• In a flashback of Take the Plunge: Part 1, Firey appears to be happy, but in the actual episode, he looked worried.
  • In the before and after pictures, Pencil and Match's mouths are connected.
  • When the losing team's contestants make a weird noise at the end, Ice Cube's mouth got darker.
  • When Pencil crossed the beam, her leg wasn't attached to her body.
  • When Firey was recovered, his flame wasn’t back animated.
  • In 8:20, Golf Ball's vn awkward silence, Coiquickly.
  • At 6:12, when Pencil holds one of a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, it inclined to the right. However, when Pencil flipped it, it stayed the same.
  • At 2:32, Needle has no arms or legs.
  • At 4:28, Pen has no mouth.
  • At 3:10, Leafy and Teardrop only have 1 leg each.
  • Ice Cube's slice of cake has all of the cream on top instead of half, like it should.