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Use your eyes, Flower! They lead into the Archaic Temple!

The Archaic Temple, also referred to as the Temple of Doom or the Tweested Temple, is a location that first appeared in "The Tweested Temple". It is a large temple constructed 2,763 years ago according to Purple Face, who offers tours of the place.


The Archaic Temple is an archaic temple built out of bricks and has been abandoned for a long time. The lobby has a fountain that still functions to this day. The temple appears to be very large, although most of it was not explored in its debut episode.


  • It is unknown who constructed the temple, let alone if Purple Face is correct about the temple being built 2,763 years ago.
  • The Archaic Temple is supposedly covered in vomit, according to Flower. However, only a single totem was repelled by Flower's sweaters.
  • If the Archaic Temple was built in the year 2,763, according to Purple Face, then BFB might take place in the future.
    • However, the temple might have been built in 2,763 BC instead of AD.


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