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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Hey guys, I'm back.

"B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" is the 28th episode of Battle for BFB, and the 60th episode of the overall series. It was released on Friday, January 15, 2021.


Cold open

The episode starts with X trying to recover Purple Face. He manages to recover him but doesn't do it perfectly and leaves Purple Face in a glitchy state. He quickly despawns him by snapping his fingers, and then Four encourages X to keep trying, saying that recovery is difficult to practice. While Gelatin and Flower discuss the state of the show, a note falls through the bus roof that says, "COME OUTSIDE." Flower goes outside the bus, yelling out to whoever left the letter. Suddenly, the Announcer appears in front of Flower and activates the intro. Everyone greets him, excited to see him return, and he says he's come back to take the show back from Four and X. After the latter claim they handled the show perfectly, the former quickly lists off everything wrong they did. They try to get him away in a typical fashion through various means, like simply telling him to go away or challenging him to a rap battle with Purple Face. After many failed attempts, Four decides if he can't get rid of the Announcer, then the Announcer can't get rid of him, and then melts himself into the ground, transforming the Desert into himself. Gelatin tries eating some of the blue dirt, and it immediately harms him. He tells X about it, but X does not care at the moment and asks where Four is.

Cake at Stake

The Announcer starts Cake at Stake, saying that the prize this time is gold medals. Stating that Teardrop is immune, the Announcer throws her a gold medal. Then, he says that Gelatin is safe. The Announcer gives him his gold medal. When Gelatin gets his gold medal, there is only half of a medal left. Gelatin asks why. The Announcer says that he just had two, so he split the second one. The Announcer then says that Flower or Leafy will be out. Leafy looks prominently worried while Flower says that she wasn't afraid to bite the Announcer if she gets eliminated with 4th place again, just like in BFDI. The Announcer first says eek, but then says that she is lucky because Flower is safe, and he gives her the other half of the gold medal.

Before the challenge

Leafy is scared to go to the BRB, as she thinks it is terrifying, but Announcer tells her that she shouldn't be worried because he says that he will bring back all the eliminated contestants. He tells X to snap all the eliminated contestants back to the ground. After X does so, Announcer pats him on the head. Loser asks what the gray box is and where Four is. Firey tells Loser that the gray box is the Announcer, but he still doesn't care and says that since X and Four saved the budget, he could buy props for the challenge.


The challenge is the previous 27 episodes' challenges combined, one by one:

