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"Yeah, real pro everybody! Announcer is doing just FINE over here!" — Balloony
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We had to sell it because of budget cuts.
— Announcer, on multiple occasions

The Announcer is the host of Battle for Dream Island, the secret host of Battle for Dream Island Again, and the current host of Battle for BFB. He debuted in the first episode after falling out of the sky to announce the existence of Dream Island. He speaks with an artificial voice from AT&T's Natural Voices Text-to-Speech demo as Mike, which can be found here.

After over eight years of absence, he returned in "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" in order to reclaim the show from Four and X.

Announcer was the main antagonist of Season 4, trying to “cancel” BFB and take the prize because Four and X took over the show.


The Announcer appears to be a speaker box. His cone and gasket are light grey, and his main body is dark grey.


The Announcer is seen as mature and reserved, often keeping calm and collected, though this is in part of him being a robot. Despite his reasonable nature, he does have moments of being unfair towards others, like not caring that he sold Dream Island to Leafy, and even hides this information from Bubble when she asks about it.

He's also shown to have his own sense of humor when it's at the contestants' expense, such as when he laughed before dropping water balloons on the contestants in the ladder race, laughed at Woody sinking in bread, and when he bought the BFDI finalists recovery centers just so that he could kill them repeatedly. In addition, according to the "Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide", the Announcer calls Needle, "Needy" on purpose, knowing full well that she despises being referred to as such.

The Announcer is also shown to have a more insidious side to him. In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", he accidentally revealed that he was responsible for the bugs in front of Bubble, who began to angrily question him. In response, he popped her stating that he must keep his secrets. This side of him was seen again in ,"B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", when Taco finds out that the Announcer spends the show's budget quite recklessly. Taco announces that she's telling X , and the Announcer immediately obliterates her with the Emergency Button, and is satisfied about her death.

Adding on to this insidious side is the greed of the Announcer that becomes even more apparent in "SOS (Save Our Show)". He intentionally exploited the budget of the show to have the entire series erased and forgotten just to keep the BFDI to himself. This shows the Announcer as being sociopathic, considering how he stalked the show from behind the scenes to plan the overthrowing of it. During this moment of relaying this information to Taco, he shows little, if any, remorse for his actions, and it paints him as being one of the darkest and most powerful characters of the entire series; he shows the ability to almost "destroy" the cartoon series, in a sense of the word.



Battle for Dream Island

In "Take the Plunge: Part 1", Announcer is the last object introduced. He falls from the sky after Eraser says he would do anything to get away from Golf Ball, Flower, Woody, or Spongy. He then tells Eraser that he's in luck because they're building an island of luxury called "Dream Island", which includes a 5-star hotel, 6 restaurants, robot servants, a casino, and the winner gets to decide who gets to comes on and who doesn't. Eraser asks how much it costs, but Announcer informs him it doesn't even cost a penny. Eraser says he'll take it, but the Announcer says that the others would want it to, so therefore it should be settled with a contest.

After the intro, Announcer gets the 20 contestants to stand on a wooden balance beam. The last two contestants standing win. At the end of the contest, Pin and Leafy are the only two standing. He states that they both win the challenge and they'll pick their teams for a much larger, longer battle.

In "Take the Plunge: Part 2", since everybody was arguing about what the team names should be, he decides to name the teams himself, naming Pin's team "the Squishy Cherries" and Leafy's team "the Squashy Grapes". Later, he announces that the challenge is to race across the Goiky Canal. When the challenge ends, he announces that the Squishy Cherries are the winners for being the ones who broke the ribbon.

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", the Announcer tells Pin that since she was the only one to break the ribbon in the previous episode, she did better than the rest and won a Win Token. He then announces Cake at Stake, but not before they get all of the other contestants. He tells them not to worry about being eliminated, since they would be treated with TLC. He then starts declaring people who got zero votes and starts throwing pieces of cake onto them, however the throwing speed was up too high, and the cakes splattered in their faces. After Coiny is declared safe, the Announcer realizes that he should turn down the throwing speed of the tosser. He then announces that Snowball is safe at zero votes, Tennis Ball is safe at one vote, and that "Sam" is too, however he is confused as to who Sam is.

