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Golf Ball Stub

"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" - Golf Ball
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Crybaby! とは,BFDIの第10話である。2010年10月1日公開。



  • Blocky didn't talk in the very first bits of the episode. But in the next shot, he did.
  • Since Spongy was eliminated, he couldn't have been at the bottom under the spikes. The only way he could've done that is if he escaped, which wasn't possible for other people.
  • When Blocky receives the cake or the modeling clay since the cake was too expensive, he high-fives Snowball but when it goes to the next frame, he isn't there anymore.
  • At exactly 3:45, Eraser is not in the tub.
  • Even though Match was further from the vomit than Pencil, she worried before the vomit got to her.
  • When Blocky grabs Firey he is not being burned even though Blocky is made of wood.
    • Also in that part Firey is not affected by the water.
    • This is the only episode with Pencil who disagreed with her alliance to keep TD.
  • At 2:18, Ice Cube's green bar disappears.
  • In the ropes contest, when Rocky falls to the ground, his eyes are smaller.
  • Firey should've died when rolling into a snowball, mentioning in Barriers and Pitfalls, Firey mentioned that water was to dangerous for him; Snowball was one of them.