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Anti-Flying Button is a conjectural name.

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No flying allowed!

The Anti-Flying Button is a tool used to stop flying contestants from cheating during the challenge in "Fortunate Ben". In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Four threatened to use the button again. However, the threat alone was enough to deter the flyers from climbing, so the button went unused.


The Anti-Flying Button has two ways of disabling flying contestants, one way is to obliterate them (in the case of Black Hole and Lightning) and the other way is to tape them down (in the case of Puffball and Cloudy). It appears to be a white remote with a red button.


  • Cloudy and Puffball were still covered in tape after "Fortunate Ben", however, Puffball's tape was removed in "Questions Answered" and Cloudy's tape in "Enter the Exit".
  • So far, The Anti-Flying Button is the only way to kill Black Hole.
  • Despite Bell being considered a flying competitor, the Anti-Flying Button hasn't been used on her as of yet.
  • The Anti-Flying Button is very similar to the Emergency Button that appeared in "Rescission".


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