When Flower threatens to crush him with her Announcer Crusher if she got eliminated, the Announcer tells her it's too bad for him. Flower presses the button out of anger and activates the Announcer Crusher, but the hammer of the announcer crusher hits Golf Ball first, cracking it and causing an explosion. The explosion causes Flower to be flung to the TLC.

After Cake at Stake is over, the Announcer announces the next contest, but before the 'O' in 'GO' appears on the screen, he has to say something else. He tells the Cherries that if they do not find their missing team member within the next hour, their team automatically loses. He then tells the 'O' to come over, and is not seen for the rest of the episode until the end.

In "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?", the Announcer does Cake at Stake with the Squishy Cherries with Key Lime Pie, which only Pen and Eraser seem to like. Spongy gets eliminated, so the Announcer uses the untested Sender Scoop Thrower to send him to the TLC, but he ends up landing on Bubble instead. The Announcer says that the next contest is a test of memory and basic knowledge and updates the Grapes by telling them that an Ice Cube Recovery Center Creator is in the process of making an Ice Cube Recovery Center. At one point during the challenge, Blocky steals the test answers when the Announcer isn't paying attention. When the challenge ends, the Announcer only gets 3 tests from both teams. After noticing Pen and Blocky cheated, he sets their scores to zero so the Grapes win.

In "Sweet Tooth", Leafy attempts to dismantle the Announcer with a hammer but misses. The Announcer then does Cake at Stake with the Cherries with a chunk of ice. After eliminating Blocky, the Announcer adds an update on Golf Ball's chances of winning, and almost plays the intro a second time. The contest is to make a cake. The Announcer decides to make Flower and Magical Die of Judgment the other judges. The Announcer gives Bubble an 8/10 for her strawberry cake. Coiny's cake gets a 2/10 since he finds dirt unsafe. Eraser gets 7/10 since it was the same cake as Bubble. Firey gets a 10/10 for baking his cake without an oven. The Announcer eats Golf Ball's entire cake and gives it a zero for there being dirt in the cake and her lying about it. Leafy gets 4/10 since it was yet another strawberry cake. After judging is over, the Cherries are in the lead and win the first contest. The next contest is to eat 100 chocolate balls, which the Grapes win, so they need a tiebreaker. The Announcer says that who ever rips their team necktie wins and also seems to find the tiebreaker pun funny. The Grapes win when Snowball rips the tie.

In "Bridge Crossing", the Announcer does Cake at Stake with the Cherries again. Woody is eliminated and the Announcer says that they should send him to the TLC. Pen notices that the Announcer has been saying "the" TLC as if it were an object. The Announcer clarifies that TLC means Tiny Loser Chamber and says "Duh, of course it's an object". The next contest is to cross a bridge, however both of the bridges are destroyed before anyone could cross it so they need another tiebreaker. The Announcer brings back the necktie tiebreaker again, with Snowball once again ripping it for his team.

In "Power of Three", the Announcer says they should Cake at Stake. Pencil says she doesn't like Cake at Stake, so the Announcer suggests they take a shortcut and eliminate her immediately. Pencil now says she likes Cake at Stake, satisfying the Announcer. The Announcer mocks the Cherries for being there for the 4th time in a row and shows that he got 6 cupcakes since regular cake was too expensive. The votes drop from 14 to 13, which upsets the Announcer greatly. Pin gets eliminated and tries to use her Win Token, but the Announcer says it's too late and flings her away. For the contest, the Announcer temporarily splits the teams for the next challenge, which is to race through 3 islands. During the race to island 1, the Announcer tells Snowball to get Golf Ball or else he'll eliminate him. For the rest of the contest, whenever a team reaches a new island, text appears with the Announcer explaining what the objective is to get through it. The Announcer is waiting for the contestants on island 3 in a room and flings away the first 4 teams that arrive safely.

