Episode Gallery Transcript 機械翻訳

Choosing team members[]

Leafy うーん…
Circle appears on Ice Cube.
Leafy あぁ!アイスキューブ!こっちにおいで、ワタシの仲間にしてあげるよ。
Aha! Ice Cube! Come on down, you can be my ally.
Ice Cube 選んでくれてありがとね!ペンシルはアライアンスに入れてくれないから…
Thanks for picking me. Pencil wouldn't let me into her alliance!
Pin じゃあこっちはペンシルにする。
Then I choose Pencil.
Camera zooms on Pin's mouth.
Leafy それじゃあ、誰がいいかな、アイスキューブ?
Okay then, who should I choose, Ice Cube?
Ice Cube 分からないよ。キミが選んで。
I don't know. It's up to you.
Leafy おけー、TDにしよっと。 静かなタイプだよ、ね?
K, then I'll choose TD. The silent type, right?
Teardrop gets angry at Leafy.
Leafy え? いっつもさ、黙ってるよね?
What? Don't you, like, not talk?
Flower ティアドロップは馬鹿だな。 まだ話し方が分からないんだって!
Teardrop must be stupid. She doesn't even know how to talk yet!
Bubble フラワー、もっと親切に!
Flower, be nice!
Flower turns to Snowball, and smacks down Eraser.
Flower スノーボール、お前強いだろ。 ぶっ叩いてやれ!
Snowball, you're strong. Beat her up!
Snowball shakes his head.
Flower はぁ?やらねーの?弱虫だな。
What? You won't? What a wimp.
Snowball turns to Blocky and Coiny.
Snowball アイツ本当に俺の癪に触ってくるな!
That Flower is starting to really get on my nerves!
Blocky あぁフラワー、俺がやる!俺が叩いてやる!
Oh Flower, I'll do it! I'll beat her up!
Blocky approaches Bubble to poke her. Bubble starts backing away.
Bubble ちょっと! だめ、やめて!
Uh oh! No way, not again!
Flower いいぞブロッキー!
Go Blocky!
Announcer では、ピンの番です。
OK, Pin's turn.
Blocky pops Bubble.
Pencil バブルって言って!
Say Bubble!
Pin バブル。
Bubble comes out of the Bubble Recovery Center.
Bubble イェーイ!
Leafy うーん…ニードルはどう?
Hmmm... how about Needle?
Ice Cube おっけー!
Leafy ニードル!
Needle イェーイ!
Pencil マッチはアタシ達のアライアンスだから、選ぼうじゃん!
Since Match is in our alliance, we choose her!
Match 思い出してくれたのね!!!
*gasp* They remembered!!!
Announcer ちょっと皆さん、男子も忘れずに。
Come on people, pick a boy.
Needle じゃあスノーボールはどう?
How about Snowball?
Blocky うぉぉぉ、お前らラブラブだな!
Ooooh, they're in LOVE!
Needle いいえ、ブロッキー、コイニーの方が好きよ!
No, Blocky, I like Coiny more!
Snowball *!!!*
Coiny *!!!*
Blocky 今確かに言ったよなぁ?!
Did you just SAY THAT?!
Needle そんなつもりじゃなかったの!
I didn't mean to!
Pin ペンはどう、みんな?
Pen, guys?
Match いいよ!
Pin おっけ、ペンね。
OK, Pen.
Snowball starts getting really angry at Needle
Leafy jumps between Needle and Snowball, sending Needle flying off the screen
Leafy 喧嘩はやめて!今は誰にするか選ぶ時間だよ。
Settle down! Now it's time to pick someone else.
Snowball なんでコイニーにしないんだ、ニードルは大好きだというのに!
Needle 待って、ごめんね! それって本当に取引になるの?
Look, I'm sorry! Is it really that big of a deal?
Match ファイリーこっちに連れてこよ!
Firey, get over here!
Pin ねぇ、そんなの認めてないよ!
Hey, I didn't approve of that!
Match それとどうすればアンタをリーダーに出来るわけ?
And what makes you the leader of the group?
