Gelatin gave me a dose of anti-poison.

Anti-Poison (as the name states) has the ability to cure any object who has died from poison or a poisonous bug. It is presumably owned by Gelatin. It is a pink/purple liquid that must be put into a syringe and injected into a person in order to cure them. So far it is one of the only things (the others being Four and the Recovery Centers) to have the ability to bring contestants back to life.


In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", Fries yells at Teardrop (one of many poisoned in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3") to spin the wheel, since she won the prize. Pencil reminds him that Teardrop is still dead before realizing Fries should be dead, too. Fries says that Gelatin gave him a dose of Anti-Poison. After Gelatin thaws from being frozen, Nickel asks if he has more Anti-Poison. Gelatin says he only has enough to save one person, and he chooses to recover Teardrop, as she had to spin the wheel. Once cured, Nickel asks if Teardrop is feeling better before he is eaten by Teardrop. Gelatin reveals that the side-effects of anti-poison include the "eating of one contestant". Fries comments that he ate Spongy, which Pencil and Match are happy and cheer about.



  • As previously stated, the side effects of anti-poison have caused the deaths of 2 people:
    • Spongy is killed by being eaten by Fries (off-screen).
    • Nickel is killed by being eaten by Teardrop.
  • The anti-poison shares some similarities with Freeze Juice, such as Gelatin owning both and its need to be injected into someone via a needle.

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