In "Puzzling Mysteries", the Announcer randomly falls on Bubble to announce that it's time for Cake at Stake for the losing team. They get 18 votes which the Announcer says is a record high. Needle says she'll use her Win Token so the Announcer uses a magnet to shake it out of her. When the Announcer tries to give the results, he notices that Coiny never talks during his Cake at Stakes and just contributes to the silence. Coiny says that is indeed what he's been doing and shushes the Announcer whenever he tries to talk. The Announcer then says "Needy" next to Coiny, getting him slapped away by Needle. The Announcer reveals that Needle is out even with the use of her Win Token. He flings her into the TLC, noticing that it won't close all the way. Pencil explains that the carrying capacity is 6 and that there are 6 people inside, along with Spongy who is big. Since there is no room to eliminate a player, the Announcer makes it so the winning team chooses someone from the winning team. The Announcer then traps everyone in a room and tells them that the challenge is to solve a jigsaw puzzle in order to be freed. The Grapes win and start walking towards the exit until the Announcer stops them, reminding them to pick a contestant from the Cherries. The Announcer then says that there is no voting in this episode, but that the next episode will.

In "Cycle of Life", Pen tells the Announcer that his team finally solved the jigsaw puzzle. The Announcer later cuts into the alliance's discussion on their vote counts, popping Bubble just as she was about to mention her vote status. He says he's been voted for once even though he shouldn't have been. The Announcer tells everyone that the next contest is a relay race. After some arguments from the contestants on the unfairness, as a result of the different team sizes, the Announcer has the grapes spin a wheel to decide who will run the race for their team, as suggested by Bubble. After the racers are selected, the Announcer adds that they have to carry the person who will run the race after them. The challenge ends with the Grapes winning once again and the Announcer tells them that their prize is an eliminated contestant.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", the Announcer interrupts Coiny and Snowball's conversation to tell them that they're about to find out who rejoins. The Announcer does Cake at Stake with the eliminated contestants and Blocky rejoins. He then gives the final 15 BFDI posters as a prize for getting this far. The Announcer has the Squashy Grapes split into two teams to make two teams of five and chooses Leafy and Rocky to pick the teams. After the teams are picked out, the Announcer explains that two people will be voted off the losing team. The winning team will choose one of them for their team, while nothing happens to the middle team. As the Announcer gets ready to announce the ninth contest, Eraser interrupts, making the Announcer stare silently at him for a bit. He continues announcing that the ninth contest is a six-legged race. The Squashy Grapes lose, so the Announcer tells the viewers to vote someone off Ice Cube's team.

In "Crybaby!", the Announcer meets the Squashy Grapes at the top of a cliff and tells them where to go for Cake at Stake. It's revealed that he had the Cake at Stake area renovated when they arrive. Snowball and Teardrop have the most votes so the Announcer has the Cherries choose between the two of the. The contest is a crying contest, but the Announcer counts it as a tie when every team is able to produce water. So the tiebreaker is a skiing contest. The Squashy Grapes place second, but the Announcer can't tell if the Cherries or Another Name is first or last due to their teams being covered in snowballs. The last tiebreaker is a handstand contest, which the Cherries win. Eraser is the only one still standing after Rocky barfs at his team and the Announcer gives him his second Win Token.

In "Lofty", the Announcer does Cake at Stake with Another Name. Golf Ball uses her Win Token but is still in the top two. For the challenge to start, the Announcer has everyone climb up a long flight of stairs. The contest is to stay up in the air the longest, and they can use nails to throw at others. Another Name loses again.

