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"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" - Golf Ball
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8-Ball's Fumes were created when 8-Ball was crushed between the Earth and the Moon.

Inhaling these makes you say "Eight" sporadically. It was inhaled by Saw, making her say "eight" uncontrollably when she had to answer a question. It is currently unknown why this happens, possibly due to the fact it’s 8-Ball’s fumes.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Saw returns after she disappeared to get the fumes removed and also got a plastic handle. It appears that either the fumes are not completely removed, or still affect her after being removed. She now emphasises the "ate" sound by shouting when speaking. This also applies to her subconscious thoughts.


  • Mild discomfort and confusion at first.
  • Randomly shouting the number "8".


  • In real life, billiard balls are too strong to be crushed into fumes.
    • Although debatable due to the strong mass and gravity of the moon, a billiard ball would simply grind up into powder or chunks.
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