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Cool story, but what if I add back the original BFDI as a prize?

The BFDI is one of the two grand prizes of Battle for BFB. It represents the show itself, and ownership of it allows ownership of the show as a whole. It was originally created by Four, and is currently owned by the Announcer. The prize was upgraded to a BFB in "The Escape from Four", but was added back into the season in the next episode, "X Marks the Spot". The BFDI contains archives of all the episodes from the first two seasons, and is supposedly the only full archive of the first two seasons left.


It is a deep-fried image of the BFDIA intro with one-third of the Bandicam watermark (only saying www.Bam) above it, as well as a non-deep-fried segment of the BFDI intro (from the video "BFDI: The Complete First Season" by walshmjoey's) with the underlined word "Official" on it.


  • There is an official "a BFDI" acrylic block for sale on RedBubble, which can be found and purchased here.
    • There is also a pillow, a pair of pants, a skirt, and a pouch with the same design.
  • The BFDI logo is taken from an unofficial Season 1 compilation because it shares the same length of 3:38:23 (the video was taken down due to a copyright claim by jacknjellify).
  • Although it's called a "BFDI", the top picture is from the intro of BFDIA.
  • A BFDI appeared as a recommended character in "Today's Very Special Episode".
  • Every time someone looks at the BFDI, they chatter in excitement.




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