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Welcome to BFDI Wiki JP! This is a page to guide people who can't speak Japanese as well as native speakers. As you can see, this site mainly uses Japanese. So you probably might not understand any content on this wiki.

What kind of editing you are allowed to

In this wiki you must be fluent in Japanese in order to make or edit articles. So if you make articles in MACHINE-TRANSLATED Japanese, we will move your contents to /機械翻訳. If you are bad at Japanese but would like to contribute, you should do the following things instead:

  • add links to articles in other language version of BFDI wiki.
  • advertise REAL Japanese people to contribute in this wiki.

Also, if you are terrible at speaking Japanese, it is recommended to put {{User Lang}} on your user page. (usage is written below).

For Fanoners

This wiki's mainspace is not the place to make fanon. These are some good options:

Language templates in Article

{{Language}} makes a language link. Left code is same as this and right code is page name in that wiki.

To make other language from Japanese without that, use [[ja:(article name)]].

Additional codes

  • ens = en and es
  • ensj = en and es and ja (Valid at Spanish and Italian versions)
  • enja = en and ja (Valid at Spanish and Italian versions)

Useful tools for Your User Page

Template:User Lang

{{User Lang}} shows your ability of languages. To use it, the syntax must be:{{User Lang|<Language Code>|<Level>}}.

The 1st parameter should be one of this and 2nd parameter should be one of the following characters:

It shows that you cannot speak the language and would like not to have a conversation with it.
It shows that you can do basic operation of wikis written in the language.
It shows that you can correct errors of articles written in the language and can discuss in the language.
It shows that you can make articles in the language.
It shows that you can understand and use the language as well as native speakers.
It shows that you are the native speaker of the language.

For example, if you write like:{{User Lang|en|N}}, the box below appears to show that you are a native English speaker.

en この利用者は英語母語としています。