Firey イエーイ、マッチ、グッドなチョイスだよ!
Yeah, Match, you made a good choice!
Coiny あぁ、そうだな!
Yeah right, as if!
Needle おっけー、あとだれ?
OK, who's left?
Leafy やっぱTBだよ、賢いもんね!
There's always TB, he's smart!
Announcer 次はピンのチームです 。
Back to Pin's team.
Pin うむむ…あぁぁ…えっと…うーん…どうしよう。
Hmmm. Ahhhh. Well......... Gee...... I don't know.
Announcer ちょっとピン、選んで。
Come on Pin, choose.
Pin 訳わかんない。みんなろくでもないよ。まずさ、フラワーは絶対選ばないよね。イレイザーは何をするにもクールすぎるし。ブロッキー…まさか。ワケありだよ。スポンジーはすご〜〜く太ってて臭いし。ゴルフボールは偉そうだし。
I don't know. They're all pretty bad. First of all, I wouldn't choose Flower for obvious reasons. Eraser thinks he's too cool to do anything. way. He's got issues. Spongy is soooooo fat and smelly. Golf Ball, too bossy.
Golf Ball 自分の事だろ、ピン!
Speak to yourself, Pin!
Pin うるさい!ロッキー、本気?腕がないじゃん!あとウッディは何でも怖がる!尖ったものとか…
Shush! Rocky, seriously, he has no arms. And Woody is scared of everything! Sharp things...
Woody いやああああ!
Pin …炎とか、…
...Fire, ...
Woody ひぃぃぃぃぃ!
Pin …あち!…バブルでさえも
...Ouch! ... Even bubbles
Woody ぎゃぁぁぁぁぁ!
Announcer それで、誰にするんです?
So then, who will it be?
Pin あぁ…はぁ… イレイザーがいいね、そうする。
Uh, <sighs> Eraser is the least horrible, I guess.
TB, Needle, Leafy ゴルフボールにしよーう!
We choose Golf Ball!
Voice *
1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
Woody screams while looking at the number 5
Eraser, Pen ブロッキー!俺らのダチ!
Blocky! Our friend!
Match うわぁー、マジで?
Awwww, really?
Blocky イェーイ!
Yeah! <high fives Pen>
Tennis Ball ねぇ、フラワーがみんなにキレてるの知ってるよね?
See, you know how Flower gets angry at everyone?
Needle うーん、嫌な予感するけど、そうね。
Um, I don't like where this is going, but yeah.
Tennis Ball うん、もし向こうのチームが選んじゃったら、もっと怖くなるよ、ね?
Well if the other team gets her, she'll become more of an enemy, right?
Needle そ、そうね?
Tennis Ball だから僕たちは、当然彼女を選ぶよね!
So it would just be common sense to choose her for our team!
Needle おぉ、まじーでー?
Aw, seriously?
Tennis Ball うん。
Golf Ball 賛成。
I agree.
Coiny へぇ、TBとGBいい感じじゃないか!TB、GB、木の下で、キ・ス・し・ちゃ・お・う・ぜ!
See, I knew TB and GB had a crush on each other! TB, GB sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G!
Golf Ball やめろコイニー!私は純粋にテニスボールが好きなだけだ!
SHUT IT COINY! I only like Tennis Ball in a platonic way!
Announcer ピンのチームの番です。
Back to Pin's team.
Blocky まぁ、間違っても選ばないよなスポーーーーーーーーンジーーーーーなんて!!!!
Well, we definitely don't wanna pick SPOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGY!!!!
Spongy lands on Pin's platform
Match 何がしたかったの?!
What was that for?!
Blocky Smiles
Voice *
1, 2!
Leafy あぁ…その…ごめん、ウッディ。ロッキーにする。
Oh... uh... Sorry, Woody. I choose Rocky.
Pin 嘘でしょ!うぅぅぅ…うぅぅぅぅぅぅ…でっぃぃぃ… …うげぇぇ!
Oh, no! Wwww...Wwwwwwwww..ooooooodddyyyy.
Pin vomits on Woody