  • Episode 1: Get a basket to X
    X is seated next to a pile of baskets. The contestants simply hand one to him.
  • Episode 2: Save someone inside a jawbreaker
    Flower begins licking a jawbreaker. Gelatin smashes his head against a jawbreaker and is killed due to banging his head too much. After Teardrop breaks one open with a basket and frees Leafy, Gelatin eventually decides to do the same and frees Bubble. Flower eventually frees Firey after licking for an unknown amount of time.
  • Episode 3: Spin in a circle
    Teardrop pushes her swing back and manages to complete a rotation, and then backflips off. Flower and Gelatin agree to push each other, which is not seen.
  • Episode 4: Depict Four somehow
    Teardrop found a Four plush with other things she finds in a sack. Flower and Gelatin simply take the plush off the submission table and place it back on again.
  • Episode 5: Don't let the plane touch the marked ground
    Teardrop throws a paper airplane over said marked ground.
  • Episode 6: Take the twinkle & give it back
    Ruby has the Twinkle of Contagion and gives it to Teardrop. Ruby was supposed to make it hard for the contestants to give her back the twinkle but she decided not to make it hard for her due to her liking having it, allowing Teardrop to instantly return the twinkle.
  • Episode 7: Get a goal
    Teardrop throws Loser, who is inside the Liar Ball, into a pit.
  • Episode 8: Quiz
    The Announcer begins by asking Teardrop about his favorite way to experience nature. Teardrop shudders, as it appears to be a verbal test. However, the Announcer lets her pass, as 'in complete silence' was his favorite way. He then asks Flower about his favorite number, which is 5. Gelatin repeats Flower's answer, but is incorrect. The Announcer then states he has a fascination with the number 362, which Gelatin also answers incorrectly, assuming the answer is 362. Gelatin begins guessing numbers in order starting with 1. A recovered Flower correctly answers 2,357, and once again, Gelatin repeats Flower's answer, but is incorrect. Frustrated, Gelatin asks for a new question. The Announcer asks if he is grey, which Gelatin correctly answers "yes", and is allowed to pass. He was in disbelief that he wasted so much time on a question where the answer changes seemingly in an instant, but then expressed gratitude to the Announcer after.
  • Episode 9: Basketball
    Teardrop throws a basketball into a hoop.
  • Episode 10: Bring back Four
    Teardrop brings her Four plushie over from challenge 4.
  • Episode 11: Climb the stairs & press the button.
    Teardrop climbs the stairs and presses the button, but is intercepted by Flower on the way down. Teardrop decides to push Flower off and she falls to her death.
  • Episode 12: Identify the impostor
    Balloony and a disguised Blocky are standing next to each other. Balloony says to point to the real him. He then remarks sarcastically that the challenge was hard, as Blocky's outfit didn't even fit him, as evidence by the torn rubber not reaching his face. Teardrop then points correctly, while Gelatin points at Blocky, infuriating Balloony, to which he responds by saying that they should have a nice chat and lunch about why he didn't get that correct.
  • Episode 13-14: Collect X's treasure
    Teardrop pulls an emerald out from the ground.
  • Episode 15: Get back to Four
    Teardrop jumps over a lava pit next to a Four-shaped cactus.
  • Episode 16: DON'T split off
    X needs the contestants to prove that they won't quit for Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two. Teardrop shakes her head, causing X to believe she will not prove it. Teardrop then flutters her arms, causing X to believe she doesn't care and kills her by shooting lasers out of his eyes. Flower verbally agrees not to quit.
  • Episode 17: Bring back X
    Flower drags X over from the previous challenge.
  • Episode 18: Destroy the tower
    Flower throws a ball at some blocks.
  • Episode 19: Grow aloe vera plants.
    Flower throws some seeds into the ground.
  • Episode 20: Cool down X
    Flower pours water on X to stop him from burning. X then sets himself back on fire for the other contestants, remarking that he is confused as to why he's causing himself pain for the contestants, and Flower leaves with a disturbed expression.
  • Episode 21: Give someone a gift
    Flower gives Woody a Bomby plushie, which he accepts.
  • Episode 22: Solve a case
    Lollipop takes a bag from X, who asks Flower to identify the culprit. Flower correctly answers Lollipop. X then unironically titles Flower as Detective Flower, even though Lollipop clearly stole the bag in X's vision.
  • Episode 23: Free Four from jail
    Purple Face is inside the cage Four was imprisoned in. Flower, who didn't know the "metal bars" were cardboard tubes, was confused on how to do the challenge, and also how to get Four. Purple Face says that he replaced Four. Gelatin (who has since caught up) breaks it open by bending the cardboard tubes.
  • Episode 24: Throw a party for the host
    Gelatin and Teardrop throw sand on the party room floor whilst Flower actually makes a party for the Announcer.
  • Episode 25: Collect a totem
    Gelatin and Teardrop go inside the cave and get totems, while Flower places a rock at the sign.
  • Episode 26: Eliminate Profily
    Loser is right standing with Profily, Flower eliminates Profily by simply telling them that they're eliminated. Teardrop, however, throws Profily far away.
  • Episode 27 (final challenge): Escape the oven
    Taco and Spongy explain the challenge, and Spongy steals the end of Taco's speech, much to her disapproval. The contestants climb ladders in a neck and neck race. Gelatin tells Teardrop to knock Flower off the ladder, because they were the only members of the Newbie Alliance, for real, left. Teardrop attempts by pulling one of Flower's petals. This, however, causes Flower's ladder to hit the other ladders, causing them to fall down and allowing Flower victory (and immunity into the final two).


Taco finds the Announcer spending money on things, and then it cuts away to Flower, saying that she could open a store as she got $50,000. Taco tells the Announcer he should spend more carefully. She then says that she would tell X about this, much to the Announcer's dismay, and Taco gets obliterated by a laser. X worriedly calls out for Four, asking if he will come back, which is met without response, accompanied by a piano version of the BFB intro.


45,868 votes have been cast.

Icon Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Percentage swing
Gelatin TeamIcon.png Gelatin 19,293 42.06% +17.23%
Flower TeamIcon.png Flower 14,462 31.52% +5.43%
Leafy TeamIcon.png Leafy 12,113 26.40% -1.25%


