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For the integer character, see Nine.
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That number sounds hard to spell. Not that I would care about that.

9-Ball is a character that was up for debut in TPOT. In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", 9-Ball didn't debut in TPOT, only receiving 1,033 votes and beating Leek by 19 votes.


9-Ball does not care about letters, similar to how 8-Ball does not care about numbers. They have a deadpan attitude as well.


9-Ball is a cream-colored billiard ball with a yellow stripe, they have an underlined number 9 on their top.



  • 9-Ball is solid-colored, unlike real-life 9-balls.
  • 9-Ball's line under the number 9 is poorly drawn.


  • 9-Ball's line under the number 9 is now a straight line.
  • 9-Ball is brighter.
  • 9-Ball gains legs.

BFB 16

  • 9-Ball now resembles a standard 9 billiards ball, with a cream body and yellow stripe.
  • 9-Ball's line under the number 9 is now curved.
  • 9-Ball no longer has legs.
  • 9-Ball has an outline.



Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", 9-Ball is the 20th recommended character out of the 25 shown at the end.

Battle for BFDI

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", 9-Ball appears as Donut flies over the recommended characters.

In "The Escape from Four", 9-Ball was one of the 26 recommended characters selected by Two as one of the eligible candidates to become a contestant in The Power of Two. Their audition is them writing "I don't have a Favorite Letter" on the whiteboard with their mouth badly before looking at the camera and gasping.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", 9-Ball is first shown with the contestants and the eligible debuters on the ground when Two flies up to the top of the Hotel. Due to being high up, the contestants cannot hear Two's calls to do Cake at Stake. After Nickel fails to hear their calls, Two uses their telekinesis to bring the contestants and the eligible debuters up.

9-Ball gasps when Rubber Spatula is sent falling through the floor. Later, Two tells them that they only got 1,033 votes. They comment that that number sounds hard to spell, and that they wouldn't care anyway. 9-Ball can also be seen inside the hotel as Two and the contestants take the elevator down.


  • 9-Ball's audition is a reference to 8-Ball's audition in BFDI 17.
  • 9-Ball is one of the two TPOT debuters who lack limbs, the other is Camera.
  • 9-Ball, Avocado, and Onigiri were each one of the many recommended characters that were recommended on Reddit for IDFB 2, but were instead put in BFB 2. And due to being recommended on Reddit and not on Patreon, 9-Ball, Avocado, and Onigiri are the only TPOT debuters that were recommended for free.
    • 9-Ball is also the only one of these three to be recommended prior to this, and the only one to not be food.
  • 9-Ball is one of the seven TPOT debuters who had appearances prior to BFB. The others are Battery, Camera, Discy, Nonexisty, Scissors, and Tape.
  • 9-Ball is one of the 11 TPOT debuters who didn't die. The others are Avocado, Blender, Boom Mic, Clapboard, Conch Shell, Income Tax Return Document, Onigiri, PDA, Shopping Cart, and Tape.