Episode Gallery Transcript 機械翻訳
Golf Ball Stub

"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" - Golf Ball
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Barriers and Pitfalls とは、BFDIの第2話である。2010年2月1日公開。


前回のチャレンジで唯一の勝者となったPinAnnouncerからWin Tokenをもらう。初のCake at StakeではFlowerが脱落となり,ホストを潰そうと試みるも失敗。

第2のコンテストはアスレチックコースで,壁がない迷路や上下から迫る壁などを抜け,終点でバケツリレーを行うという内容であった。最終的にSquashy GrapesはNeedleTeardropが、Squishy CherriesはFireyのみが辿り着いた。Fireyはただただ池を見つめ彼らのチームが完敗した。どうして何もしなかったかはお察しの通りである。


  • Before Cake at Stake, Announcer says he first needs to get "Match & Tennis Ball & Golf Ball & Teardrop & Needle & Spongy & Rocky & Firey & Woody & Flower", referring to the contestants floating on Spongy in the Goiky Canal. This is an error, as Snowball was floating on Spongy, not Flower.
  • When the Announcer Crusher was first seen, the Announcer was missing.
    • However, he was possibly next to Golf Ball like after it was shown.
  • When the Announcer Crusher was destroyed, there was no Announcer.
  • When Pin hit Woody, you can see Woody fixed.
  • Flower's mouth is not moving while talking when she threatens to crush the Announcer. Also at this time, the Announcer is not there, and Tennis Ball has no cake splat on him and the button was Flower holding disappears too.
  • Right when Golf Ball destroys the Announcer Crusher, the whole cake is still there though all of it was passed out.
  • In the flashback when the Sea Monster missed to ate Blocky after it closed its mouth, its shadow doesn't move.
  • After Firey stopped to get onto one of the chairlifts, his legs are still moving.
  • Firey gets on the blue seat of the chairlift even though it already passes through him for a split second.
  • When Pencil was dulled, she was then seen riding the seats with her end sharpened.
  • When Pin was shaking, her mouth didn't shake.
  • When Flower was flying above all of those things, you can hear Ice Cube saying "I'm scared" backward.
  • Teardrop has no mouth in 2 scenes at Cake at Stake.