In "A Leg Up in the Race", the Announcer does Cake at Stake with Another Game again, where only Firey is safe. After Coiny is eliminated, the Announcer gives the now merged contestants BFDI DDSs' as a prize. The contest is to climb ladders, which the Announcer attempts to make difficult by dropping water balloons on the contestants. Afterwards, the Announcer adds points to the game and establishes how many each contestant has based on their Win Tokens, how well they did in the contest, and previous votes.

In "Don't Lose Your Marbles", the Announcer does Cake at Stake with Snowball, Bubble, Rocky, and Tennis Ball. He once again renovated the Cake at Stake place, and they don't like it until he says they were supposed to. Snowball gets eliminated, so he angrily hits the Announcer. The Announcer flies into a slingshot, flinging him right back into Snowball, sending him flying to the TLC. The challenge is to bring the Announcer a red ball, and the Announcer gives the contestants points based on the order that they turned in the balls. While also giving ten point penalties to whoever brings him a maroon ball.

In "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None",

In "Vomitaco",

In "Bowling, Now with Explosions!",

In "The Reveal",

In "Reveal Novum",

In "Rescission",

In "Gardening Hero",

In "The Glistening",

In "Don't Pierce My Flesh", the Announcer gets crushed by Spongy and is absent for the rest of the episode. Firey and Flower build their own Speaker Boxes to take his place in the meantime.

In "Hurtful!",

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2",

In "Return of the Hang Glider", at night the Announcer shows the contestants the grand cake that the winner will get. The next day, the Announcer does Cake at Stake and says that he'll be releasing the eliminated contestants. Firey and Leafy attempt to stop him but he doesn't see any reason not to and frees them, only for Flower to bite him. The damage causes him to be unable to pronounce the 'k' sound for the rest of the episode. Before announcing the winner, the Announcer has the eliminated pick who they would like to win, and Leafy gets the most. Bubble got the least votes to win and gets a cashew as a runner up prize. Leafy gets the second most so Firey wins. The Announcer then thanks the voters for voting and then afterwards tells Firey to pick who's allowed on the island. Firey ends up picking everyone except Leafy so she calls the Announcer to buy Dream Island. She gives him a paper slip with a large number, so he gives her ownership of Dream Island. Firey then realizes his island is missing and the Announcer reveals that he sold it. The contestants attempt to ask who he sold it to but he won't tell them. Later, some speaker boxes appear out of a broken UFO. One states that their campaign was unsuccessful and that it's time to go. The Announcer attempts to say something, and another speaker box says they can always return. The UFO instantly fixes itself and the Announcer blasts off into space with the other speakers.

Battle for Dream Island Again 

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", Firey chooses TV as the host since he was the closest to the Announcer. And in BFB he stated that he was there the whole time.

Although he is not in the game, the Announcer is the favicon for BFDIA 5b (and in general).

The Announcer made a cameo in "No More Snow!", briefly behind a tree while Ruby and Book were running away from Evil Leafy.

In "It's a Monster", Announcer can be seen in the distance when the FreeSmart Supervan enters the desert.

In "The Long-lost Yoyle City", he can be briefly seen along with the contestants at the summit of Yoyle Mountain, right before they were abruptly pushed off of it.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", all these cameos were retroactively confirmed to be him spying on the BFDIA contestants in hopes that the season doesn't descend into chaos.


According to Cary at the 2018 BFDI meetup, the Announcer's whereabouts were going to be revealed in IDFB 2[1]; however, "SOS (Save Our Show)" revealed what happened to him.

Battle for BFDI

He doesn't appear at the beginning of Battle for BFDI due to it having two new hosts (Four and X), but he was mentioned by Pin in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", who said she'd prefer him over the new hosts. In the same episode, the Announcer appears on Barf Bag's board.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship" and "Don't Dig Straight Down", the Announcer is shown on TV's screen.

In "The Four is Lava", the Announcer made a cameo in Book's subconscious when Four gave her a happy thought. In it, the events where Book is eliminated in "Reveal Novum" are seen, except after Book states the definition of her inside her dictionary, Announcer questions his decision after Book says it, and decides to give Book (or Dictionary at the time) Dream Island in a similar fashion to TV's Wishes and Dreams: Episode 1.

