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Amor Boretto, also known as Zucchero Seltz, is an audio engineer on Battle for BFDI. He is first credited in BFB 9 alongside Maroue Reus. He has recommended 4 characters: Soldery, Can of Black Olives, Hot Water Bottle, and Uni.

Audio credits

Amor's recommended characters


  • He has his own BFDI wiki account, which can be viewed here.
  • Amor speaks Spanish, Italian, and English.
  • He is a furry fan.
  • Amor's favorite character is Cake.[1]
  • Uni, Amor's OC, is played by him in TROC 4, placing 17th. 
  • Amor competed in TROC 5 as Hewwo, placing 20th. 
  • Soldery, is played by him in an object camp named Quick D.R.A.W, placing 6th.



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