The flipped money on Pen's hand

  • Bubble appears when Pencil returns, without acknowledgment of the Bubble Recovery Center. However, this may or may not have been off-screen.
  • After turning into Bubble, Pencil is slapped by Match. However, she was Bubble at the time and was not shown turning back to Pencil form.
  • In the parody of the intro at 3:15, the music is louder than the traditional level.
  • When Tennis Ball shows Golf Ball his Rice Cake, the distance from Golf Ball is too short for a screen cut to be legitimate in distance.
  • Only one Oven-O-Tron is shown, while multiple cakes are shown - at different, but close times.
  • Match could not have known about Leafy's cakes up for purchase, seeing as no one involved with the purchases prior to her idea informed her.
  • Firey is seen in episode 2 saying that he can't handle Snowball, Teardrop, or Ice Cube (As they are water based, which is Firey's poison) But a piece of the ice cake is thrown directly at him and he does not burn.
    • Instead, the ice cake just melts.
  • When Coiny is eating the last chocolate ball, he has no arms.
  • When Pin ate the chunk of ice, she didn't have arms.
  • When Pen turned around, the money in his hand flipped too.
  • The Radio broadcast mentions the Earth becoming a triple-planet system, mistakeingly labeling the Moon as a planet.
  • Pencil returns offscreen.
  • When it was Bubble's turn to turn in a cake, she has Woody's eyes