In "X Marks the Spot", Eggy is confident in saying that X is more than likely nicer than the Announcer, who she refers to as the Pulsating Cyborg Box.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Firey angrily calls out Leafy for going straight to the Announcer to buy Dream Island when they could've just talked about her exclusion from the island later.

In "The Hidden Contestant", the Announcer is shown in a flashback to before the events of "Sweet Tooth" where Profily is shown to have been how the Announcer got the idea to use literal ties in a tiebreaker. He's then shown in another flashback to "Return of the Hang Glider" with Profily being in the finale. The Announcer tells them that they feel just short of the win before admitting he was joking. The Announcer then tells Profily that they got zero votes.

In "Uprooting Everything", during the post-credits scene, Leafy and Flower hear a sound. This sound is the same sound that plays in "Rescission" during the post-credits scene when the Announcer rises into the sky. It was confirmed that this sound was the Announcer, because in the next episode, the Announcer returns.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", the Announcer fully returns to BFB and starts the intro. Leafy is happy to see him again and asks where he has been. The Announcer says they can talk about that later and that he wants to know what happened to his show. Four says they took it over in his absence and proudly states they did a good job. The Announcer say they're wrong, and X tells him to name one thing they did badly. The Announcer is able to name multiple things however. The Announcer then takes back full hosting privileges and tries to start Cake at Stake with the final four. Four angrily calls out the Announcer for taking his show back and throws him away. He is flung back by Slingshot and tells Four not to do that again. Four talks with X about how they can get rid of the Announcer. X first tells him to leave and calls him a dork, and immediately apologizes for calling him that. Announcer simply refuses and says he's staying. Four and X then try to use Purple Face to get rid of the Announcer. Purple Face attempts to do so with a freestyle wrap, but the Announcer flings him away, while showing off to Four how easy it was to get rid of him. Four says it doesn't matter cause the contestants have grown closer with them, but the contestants all prefer the Announcer. After Four sinks into the desert, the Announcer tells the final four to form a team, as he wants to feel more included in the season. Afterwards, he sings a rap song to replace the Cake at Stake theme song, even with breakdancing and all.

Leafy ends up getting eliminated and dreads having to go into the BRB. Announcer says she won't have to since they'll need the eliminated contestants for the challenge. He approaches X and asks them to snap everyone back. When X obliges, he pats them on the head. Like BFDI, the Announcer makes the last contest a combination of the previous ones. The Announcer then asks X if they can recover the contestants if they die and he obliges since he asked nicely. With that taken care of, the Announcer spends the show’s massive budget on props and is able to create a replica of every challenge from BFB. In the jawbreaker challenge, the Announcer tells Flower that Firey is inside hers, making her lick with more urgency. Announcer occupies the BFB 8 challenge. He starts by asking Teardrop how he likes to experience nature. She grows nervous as she's incapable of saying anything, but the Announcer reveals she got it right, in complete silence. Flower arrives next and correctly answers that his favorite number is 5. The Announcer gives Gelatin a tougher time with this challenge, as his favorite number keeps changing. He eventually gives Gelatin a new question, "Am I gray?". Gelatin correctly answers that he is and gets to move on. The Announcer waits on top of the World's Largest Oven oven for the winner and congratulates Flower for winning immunity into the final two. He then gives Gelatin and Teardrop a short moment each to explain why they should stay before putting them up for elimination.

In the stinger, the Announcer is busy spending money from the show's budget. Taco asks him about this and he says they have so much that it doesn't matter, and demonstrates by giving Flower 50,000 dollars. Taco claims that he's just being reckless with the budget now and says that she's going to tell X, but the Announcer obliterates her with a laser.