  • This episode marks the return of the Announcer in the present time since BFDI 25: Return of the Hang Glider, which was 32 episodes ago or 29 if one doesn't count BFDIA 5c, BFDIA 5d and BFDIA 5e as separate episodes. Because BFB 28 was made in 2021 and BFDI 25 was made in 2012, this is the first time the Announcer has appeared in 9 years.
  • This is the first BFB episode to release in 2021.
  • This is the second episode to take place in The Desert. In fact, Nobody in the finals other than Teardrop has ever been there before.
  • This is the second episode where Gelatin is the first one safe, the first episode being "Get in the Van".
  • A new plush was teased at the credits of the episode. They were hidden by a large coming soon image.
  • This episode features the shortest gap between episodes of BFDI as TPOT 1 was released five days prior.
  • For the first time since BFB 11, a BFDI episode comes out directly after another with no other video in-between.
  • It's revealed that BFB will end with 30 episodes.
  • This is the 3rd episode that shows the contestant who gets eliminated in the thumbnail, the first being "The Tweested Temple" and the second being "The Hidden Contestant".
  • For the first time since BFB 24, a Cake at Stake song is performed.
  • Besides Loser, the other 3 contestants, Firey, Leafy & Bubble, that were the finalists in Season 1 were put inside a jawbreaker.
  • With Leafy eliminated:
    • There are no more originals BFDI finalists left in BFB.
    • There are no more rejoiners left in BFB.
    • There are no more contestants that end with the letter "y" in their names.
      • Additionally, this is also the second season where a rejoiner gets 4th place.
    • There are no more members of either Beep or The Losers! left in BFB.
    • Leafy is the first and last contestant to be in 2 different teams in the pre-split BFB to be eliminated.
    • This is the first time Leafy didn't get to the final 3.
    • Gelatin and Teardrop are the only Have Cots members remaining.
    • This is the third time Leafy hasn't been the first one safe with the first and second times being in "A Taste of Space" and "The Hidden Contestant".
    • Leafy has become the third BFB contestant to be eliminated again after rejoining, the first being Loser, who was eliminated again in "Let's Raid The Warehouse", and the second being Spongy, who was eliminated again in "How Loe Can You Grow?".
    • This the first time a contestant gets eliminated in the same episode where they get in a new team.
    • Flower finally made it farther than she did in BFDI.
  • This is the last BFB episode where viewers vote for who they want to save, as no one else will be up for elimination after this episode.
  • In the end of the episode, a piano version of Four's 3D Hand is played.
  • This is the second episode where Leafy is eliminated; the first one is BFB 3.
    • Coincidentally, she was eliminated in BFB 3 and 3 episodes before the finale.
  • Similar to the second last challenge of BFDI, this episode's challenge was a mix of all the previous challenges.
  • This is the first episode of the series to have both a team form during the merge and only two contestants up for elimination.
  • Loser is the only eliminated contestant who played a part in two challenges.
  • The cave backgrounds Gelatin and Teardrop enter to collect a totem are reused from The Last Balloon, a non-BFDI related video made by Jacknjellify.
  • Gelatin and Teardrop grab the exact same totems that they turned in in "The Tweested Temple".
  • When Teardrop jumped over the lava pit, her pose was very similar to her jumping sprite from GTTTATINT.
  • This is the second episode where Leafy and Flower were in the bottom 2, the first being "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2".

Continuity references

  • Gelatin says "It's a message", just like Bubble in "Hurtful!"
  • When Purple Face is flung away, and Gelatin asks where he was flung, Announcer replies with IDK. Gelatin then says if that was a box somewhere named after an acronym. This references the TLC, LOL, EXIT, and BRB.
  • When the Announcer says he's bringing teams back the contestants have the pre-made BFDI assets.
  • The Announcer is flung with a Slingshot after getting pushed, similar to what happened in "Don't Lose Your Marbles", when revealed Snowball was eliminated with 47 votes.
  • When the Announcer asks Flower what his favorite number is for the first time, Flower responds by saying it's 5. This is a callback to "Insectophobe's Nightmare", where the Announcer states that he likes the number 5.
  • When Leafy and Teardrop wave to each other in the 2nd challenge, their arms are that of the older BFDI assets.
  • Like "Hurtful!", the final challenge of BFB is a combination of all previous challenges.
  • Bubble says her classic catchphrase Yoylecake when she is freed from the jawbreaker.
  • Gelatin and Teardrop using a wad of dirt is similar to Flower's strategy in "Hurtful!" of using a wad of dirt as a cake.
    • Reference to Flower, Leafy, and Bubble's strategy in the episode, where Coiny makes his Dirt Cake in BFDI 4.
  • The three people freed from the Jawbreakers were all the three finalists of BFDI, which were Firey, Leafy, and Bubble.
  • Flower mentions the time she bit a chunk off the Announcer in "Return of the Hang Glider".
  • X saying "Help! I'm burning! The audience didn't really like this last time!" is a reference to BFB 20, and the overall negative reaction the episode received.
  • When Teardrop runs to throw dirt on the floor, the same animation from when she was running in the desert in BFB 1 is reused.
  • The Announcer says déjà vu when Leafy and Flower are in the bottom two in the final four, just like in BFDI.
    • Coincidentally, Flower is eliminated in the final four while Leafy who was the finalist in BFDI, it is reversed in this episode.
  • Teardrop and Leafy's high-five at the elimination is a reference to "Puzzling Mysteries".

Cultural references

  • Purple Face rapping "and I'm here to say" is considered a cliché line in rap music.



  • Purple Face is snapped out of existence by X after a failed recovery.
  • Gelatin bashes his head against a jawbreaker repeatedly and dies.
  • Flower is pushed off the stairs by Teardrop and falls to her death.
  • Teardrop is zapped by X.
  • Taco is shot with the Emergency Button from the Announcer.

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