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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Waughh! I'm on fire again!

"A Taste of Space" is the twentieth episode of Battle for BFB and the 51st episode in the series overall. It was released on June 10, 2020.


Cold open

The episode starts with Ruby looking out the window, wondering why they can breathe in space. Excited, Gelatin attempts to taste space; however, he cannot because the opening is blocked by plastic. He then says he wants to taste space. Leafy admires the sight of space, calling it tranquil. Lollipop disagrees with her, stating that Leafy had died by a laser when she was in space. Leafy argues back, saying that the laser felt comfortable and demonstrates this by zapping Lollipop with a laser. Gelatin breaks open the plastic window to taste the space, saying it tastes otherworldly. Ruby tells Gelatin to keep his tongue out, but Gelatin doesn't listen, causing all the air to get sucked out of the ship. Ruby tells Leafy to buy air, so Leafy then goes on the tablet to buy air. Just before the purchase is finished downloading, Four hacks the tablet to start Cake at Stake.

Cake at Stake

The prize is air for the contestants to breathe. Bubble, Teardrop, Leafy, and Lollipop are all safe. Lollipop is recovered but Four shoves her back into the spaceship via their camera. Bubble tries to get air into Ruby through a straw. Lollipop asks for some air from Bubble (adding "no straw needed"); Bubble responds by slapping her. With a close vote, Gelatin is the last one safe, making Ruby eliminated. Ruby begs to stay in the game, but Four declines and sends her to BRB.

With Ruby sent away, Four announces of the arrival of the final 11 contestants. The view is zoomed out to reveal X, still burning from the last episode. Four angrily questions where everybody is; X answers in between screams of pain that all of the remaining contestants went to space and some of them died. He realizes about the Have Nots' deaths and recovers the team back, greeting them apathetically. Flower observes X burning and asks if he is alright. He only responds with another outcry and continues to scream in pain, which Flower interprets as not a no and decides to ignore him, walking away.

The challenge

Four stops Flower, and asks X what he wants everybody to do. X cries out to only get him colder, which Four makes the challenge for the episode. Taco then says that the Have Cots are in space and have a considerable advantage. Four then asks Taco if he asked anything. Taco asks what if she just says yes, but Four replies that he would ignore Taco. Taco says yes, and Four ignores her while glitching. She then says that Four is anything but a liar.

The camera then zooms out to Gelatin and Lollipop, looking at the tablet. Lollipop then says that Taco is correct and proposes that they dump the ice bucket out the window to win the challenge. The camera then zooms out to show the Have Cots (besides Bubble) on the surface of the sun. The camera then zooms back into Lollipop, holding the Bucket of Ice. Lollipop then proclaims that the sun is a dazzling getaway destination.

Gelatin shouts out that the Have Cots should make sun angels. Leafy refuses, saying that if you make sun angels, it will project onto the earth. Gelatin does it anyway.

Bubble asks if anyone wants to volunteer to pour the ice because she doesn't want to pop. Leafy says the sun is just a star, but Gelatin informs them that it'll destroy the outermost layer if they pour ice on the sun, and they'll sink into the sun. Lollipop says that Teardrop wanted to pour the ice, and if she doesn't want to do it, she can just say so. Teardrop doesn't want to but doesn't say anything, so she pours the ice while the team is holding hands. Leafy, Bubble, and Gelatin scream but then realize that nothing happened.

Four asks if the Have Nots liked their journey into space. Blocky tells Four to ask him if he's landed on the sun, so he does, and Blocky says, "Have not!" as a joke. Four mutilates him and recovers him as a lesson. X's garden is ruined, and he's still burning, but then a shadow is cast on the spot that he's lying on. This gives the Have Cots one point. Flower is confused about the points, but Four says that if X says there are points, there are points. Every time a team helps cool X down, they gain points. Do the opposite, and they lose points.

Blocky suggests that they reflect the heat with a mirror, but that makes the sun hotter and burns X again, which costs their team one point. Flower comes up with the idea to make it nighttime since the sun only shines in the day. Loser tells the team to run fast in place to turn the Earth around. It works, and it gains the Have Nots team 13 points.

Back on the sun, Leafy notices that X isn't there anymore. Gelatin figures out what the other team did, so he decides to get the sun back so that their plan won't work. Leafy tells everyone to jump on the left side of the sun to reposition it, and it works, making it easier for X to tend to the garden and gaining their team 21 points. Blocky complains about how they only got 13 points, which makes them lose 3 points. X gets set on fire again, which makes the Have Cots lose 7 points. Taco tells him that he shouldn't stand directly in the sun if he doesn’t want to burn. This makes them lose two more points.

