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"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" - Golf Ball
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Fun Park Fantasies is a 11st episode and released in June 17, 1990.


The scene starts off with BFDI fans waking up and rings the alarm clock, which is surprised by 3-lined mark is yellow. The alarm clock stops, quits the bed. Opens closet, to use sweaters. Quits out of bedroom, then responds tree. And now responds leek noodles causing both of them to surprise. The first one gets sweating and now disgusted by the leek noodles. The both runs, causing the one of them to run. Teardrop sees mirror, to get a blue sweater. Teardrop and Gelatin respond they a runaway horse to get Icy and small Icy. Icy rides a airplane causing to fall off the floor. Until shakes her head, sees a window to see.

Runaway horse[]

Icy rides on a horse and breaks her pieces and starts riding every where. Small Icy saves, causing both Icies to ride.

The horse spins, causing Gelatin to scare both Icy and slams, seeing fruits. Then she sees various shops, a pet store Icy says "Pet store?!" and being sucked by a dog and bone picture and shakes, she sees ballet shop. Icy says "BALLET STORE?!" ang being sucked again by a ballet tutu is white, but before Icy says "UNDERPANTS?!?!?!" and being sucked yet again by heart-shaped underpants, shaking three of them. She goes to construction site, the silver-colored circle twirls around by two of them, jumps out with things.

At the forest, the both birds scare out of horses (with normal Icy, and small one) above. The small one sighs, seeing blueberries. Icy says "Blueberries?!" and sucked by splatter of blueberries. she sees flowers, which now Icy says "FLOWERS?!" and being sucked by flowers. And now, she sees rabbits and Icy says "RABBITS?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!" and being sucked by riding rabbits.

On the sky, which now goes with cloud-shaped things (with other). Then she looks at cloud-shaped glasses. Icy says "Glasses?!" and being sucked by cloud glasses. Now she sees cloud-shaped mouthstache, now Icy says "MOUTHSTACHE?!" another being sucks by cloudy mouthstache. Yet again, we see cloud-shaped chicken, and least Icy says "CHICKEN?!?!?!" yet another being sucks by cloud chicken, starts shaking. Now, a snow world and screams throughout the snow world, she rolls a snowball. The snowball jumps in to out, causing Teardrop to save both Icy. Holds a grapple hook to get snowball in 40 seconds. At least, holds a grapple hook to get snowball in 70 seconds and completes her snowball and a snow pile. Small Icy kicks, causing snow pile to kick upper, especially Icy, whose spiraling eyes exactly completely hypnotized until shakes her head rapidly. Both Icies completely to roll snowball, and a picture of Teardrop voting icon.


At night, when she uses 4 baskets to use and proceeds to spin around while screaming.


If anybody ask Bell character for Free Food.


The runaway horses and a rolling snowball.

The two snow piles.


The two snow piles at 9:02, but before both kicking.


For the transcript, click Fun Park Fantasies/Transcript.