit" David 23,516 Apr 28, 2018
David is eliminated. The contestants successfully recover Four. The eliminated contestants are revealed to stay inside EXIT. One eliminated contestant will rejoin.
45話 11 BFB 11 "Get to the Top in 500 Steps" Leafy (復帰) 32,543 May 27, 2018
Leafy rejoins and is placed on The Losers!. The challenge is to climb a tall flight of stairs and press a button.
46話 12 BFB 12 HQ "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" Match 30,685 Jul 10, 2018
Match is eliminated. The contestants must uncover which of their teammates are actually outsiders.
47話 13 BFB 13 "Return of the Rocket Ship" Firey Jr. 24,187 Jul 11, 2019
向かう先はセンター・オブ・ジアース A面(Lac)
ついにBFBの最新話がやってきた!Barf BagやRubyといった好きなキャラ(Pencilとかじゃなくて)と一緒にFourとXの様子を見てみよう。
48話 14 BFB 14 "Don't Dig Straight Down" - - ?
向かう先はセンター・オブ・ジアース B面(Lac)
WE DID IT GUYS!!! We're so proud of this episode and we're really really happy you finally get to see it! Most of this episode has been in the works for almost a year now, and some parts of it are as old as 2012.

Join Barf Bag, Gelatin, and the rest of Team Ice Cube as they venture into the unknown, never before seen location. And let's hope Rocky and the rest of Beep know what they're getting themselves into!

49話 15 BFB 15 "The Four is Lava" Dora 29,988 Dec 14, 2019
Oh my gosh! What's Four going to get up to this time? And what's that coming out of his mouth? Ew... Anyway, let's see who can survive the next epic challenge in the Battle for BFDI!

Join Firey, Leafy, Flower, Puffball, Bell, Blocky, and all the rest of your remaining pals as they venture to get to a common goal—and maybe try to prevent each other from doing the same.

50話 16 BFB 16 "The Escape from Four" Spongy[note 2] Loser (復帰) 39,850 Mar 24, 2020
Goodness! Bruh, what's Pencil finding in there? Or who? Could it be a visitor of some kind? And by the way, what's up with our other, possibly less relevant pals, like Bubble, Firey, Leafy, Flower, and Spongy?

Let's see everyone escape from Four! And I mean everyone. Well, maybe there might be a few stragglers.

51話 17 BFB 17 "X Marks the Spot" - - Apr 17, 2020
Taco asks Four whether the show is going to be able to continue, but Four is depressed due to losing X. The contestants form teams, and the challenge is to bring X back to Four.
52話 18 BFB 18 "Take the Tower" Balloony 51,320 May 4, 2020
Balloony is eliminated. The teams must destroy the other teams' towers in order to win.
53話 19 BFB 19 "How Loe Can You Grow?" Spongy 50,477 May 22, 2020
The challenge is to help X's aloe vera garden by increasing the temperature of the Sun.
54話 20 BFB 20 "A Taste of Space" Ruby 52,418 Jun 10, 2020
X is still on fire, and the contestants must help him cool down.
55話 21 BFB 21 "Let's Raid The Warehouse" Loser 51,914 Jul 3, 2020
The challenge is to break into Yellow Face's Warehouse and get presents for the other team members.
56話 22 BFB 22 "Who Stole Donut's Diary?" Taco 56,990 Jul 24, 2020
Taco is eliminated by only one vote, and the BRB is revealed to be a large, spinning building. Donut's Diary mysteriously disappears, and the Have Cots must question the Have Nots in court to discover which of them stole the diary.
57話 23 BFB 23 "Fashion For Your Face!" Bubble 59,779 Aug 21, 2020
There's only eight contestants left, which is a number that's double Four! How will fashion affect the way these teeny-tiny teams handle the most shocking challenge yet? :O
58話 24 BFB 24 "The Game Has Changed" Blocky 57,729 Sep 18, 2020
Woody is appointed as the new host of Blocky's Funny Doings International. The teams merge, and the contestants must throw a party for Four.
59話 25 BFB 25 "The Tweested Temple" Firey 51,983 Oct 13, 2020
The remaining contestants must search for totems in the Archaic Temple. Purple Face continues to annoy the contestants.
60話 26 BFB 26 "The Hidden Contestant" Woody Profily 46,108 Nov 6, 2020
Has BFB had a hidden contestant all along? In this episode, the contestants try to grapple with this mystery!
61話 27 BFB 27 "Uprooting Everything" Lollipop 42,595 Dec 11, 2020
The contestants arrive at the World's Largest Oven, and the challenge is to escape.
63話 28 BFB 28 "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" Leafy 45,868 Jan 15, 2021
The Announcer returns and reclaims his title as the host of BFB, and in a fit of rage Four dissolves into the ground and disappears. The contestants must do every previous challenge from BFB to win immunity.
64話 29 BFB 29 "SOS (Save Our Show)" Teardrop 71,828 Feb 12, 2021
Teardrop is eliminated, leaving Flower and Gelatin as the final two. However, the Announcer reveals that BFB is cancelled, due to him using up the entire budget of the show.
65話 30 BFB 30 "Chapter Complete" Gelatin 77,131 Apr 9, 2021
Flower wins the BFB, then gives it to Gelatin.

