"*struggles to contain fans at 2019 meetup*" (formerly "*struggles to contain kids at 2019 meetup*") is a short video about the 2019 Los Angeles meetup stream at the With Love Market & Cafe.

It summarized how the meetup went. There were Battle for Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity-themed food, a Q&A, fan made arts and crafts, and well-known people like Spicyman33, Some_Nerd, and LorenTzel.

The beginning of the video shows a crowd chanting "Loser!" (as in the BFB character) over and over again while Michael dances for the crowd. A text then appears over the screen reading "this is not as it may seem." It then cuts to a real life version of Soap from Inanimate Insanity with a text at the bottom saying Sunday, July 14, 2019, which was the day of the meetup.


Some of the fans asked questions about the show. These questions were answered during the meetup.

Question 1: Who is the character who takes the longest to make and how long?

Answer 1: The crew was debating on whether it was Fries or Nickel, Cary Huang then jumped in to say that David took him 15 hours to draw. But it was agreed that the character that took the longest was spinning Loser.

Question 2: What are X and Four's genders?

Answer 2: One of the crew said Four and X don't have genders, then Cary said, "If you think of a number, is a three he or she, or they? It's like... it's hard to answer." Then Adam from the II cast jumped in and said to let X be undefined.

Question 3: What is Bell's string attached to?

Answer 3: None of the crew really wanted to answer that question, but Bell's voice actor said "a giant-" before being cut off, referencing "Return of the Rocket Ship".

The crew then announced that that would be the end of the Q&A, and went back to greeting fans.


  • The title of this video used to be "*struggles to contain kids at 2019 meetup*". It is unknown why it was changed.
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