Leafy says that since Teardrop is water, she could cool down the sun by sitting on it. Bubble thinks that's a ridiculous idea, but it works, making the sun two degrees colder. X awards their team 90 points, saying it would be nice if it were one degree hotter for the plants, though Taco tries to get Firey to do something only for Loser to remind her that he didn't burn up. Flower calls for Firey in space but thinks she's just saying hi to him, so Taco tells him to sink himself into the sun to make it hotter for X.

Firey tries to get into the sun but fails, so he comes up with the idea to insult the Have Cots by calling them "Have Crybabies,” making them sink him into the sun. This makes the temperature on Earth 800 degrees hotter and X minuses 8,000 points from the Have Cots. Blocky decides to make fun of the sun, which turns it into a giant ice cube. This makes it too cold, which costs them 7,000 points. Four gives Blocky six points for "being a fly guy," and Blocky informs the team that there are no rules. Leafy puts racing stripes on the ice cube, turning it back to normal, which makes the Have Cots lose 7,000 points. Taco suggests putting a bunch of clouds in the sky, making X subtract 8,546 points. The Have Cots suggests spitting out from the sun, raining them down onto Earth and giving plants fresh water to drink, which makes Four subtract 6,000 points due to their disgust. Blocky suggests placing a huge block inside the Earth, which makes X subtract 8,422 points.

Both teams keep on doing random things that make them lose points until Leafy pours ice on X. X is finally cured, and declares the Have Cots the winners of the challenge. Blocky complains about this, which makes the Have Nots lose points, and the final score is the Have Cots' -90,000,000 points to the Have Nots' -100,000,000. Four then certifies the Have Nots' loss, for not helping X with the ice bucket and having less points.


Nighttime falls, and Four compliments X on his garden. The camera pans out to show that Flower is X's plant. X then thanks Four. Flower asks when she can leave the pot, to which X says that she can leave in 2.5-3 weeks. Leafy sees what's going on, and Flower warns her to leave because she might be the next plant. The next scene shows a black screen with Balloony, Spongy, and Ruby similarly screaming in the BRB to the past two episodes.


A total of 52,418 votes were cast this episode.

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Percentage swing
Bubble TeamIcon.png Bubble 10,498 20.03% +4.22%
Teardrop TeamIcon.png Teardrop 9,343 17.82% −0.64%
Leafy TeamIcon.png Leafy 9,127 17.41% −5.47%
Lollipop TeamIcon.png Lollipop 8,208 15.66% −1.00%
Gelatin TeamIcon.png Gelatin 7,669 14.63% +4.36%
Ruby TeamIcon.png Ruby 7,573 14.44% +5.39%


Continuity references

  • When Four says "You've been hacked!", it could possibly be a reference to the Jacknjellify video A super fresh minty clean announcement
  • When Ruby asks to stay in the game, it is a reference to her audition in BFDI 17.
  • When Woody screams, it is the same scream in BFDI 3, BFDI 4, BFDI 5, and BFB 3, when his name is called.
  • A scene from BFDI 20 is used.
  • The keyboard on the tablet Leafy uses is the same as the one found on the HPRC.
  • When Four shows the bottom two, the images used for both Ruby and Gelatin are taken from BFDIA episodes.
  • When Gelatin states that the window is covered by plastic wrap, Ruby says, "That's a relief", a reference to BFB 18 when Balloony was sent to BRB.
  • Bubble says the line "Bubbles don't have brains" in this episode, which is a reference to BFDI 24 when she said the same line.
  • Donut's camera reappears since its first appearance in "Questions Answered".
    • Although Donut's camera is one way in "Questions Answered", Four is shown to push and pull contestants through the camera.
  • When Taco, Blocky, and Woody walk together, Blocky is seen doing his Vote Yoylecake pose.
  • One of the "Apps" in the Apps Market was named after SimOndoMino, someone who came up with an idea for Blocky's Funny Doings International.
  • When the Have Cots cheer after pushing Firey into The Sun, Lollipop's cheering pose is similar to when she celebrated the Twinkle of Contagion leaving The Moon in "Four Goes Too Far".

Cultural references

  • Lollipop references the "Press X To Doubt" meme from the game L.A. Noire.
  • Some of the apps on the tablet include GTTTATINT, SimOndoMino, and Gruph.

    A closeup of the d-pad.

  • The d-pad in the cardboard spaceship resembles the d-pad of various PlayStation consoles.
  • Downloading "More Air" is a reference to downloading more RAM, a phrase associated with the technologically impaired, as RAM is computer hardware and cannot be downloaded.
  • The results sound effect shares the same notes as the old SEGA chant used in the early 90s. Played at 3:22.