Season 5 (Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two)[]

通算 クール中
サムネイル タイトル 投票結果 票数 公開日
62話 1 TPOT 1 thumbnail "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" Winner Price Tag (参入) 59,151 Jan 10, 2021
Oh my wow! This episode is among one of the biggest projects us have ever done! And in this one, you even get to see Pen, and Rocky, and Black Hole! In fact, basically everyone is here. Well, everyone who you haven't seen in a while.

Get the latest on what they're up to, how they're doing, and what kind of troubles they run into! New friendships! New rivalries! New ways to vote! New... uh well you get the idea. Anyway yeah. So yeah that's the episode, please watch it and please look at the credits omg.

66話 2 TPOT 2 thumbnail "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" Pie (脱落)
Teardrop (参入)
59,817 Jun 18, 2022
Epic win! Literally. This episode is pretty long. Did you know that's what epic means? And of course, what's a TPOT 2 without your favorite friends, like Winner, Price Tag, Black Hole (obviously), Rocky, Pen, and more! What've they been up to?

This time, they'll have to tackle the second challenge, to win The Power of Two! And... what's with this new voting system? (It's not new...) Please check out the credits!!! We are all in there! Waiting to be seen! Link above!!!

67話 3 TPOT 3 thumbnail "BFDI:TPOT 3" Foldy 74,873 Jan 28, 2023
Grassy, Winner, Foldy and Snowball (and their friends) are back--and this time they have to deal a-twos-ment park? Sounds like something familiar but, trust us, it's brand new.

It's time to see the contestants compete once more for The Power of Two, with the introduction of a brand new voting twist! What is that twist? You'll have to watch to find out!

68話 4 TPOT 4 thumbnail "5,4" Saw Cloudy 67,824 Mar 23, 2023
yayayayay!!!! It's like BFDI 20's Gardening Hero, but without the hero.
69話 5 TPOT 5 thumbnail "5,5" Naily Remote 59,035 May 4, 2023
Some plates! Some cakes! Bubbles! Cakes! Debris! A magnet? What do all of these have in common? They're all in TPOT 5, of course! Join Price Tag, Eggy, Grassy and others on another grand adventure!
70話 6 TPOT 6 thumbnail "5,6" Eggy Fries 59,182 Jul 9, 2023[1]
More fish! More dish! If only people could get out of the treehouse! Join Cake, Bomby, Needle and Ice Cube (and their friends) on a brand new adventure to make some delicious meals!
72話 7 TPOT 7 thumbnail "5,7" Clock Lightning 66,833 September 10, 2023
Zappy Zappy! It's time to get smashy! Join "The S!" venture into an ad, and watch six other teams, try to clean up the Seven Wonders of Goiky! Ooooh the things the contestants do this round. How exciting! I wonder what happens after those credits. Better stay for those credits! I heard that Fanny is in this episode--you don't wanna miss that! So tune into this 30 minute episode and enjoy!
74話 8 TPOT 8 thumbnail "5,8" Cake Rocky 70,064 Oct 25, 2023
Help or get out of the way! Because we all need our space! Well...maybe Robot Flower, Grassy and maybe even Bottle do, at the very least. And there's like 30 other contestants too! But...we'd be here all day typing that out, haha. All this and more in a wild new episode of BFDI:TPOT!
76話 9 TPOT 9 thumbnail "5,9" Puffball Coiny (CaS脱落) Teardrop (即時脱落) 69,744 Dec 18, 2023
Something's off about Barf Bag...whatever, we have a Cake at Stake today! And a fun little challenge, too! Maybe blowing up balloons or swimming backwards? But first...let's make sure Barf Bag is okay.
79話 10 TPOT 10 thumbnail "5,10" Nickel 76,682 Mar 13, 2024
I wonder what Black Hole has nightmares about! Anyway, I don't even know why I said that. Can't wait to run a race or something. Hey, anyone seen Barf Bag, lately?


番号 サムネイル タイトル 公開日
1 "Thanks for 4 years!" Jan 2, 2014
2 "BFDI Is Back" Jul 23, 2016
Firey helps Coiny to get a book that says the release date of BFDIA 6.
3 "Paper Towel" Jul 23, 2016
Blocky was seen drawing, then suddenly the glass of water next to him spilled. He looks over to some paper towel, but Eraser's rules only allow it to be used as toilet paper, and forbid taking them for other uses.
4 "Ballers" Jul 23, 2016
The contestants with arms (excluding Flower) are standing in a clearing together. A scarlet red ball is thrown towards Eraser and then it is passed from to one another. Three more balls, blue, green, and purple, are thrown in and the contestants also play with them.
5 "Thanks for 4 years of Thanks for 4 years!" Jul 23, 2016
The first cary production since IDFB! Note: This video is NOT canon.

Also, I uploaded this three hours late. It's supposed to have come out on January 2, 2018. :(

6 "The JingJing Squisher (10 year anniversary)" Jul 23, 2016
Thanks so much for 10 years, everyone!

Note: This video is NOT canon. Also, it is 100% a Cary production! The Rube Goldberg machine indeed did not have a successful run all the way through. So I'll post behind-the-scenes footage of the failures to my Humany channel at some point.


  1. June 25 & July 8, 2023 イベントにて先行公開


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