  1. "Don't Pierce My Flesh": Crushed by Spongy.
  2. "Hurtful!": Is killed 13 times by Flower, Leafy, Bubble, and Firey.
  3. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2":
    1. Crushed by a bowling ball.
    2. Crushed by Spongy 17 times.
    3. Is killed by Leafy, Bubble, and Firey 12 times.


Total kills: 280+

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Bubble 21 "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?" (along with Spongy)
"Sweet Tooth"
"Power of Three" (along with Pin and Eraser)
"Puzzling Mysteries"
"Cycle of Life"
"A Leg Up in the Race"
"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (14 times)
Firey 15 "A Leg Up in the Race"
"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (along with the bugs he built, 14 times)
Ice Cube 3 "Vomitaco"
"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (along with bugs he built)
Pie 1 "Bowling, Now with Explosions!"
Bomby 1 "Reveal Novum"
David 1 "Rescission"
Rocky 2 "Rescission"
"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (along with the bugs he built)
Cheese Orb 2 "Hurtful!"
"Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (along with the bugs he built)
Leafy 13 "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2"
Woody 1 "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (along with the bugs he built)
Golf Ball
Tennis Ball
Taco 1 "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning"
Recommended characters 205+ 110 in "Bowling, Now with Explosions!" (debatable)
95 in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (along with the bugs he built)


  • Running gag: The Announcer is always selling things due to budget cuts.
  • Running gag: Characters other than the Announcer are always nicknaming him descriptive names either out of spite or that they do not know the Announcer's real name.
  • He is the first official character to appear on the show who is not voiced by either Cary or Michael Huang.
  • The Announcer is the first character to have a voice created by an app.
    • In addition, he, Remote, Roboty, and formerly TV and Dora are the only characters voiced by Artificial Intelligence instead of organic voice actors.
  • Contrary to his appearance, the Announcer is known to have emotions such as joy, anger, annoyance, and sadness.
  • He received the most slaps from Needle (including if she missed a slap).
  • So far, Announcer is the only character (not counting recommended characters) either on BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB, or BFB whose name starts with an "A".
  • He has the second most kills, only losing to Blocky who gained most of his through the reveal that he's popped Bubble 2,763 times.
  • The Announcer cries acid instead of tears.
  • As of BFDI 19, the Announcer is known to keep a diary of his thoughts. Mentioned within: He comes from space and traveled far to get to Earth.
    • He is kept on Earth by his built-in Earth attraction unit to counteract his "various substances" in his innards, that have a repulsion towards Earth.
    • He details his frustration of the "payroll funding" being cut further, and how he will have more trouble maintaining his Earth-attraction unit.
    • He loves Earth, especially for the people, sunsets, vistas, seas, and gravity.
    • Because of budget cuts, he had to make the challenge in space in BFDI 20.
  • Despite his appearance, the Announcer does have hands, with seven fingers each, as shown in "Rescission". He also has one arm with a triangular piece of metal for the hand used for giving cakes and other items that are used for Cake at Stake.
  • In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", when the Announcer was screaming while running away from the bugs, he has an actual mouth.
  • In BFDI 22, the Announcer had been crushed. However, Firey and Flower made replacement boxes based on their own personalities, which became the hosts of that episode.
  • The Announcer has been voted for 1 time, even though he was not supposed to. His voter was artofliving123.
  • The bugs in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" were built by the Announcer.
  • The Announcer has more nicknames than any other character in Battle for Dream Island.
  • It is revealed that Announcer can do magic in "Lofty" and "Rescission".
  • It is revealed in "Insectophobe's Nightmare" that the Announcer likes the number 5.
  • In "The Hidden Contestant", Profily claims that they gave the idea for the tiebreaker contest to the Announcer.
  • The Announcer made several cameo appearances in multiple other object shows, like Battle for Object Destination and Object Illusion.
  • He is the second character to host in 2 seasons, the first being Firey Speaker Box.
    • He is also the only character to host 3 seasons.


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