Naming the teams[]

Announcer さぁ、チームが決まりましたね。では皆さん、チーム名を決めて下さい。
Okay, teams are settled then. Now teams, choose your team name.
Leafy's team bickers
Announcer ちょっと!決めて下さい!
Come on! Just choose!
Pin's team bickers as well
Announcer 分かりました、皆さん!私が決めます!ピンのチーム、あなた達は「ふわふわチェリー」です。
Okay, then! I'll choose! Pin's team, you'll be called the Squishy Cherries.
Blocky おい、そりゃねぇよ!!
Aww, come on!!
Announcer そして、リーフィーのチームは、「つぶれブドウ」です。
And Leafy's team, you are the Squashy Grapes.

The second contest[]

Building of the boats[]

Announcer 最初のコンテストはボートを作り、それに乗って、ゴイキー運河を渡るものです。先にラインを越えたら、そのチームの勝ちです。もう片方は失格となり。そのうち一人がゲーム脱落となります。
The first contest is to build a boat, get in it and row it across the Goiky Canal. If you are the first to cross the line, your team wins. The other team loses and one of their members gets kicked out of the game.
A sign that says GO!!! appears
The Squashy Grapes are having trouble deciding what they should do
Golf Ball 計画があるんだ。あいつらはジャンクの私達に山の中のものを使わせようとしてる。私達はこの発電機を使って…
I have a plan. They're letting us use stuff in the pile of junk. We can use this generator to power the motor and...
the team contiues to argue
Golf Ball ちょっと ちょっと、話聞いてるのか?!!!??!!
Hey hey, are you even listening to me?!!!??!!
Snowball あぁ、聞いてないぞ。俺らに計画なんていらねぇ。頭こんがらがるからな。
Hey, of course not. We're not using your plan. It's too confusing to work.
Golf Ball アンタが何を言おうがどうでもいい。やってみる。
I don't care what you say, I'm still trying.
Snowball 俺お前のこと突き落とせるぜ。
I can push you off if I wanted to.
Golf Ball 嘘つきだな。できないだろ。アンタのその小さな脳みそじゃ無理に決まってる。
You're lying, you wouldn't do that. Your tiny-teeny-tiny little brain wouldn't allow such insanity.
Snowball gets angry and pushes Golf Ball of the cliff into the water. Exclamation marks appear over everyone's heads and they run, pushing Rocky whilst Flower walks away
Snowball あ、やべ
Rocky flies into Snowball, who both fall off the cliff
Firey accidentally hits his finger with a hammer
Pin 気をつけて!
Be more careful!
Eraser steps on a nail
Eraser いってぇぇぇぇぇぇ!
Eraser flows and falls on more nails
15 minutes later
Bubble 箱っぽいけど、いいんじゃない!
Pretty boxy, but okay!
The Squashy Grapes are finishing their boat
Leafy イェーイ!
Flower さっさとしてくれねぇかな。
I'm waiting for that yacht.
The Squashy Grapes finish their boat
Leafy イェーイ!
Blocky これが俺らの櫂なのかよ?
<holding Match> These are our oars?
Pen すげー、僕櫂だよ!
<being held with Pencil by Pin> Cool, I'm an oar!
Bubble じゃあ乗ろうか!
Let's get in.
Leafy モーター!
Leafy sticks the motor on, causing the boat to drift away
Flower まだなのかよ!
Still waiting!
Needle これは勝てるね!
We're so going to win!
Coiny フラワー!ヨット!流れてきてるぞ!
Flower! Your yacht! It's drifting away!
Flower 飛び乗りなんてしないぞ!
I'm not going to jump onto it!
Leafy, Ice Cube and Coiny manage to jump into the boat

Crossing the Goiky Canal[]

Leafy 嫌な予感する!
I feel bad!
Coiny あぁまぁモーター動かすぜ。
Well oh well I'm starting the motor.
Tennis Ball わぁ わぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ!
Woah woahhhhhhhh!
camera pan to Squishy Cherries, Blocky pulls Match up from under the water
Match …ぷはぁ… 30秒も水中に突っ込まないでよ!
<gasps> Don't keep me underwater for thirty seconds!
The boat leaks
Firey ヤベェェェェェェェ!!!!!!!!!
Blocky jumps into the hole
A fish bites Blocky
Blocky いってぇぇぇぇ!
Blocky flies into the air
A giant fish monster seemingly eats Blocky
Blocky あぁぁぁぁぁ!
Pencil surfaces through the hole in the boat
Pencil え?
Firey いいね、そこにいて!穴塞がないといけないから!…え?
Yeah, stay there! We need a plug! Huh?
The Squashy Grapes' boat approaches the Squishy Cherries
camera pan to Pencil
camera pan to Squashy Grapes's boat
Everyone (大騒ぎ)
The Squashy Grapes's boat flies into the air
Camera pan to wall of Squishy Cherries's boat, which is cracking.
The Squashy Grapes's boat flies over many lake monsters
Ice Cube 怖いよぉ!
I'm scared!
The Squashy Grapes' boat flies over the finish line
Coiny あの、アイシーとリーフィー?言いたくないけど、俺たちあのライン超えてるぜ。
Uhh, Icy and Leafy? Hate to break it to ya, but we just passed right by the finish line.
Ice Cube 向こう見て!木だよ!
Look out! A tree!
Leafy えぇ?
Coiny, Ice Cube, Leafy あああああああああ!
The boat hits the tree and falls into the other side of the canal
Coiny おぉ、いいんじゃねぇか!
Oh, this is just great!
camera pan to Squishy Cherries
Squishy Cherries (大騒ぎ)
Pin 重量オーバーしてるんだよ!誰かをここから追い出さないと!
There's too much weight on this sinking boat! We have to throw someone overboard!
Spongy is thrown into the water
Spongy うぉぉ!
Uh oh!

