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All our food does THIS... — BFDI's Best TikToks of 2020 is a compilation of TikToks that were made in 2020. Most of the TikToks are custom-made videos for TikTok or snippets from other BFDI/BFB videos.

Episodes and videos featured in order of appearance

Note: Social media-exclusive video names listed here are unofficial.

  1. All our food keeps blowing up
  2. Life of an Ice Cube 2
  3. Who painted the Mona Lisa?
  4. "The Liar Ball You Don't Want"
  5. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge"
  6. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge"
  7. "What Do You Think of Roleplay?"
  8. "Zeeky Boogy Doog"
  9. "The Game Has Changed"
  10. "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset"
  11. "Lick Your Way to Freedom"
  12. "Questions Answered"
  13. "Get in the Van"
  14. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge"
  15. "The Hidden Contestant"
  16. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge"
  17. "PUMPKIN 2.0 - BFDI Halloween Shorts"
  18. "The Tweested Temple"
  19. "Get Digging"
  20. Teardrop night scene
  21. "Thanks for 20,000 subscribers! (Last BFDI)"
  22. "Thanks for 800,000 subscribers!"
  23. "X Marks the Spot"
  24. "Uprooting Everything"
  25. "Uprooting Everything"
  26. Firey Jr. plush announcement
  27. "What Do You Think of Roleplay?"
  28. "Who Stole Donut's Diary?"
  29. "It's a Monster"
  30. "Return of the Rocket Ship"
  31. "Insectophobe's Nightmare"
  32. "Lick Your Way to Freedom"
  33. "The Liar Ball You Don't Want"
  34. Blocky sketches
  35. "Today's Very Special Episode"
  36. "PUMPKIN 2.0 - BFDI Halloween Shorts"
  37. "Barriers and Pitfalls"
  38. "The Escape from Four"
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