  • This is the third time that Gelatin survives in the bottom 3.
  • This was the held record for closest voting on BFB ever, the bottom two having a 96-vote difference, but this record was broken in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", where there was a 1 vote difference.
  • This is the most viewed post-split BFB episode, with over 4 million views. It is also jacknjellify's most viewed video from 2020.
  • This episode received a negative reception from the viewers, as mentioned in B.F.B. = Back From Beginning.
    • It is also the most disliked post-split episode, with 3,570 total dislikes.
  • Ruby is the second BFDIA contestant to get eliminated in BFB, the first being Dora.
    • The rest who left to join TPOT did not count, as they left without being eliminated.
    • This would also make Bubble the last remaining member of Pencil's Alliance, just like in BFDI.
  • Ruby is also the first female to get eliminated after the split.
  • This is the first Cake at Stake in BFB with Leafy that didn't have her getting the most votes.
  • Not counting "Reveal Novum", where she was just a contender to join the first season, this is the first time Ruby as an active contestant is eliminated.
  • Blocky is the fourth character to have been mutilated, and the third to have been mutilated by Four.
    • Blocky is also the first character to be mutilated after the split.
  • This is the first episode in which everyone received over 7,000 votes, which is a record high.
  • This is the third time that Bubble is the first safe.
  • Teardrop is the only character not seen suffocating inside the spaceship.
    • Lollipop also does not suffocate, but she was sent back to space after being declared safe.
  • A promotional short has been made for this episode's release on the official Twitter account, which features Four bringing Two and Donut to The Pillary Ruins to celebrate the 20th episode. The short's events are considered non-canon.
  • Although possibly unintentional, Lollipop used singular they/them pronouns while referring to Teardrop in this episode.
  • This episode marks Emergency Button's first reappearance since BFDI 19.
  • This is the second BFB episode in which the Cake at Stake song is not played. The first is "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".
  • X said Flower can get out of the flower pot in 2.5 or 3 weeks, which could represent when the next episode could come out.
  • This is the second time Flower is acknowledged to be a plant. The first time was in "Don't Dig Straight Down".
    • Though it might have been the third time as she voted for Leafy to win the prize in "Return of the Hang Glider" for being a plant, being that she favored another plant character other than herself.
  • The title of the episode is a possible reference to the words "a waste of space".
  • This is the first (and currently only) BFB episode to be released in June.
    • This is also first BFB (and fourth) episode released in the summer.
  • Four says this is the first elimination over a video call, even though Donut initially used TV to do Cake at Stake in BFB 8.
    • However, Four was liquified inside of Donut so he had no way of knowing this.
  • In the Apps Market, Yellow Face may be advertising for More Air as seen in the video.
  • As stated by Cary Huang in his reaction, and confirmed by Sam Thornbury, this and the preceding episode were originally gonna be just one episode, but was split into two.[1]
    • From the same source, it was also revealed that the object that does the sun angels would've been Ruby, but was replaced by Gelatin because she was eliminated.
    • The Have Cots would've won the original challenge, like they did in this episode.[2]
  • Counting only the clear point gains and losses announced by Four and X (not counting when they shout "Minus" and nothing else), the Have Cots ended up with -12895 points, while the Have Nots ended up with -31955 points. Despite this, the total was said to be -90,000,000 points for the Have Cots, and -95,000,000 points for the Have Nots (excluding the last-minute -5,000,000 point reduction for the Have Nots).
    • "Minus" was shouted by itself 9 times (4 times by X and 5 times by Four), which means that over 90 million points were removed from each team with just 9 penalties overall.


Ruby is seen on the sun, despite her elimination.

  • When Lollipop is recovered during Cake at Stake, Leafy has her BFDI asset.
  • At 5:07, Ruby was seen on the sun, despite being eliminated (and sent to the BRB) earlier.
  • At 14:24, Firey is not burning.
  • The contestants were shown suffocating in space even though they were shown being able to breathe in space numerous times earlier, such as "Gardening Hero", "The Long-lost Yoyle City", and "Four Goes Too Far".
    • Despite this, later on in the episode, they seem to be able to breathe in space just fine. The air Four gave them would not have lasted for the remainder of the episode.
    • Firey also seems to show no difficulty breathing in space either.
  • It is shown that the contestants rotating the earth to make it nighttime helps with stopping X from burning, despite the last episode's stinger showing X continue to burn even at night.
  • Whilst Ruby was getting sent to the BRB, Four sent her to the BRB without X clicking his fingers ready to lift her up.


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