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Well, I didn't want to have to do this, but, what if we upgrade to... A BFB?

A BFB is an object hastily created by Four to serve as a replacement prize to a BFDI. However, the BFB contestants don't seem very enthusiastic about the prize, despite responding positively to it (especially Ruby) in "The Escape from Four". A BFDI was added back into the season in the next episode, "X Marks the Spot".


A BFB appears to be akin to a large infinity mirror with a slight delay between each pane. The BFB doesn't appear to suit any other purpose, though it's apparently delicious, and Gelatin did use it to beatbox.


  • It is described as "so tasty" by Ruby.
  • Gelatin has used it to beatbox.
  • Fanny criticized Four for swapping the BFDI with this, as she and the some other contestants entered to win the latter, but it has been replaced. This convinced all but 14 of the contestants to join TPOT.


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