The final leg[]

Pen resurfaces
Pen …ぷはぁ! はぁはぁ… あれ?みんな!みんな!終点だよ! 残り20ヤード!泳げばいける!
<gasps> Huh? Guys! Guys! The finish! It's 20 or so yards away! We can swim there!
The camera cuts to Firey
Firey でも僕泳げないよ!
But I can't swim!
The Squishy Cherries' boat rips apart completely
Pencil ほら、マッチ!アタシ達と一緒に泳ごうよ!
Come on, Match! Come swim with us!
Match マジ無理!エネルギー残ってないって感じ!
I can't! I have no energy left!
Pencil swims away
Objects talking
Match ねぇ!声が聞こえる!ねぇ!あれはテニスボールとスノーボールとニードルとロッキーとティアドロップだ!まぁ、スポンジーに乗っていたのね。
Hey! I hear voices! Hey! It's Tennis Ball and Snowball and Needle and Rocky and Teardrop! Uh, all floating on Spongy.
The camera cuts to the rest of the Squashy Grapes floating on Spongy, they are all talking
The camera cuts to the Squashy Grapes' boat, Leafy, Ice Cube and Coiny hop out and run towards the finish line
Coiny 二人とも!別のチームももうすぐだよ!
<while running> People! The other team is also getting close!
The camera cuts to some of the Squishy Cherries, who are swimming towards the finish line. Zoom in on Pin, who is slowly drifting towards Bubble.
Bubble ん?うぇぇ?ピン?ゆっくり泳いで!
Huh? Uhhh? Pin! Slow down! *pop
The camera cuts to the finish line.
The camera cuts to a tree as the weather changes to windy.
Leaves fly out of the tree. Pan to Coiny, Leafy, and Ice Cube as Leafy gets blown away.
Leafy うわぁ!
The camera cuts to Pen, who is climbing out of the water.
The camera cuts to Ice Cube and Coiny, who are still running. Ice Cube slides on her behind while leaving water behind. Coiny slips on the water.
Coiny わぁ!わぁ!
Whoa! Whoa!
The camera cuts to the Squishy Cherries, who are all almost out of the water
Ice Cube slides into the finish line's ribbon
Pen knocks Ice cube away from the finish line
Ice Cube わぁ〜!
Pin pokes a hole in the ribbon with her spike.
Voice *
Pin breaks the ribbon. Cut to the Announcer.
Announcer ピンのチーム、ふわふわチェリー、勝ちです。つまりつぶれブドウの内の誰かは家に帰ってもらいます。視聴者が決めるのです。つぶれブドウのメンバーがいます。 ニードル、ロッキー、ティアドロップ、リーフィー、フラワー、それにゴルフボール、コイニー、スノーボール、アイスキューブ、それとテニスボールです。
And Pin's team, the Squishy Cherries, win. Which means one of the Squashy Grapes is going home. It's time for you viewers out there to decide. Here are the people on the Squashy Grapes team. Needle, Rocky, Teardop, Leafy, Flower and Golf Ball, Coiny, Snowball, Ice Cube and Tennis Ball.
The contestants' pictures appear as the Announcer lists them
Announcer 誰が最初にBFDIから脱落するかって?
Who will leave first on BFDI?
A trophy appears. It says, "First (to leave BFDI. That means last place)"
Announcer さぁどうでしょう。それはあなた達が決めることです。
I don't know. But it's up to you guys to decide.
title card: Comment to vote! Last day of voting is January 10, 2010.
title card: Episode 2 will be released on Febuary 1, 2010
The camera cuts to the rest of the Squashy Grapes, along with some of the Cherries, who are still floating on Spongy
Match えーと、そろそろ戻らない?
Uhh, we should get back now.
The episode ends