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This article lists the interactions between 8-Ball and Basketball.

In their debut season, they were already good friends and teamed up. After 8-Ball was declared leader of BetterName.svg, Basketball stuck by his side and listened to all his commands. Even after Golf Ball took over again as leader, Basketball still listened to 8-Ball.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Basketball asked 8-Ball if he wanted to be teammates, which he agreed to.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Basketball tells Golf Ball that 8-Ball is their new team leader.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", when Golf Ball is shocked that the team listened to 8-Ball over her, Basketball reminds her that they listen solely to 8-Ball now. She and the rest of A Better Name Than That ignore Golf-Ball and listen to 8-Ball for the whole episode.

This continues in "Today's Very Special Episode" when Basketball and the rest of the team do nothing for the challenge thanks to 8-Ball. She also comments how she is glad 8-Ball is their leader.

In "Four Goes Too Far", they complain about Four's behaviour. Basketball then asks 8-Ball what they should do, but 8-Ball allows Golf Ball to answer. After they multiply Four by Zero, 8-Ball is shown cheering on top of Basketball. When A Better Name Than That and Bleh are on the moon. Basketball says the twinkle's trapped here on the moon, either us or you getting the boot where 8-ball agrees.

In "Questions Answered", Basketball says she hopes 8-Ball doesn't get eliminated. At the same time as Golf Ball, 8-Ball tells her not to worry and that he'll try his hardest to remain on the team.