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It's in Yoyleland, which is 2,763 miles away!

2,763 is a recurring number in the Battle for Dream Island series, most commonly used as the number of miles from Goiky to Yoyleland. In metric units, this distance translates to approximately 4,446.6 km. Michael says that the number 2,763 refers to the number of offspring in each generation in the Huang family.[1]


Near instances

The distance displayed in the Distance Tracker 2000

Other uses

Fake comment with 2,763 likes

  • 2,763 is occasionally mentioned by Cary in his (non-BFDI) videos. An example is when he called Crafty7 "Crafty2763" in his TWOW series.
    • In TWOW 1A, Cary showed an example comment to explain how to vote, and the fake comment shown had 2,763 likes.
    • In the lazykh video "Pi Day Horror Story from Fifth Grade (second fully automated video)", a drawing of Cary, persuading Michael, Sam, and Andrew, stating that there is a typo in page 2,763 in a book is shown.
    • In the carykh video "Top comment gets to be in the thumbnail of this video", when Cary said that he was putting the most up-voted comment in the thumbnail, there was a picture of a person holding a comment, next to the green thumbs up, there is a text saying "2,763", meaning it has 2,763 likes.
    • In the Carykh video "AUTOMATIC LIP-SYNCING", when Cary was explaining that the video frame drawer draws frames, he uses frame 2,763 to demonstrate the video frame drawer drawing frames based off of phonemes.
  • On the Jacknjellify Patreon, there used to be a $2,763 tier to meet the crew in person.
  • In "BFDIA 1 Re-Animated By 95 People! - (Fan-Made)", the video says voting ends on March 7, 2061, and next episode will be on March 7, 2063.
  • A Carykh tweet reads, "I swear I'll upload a new video to carykh within the next 24 hours. I bet $27,632,763, all my limbs, and a gumdrop that I will do it in time."[2] The amount of money features the number twice.
  • On Secret deleted scenes from BFDI/Xmas/Among Us short!!!, when they had to enter the passcode to fix the O2 sabotage, the passcode was 2,763.
  • On Day 3 of ObjectCon 2022, carykh donated $2,763 for the animators to draw a single dot on the screen for the Trevor Project.


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