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IC's Day Off is a 18th episode and released in May 13, 1990.


The credits in sequence begins with Ice Cube wakes up at daytime. Takes selfie and surprised expression, which gives a luggage to travel all contestants.

At nighttime, the fumes is bigger and screams in off-screen. The camera zooms out to see a window is yellowish, seeing a secret object. She weared a coat, why Bell says "YAWAWAWAWAWAWA" in a coat costume to get rainbow marks out of coat (exact saying YAWAWAWAWAWAWA.) Does amused to get blushing cheeks out of mouth, especially Grassy, whose X-eyes indicted to be totally injured until shakes her head. Then responds a coat costume, after all she supposed similar to Cold Sweater. The sky gets higher, until Bell flies out of night sky (the animation motion responds), and she don't fall above. She sees Bell flying, until she says "YAWAWAWAWAWAWA" off-screen.

Gets daytime, responds Have Cots. Being similar to BFB 17, sees the pictures of BFDI Babies. Then she tries to get puller and the elephant animation.

Ice Cube and Grassy walk out of nowhere, grabs a weight and morphs a chair version (to get zoo).

Ice Cube and Grassy walks slowly with a windy weather, which Icy and Grassy being cold (exactly one of you is going to go). A weird object of Icy has arrived, until animals being dancing (with Ice Cube and Grassy looking surprised).

At winter outside, which Ice Cube and Bell walks rapidly on a windy weather, and the snowflakes, which falls backwards. Then Icy gives an idea to make igloo, let's make. (Step 1 - make an ski/ice skate) now, (Step 2 - make snow bricks). She gets done to get inside to make campfire and snow in the night.

Then she uses kotatsu and sleeps, especially Ice Cube, Foldy, Stapy, and Bell taking photo. Grassy gasps, causing Grassy to kick Bell out of the igloo (which Bell kicks Grassy out of snow pile), gets hitting by ground, until laughs normally but before iris-out.


At the end of episode, Icy notices Grassy to talk, but is a old grass.


At 6:51, the weather is snowy night.

At 6:59 Grassy kicks Bell.


Grassy does "dizzy" mark on tablet, at 7:03 too.

Ice Cube and Bell walking at 4:56, which responds blizzard.

At least, Icy does "NOOOOOOOOO" yell.


The credits in sequence ends at 7:08 too.