Announcer Crusher
Flowers Announcer Crusher
The last and current version of the Announcer Crusher.

Used by

Flower, Eraser, Donut

Used on

Golf Ball, Announcer, Leafy (saved by Firey), Loser/Liar Ball

First appearance

"Barriers and Pitfalls"

Last appearance

"The Liar Ball You Don't Want"

If you kick me out, I'll crush you with my Announcer Crusher!
— Flower, "Barriers and Pitfalls"

The Announcer Crusher is a device/construction that was made by Flower in order to crush the Announcer if she gets eliminated or fails to rejoin the game. The Announcer Crusher appears to be a huge construction that looks like a deformed number one. In order to activate it, you need press a single button on the remote that is attached to it with a long black wire. When the button is pushed, the crushing cuboid will move down at high speed and supposedly crush everything underneath it.


The Announcer Crusher made its first appearance in "Barriers and Pitfalls" at the first Cake at Stake ceremony when Flower is about to get eliminated. When she and Golf Ball were the last ones left, she threatened Announcer with being crushed with the crusher if she is eliminated. When she found out that she has been eliminated, she pushed the button on the remote that she was holding in her hand. The Announcer Crusher was activated but failed to crush the Announcer because of Golf Ball blocking it. The Announcer Crusher's crushing cuboid couldn't hold any more pressure so it cracked and exploded shortly after, sending Flower to the TLC. Somehow, no one else was injured.

It reappeared rebuilt and refurbished in "Insectophobe's Nightmare", where Flower threatened the Announcer to crush him with it if she didn't rejoin.

It reappeared in "Return of the Hang Glider" being used by Eraser to crush Leafy with it.

It's latest appearance was in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want". Donut used it to turn a jawbreaker Loser was in inside-out, creating the Liar Ball. It is worth noting that this Announcer Crusher was the refurbished one, and not the one used in Return of the Hang Glider. This implies that it was destroyed after the events of Return of the Hang Glider, or that the two revisions of the device are actually separate entities.


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