Recommend a character! Fifteen of these characters will be chosen to appear in Episode 9 of Object Lockdown! And they won't be in the credits this time! There are three rules for recommending.

  1. You can only recommend one character.
  2. No inappropriate characters will be allowed. If your character or your name is inappropriate, your character cannot appear.
  3. The last rule is that no branded characters will be selected, like Coca-Cola, Doritos, etc.

Submissions will close on July 6, 2018. Good luck everyone!

  • What is the object you would like to recommend?


  • Does your object have a name different than the name of the actual object? For example, Firey instead of Fire.
    • No
    • Yes


  • Is your object male, female, or other?
    • Male
    • Female
    • Other (no eyelashes)
    • Other (eyelashes)


  • How does your character look? For example, is he/she blue? Or is he/she green? Does he/she have a pattern?


  • Does your character have arms?
    • Yes
    • No, my character is armless.


  • Does your character have any distinguishing or unique qualities? For example, having no legs, having no mouth, having three arms, etc.


  • Lastly, what is the name you would like to be credited as?


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