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Up-up-up! No need to clap. I got this!

Anchor is a recommended character that was eligible for the debut for The Power of Two. In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Anchor didn't debut, having received 2,265 votes.


Anchor is very helpful as they spare Two the trouble of eliminating them by making their own exit. They also don’t complain about being eliminated. Anchor is also tough, as they have no issue smashing through the floor, and it appears that they never took any damage from it.


Anchor is a black anchor and they are very heavy. Their face is drawn with white on the shank. Their arms are located at their flukes, with legs adjacent to the pointy crown.


BFB 15

  • Anchor is light-gray.
  • They have black facial features.

BFB 16

  • Anchor is darker.
  • Their facial features are now white.
  • The face is now located higher.


Anchor is first seen walking, then accidentally trips, causing them to fall off the room they were in.


  1. "The Four is Lava": Sinks into the lava.


  • Anchor is the second character whose name starts with an "a" (excluding recommended characters who weren't eligible for debut).


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