BR *
Happy Birthday to You!
Leafy *
DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY! You must have a gift with a roller skates!
Bubble *
It's a gift for Leafy.
Ruby *
Leafy *
*opens gift* Here! *puts roller skates on Leafy's legs*
Bubble *
One thing to do give away.
Bubble *
Something on the loose. GET OUT!
Leafy *
Leafy *
A ladder!? *screams*
Black Hole and Bottle *
Leafy! Look out!
Foldy, Stapy and Marker *
Leafy *
*rides before the hill* AAAAAA too high AAAAA just great AAAA *screams loudly*
Golf Ball and 8-Ball *
I am here. J-- *rides on Leafy and swapped*
Leafy *
A park?!?! *screams*
Basketball *
Leafy on a roller skates? GOTTA GO! *zips away*
Golf Ball *
Oh shit!
Grassy *
Puffball *
Look out!
Gelatin *
It's out of control!!
Leafy *
*hitting by Pencil and Match* Thank you so much.
Pencil *
Is something to ride Leafy now?
Match *
But Leafy's right, and she didn't.