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"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" - Golf Ball
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Good Clean Fun is a 13rd episode and released in March 9, 1990.


The scene begins off with eyes and mouth, which smiles and does neutral. Then uses a capsule to get dirt cake (not Rice Cake). The flashback of B&W, those other people. Bell and Icy tries to take a bath, now responds a bathtub is hot. Cleans stringless to get comb/hairdryer to get spin her chair. FFBGMPR looks happy and quits bathtub. The van gets open and sits; they use seatbelt. The van then drives, to get salon items. Icy talks off-screen, which she does 2-lined is blue. Opens window to get giant Icy is on city breakthrough. Then uses normal size and enters the van. Icy gets frowning, and uses a small one seatbelt. The salon is welcoming, quits the van. TD gets angrier and uses both hairdryers, Bell and her when gets scared and turns on, which the bigger plant removes leaves and falls backwards. Gelatin and Foldy gets normally frown, which does usual. The hairdyers turns off and spins chair. Then responds cookies and milk, and chocolate flakes.The tablet gives, uses a prank to get Needy and plays. Then she uses a mist of water, she smiles.


A pack of casual which uses vacuum cleaner on quiet room.


At the end of episode and the sound of vacuum cleaner is low-pitched version.

At various sounds of cleaning, now vacuum cleaner one.


Icy is bigger now gets normal.


The bigger Icy does talking, which is on small city and opens window.