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The subject of this article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official BFDI universe.

Just break us out already! It's so claustrophobic in here!

BFDI: Claustrophobe's Nightmare is a short animation video on the jacknjellify channel about Match, Book and Donut getting stuck in a claw machine and others trying to get them out of it. The video features BFB contestants, EXITors, TPOT contestants, hosts, TPOT debuters and others interacting. The video is 7 minutes and 35 seconds long. The short was written by Sam Thornbury.


Match is seen looking at clouds. Book appears, and asks her what she is doing, she says that she's watching clouds, and then the camera pans to Book spying Cloudy in a car with Match looking angry at him, Match wonders what he is doing, and Book thinks he's doing something evil and gets scared.

Book walks towards Cloudy angrily. She points her finger at him, calling him a "menace", to Cloudy's confusion. Book asks what he's hiding, and he says it's nothing. Match then tells him that her and Book will destroy his collection entirely. Cloudy admits that him and Donut were hogging a crane machine called "The Crankatron 2763". Cloudy then begs that they don't break his collection, and then the camera cuts to Match again, revealing that they already did. She lies and tells him they didn't do anything to it. Book asks Donut why they have to hide the crane from them, and Donut tells her that the prize inside, being a new diary, is his. He explains that with it, he could transfer his thoughts and feelings into it, but the controller is missing, so he can't play it. He blames this on Yellow Face's Warehouse's poor handling. Book takes it upon herself to get the diary out of the machine. She sticks her arm into it and begins screaming in pain. Donut asks if she can do it, and she replies affirmatively, and continues screaming. She switches between the two a couple of times, before Cloudy suggests that he goes to find Yellow Face to fix this. He asks the three to not do anything stupid while he's gone. They all yell for him, showing that they all got stuck inside. Cloudy reminds them that he told them not to do anything stupid while he was away, but Match tells him that he was still here when they went inside, "invalidating" his point.

The video then switches to an advertisement by Yellow Face. In the ad, Yellow Face asks the viewer if they've ever had a claw machine break on them. This leads Purple Face to state that he broke his own claw machine by pouring chocolate milk into it until it overflowed, prompting an angry response from Yellow Face. He shows a new controller that is attachable to a claw machine if it doesn't have one, being extremely costly. He then tells the viewer that their company only ever made one controller, while his boss gets angrier, turning red. Purple Face then asks him about what would happen if someone were to get stuck inside a machine. Yellow Face nervously tells him that it is unlikely to happen.

Cloudy rushes up to the two of them, telling Yellow Face and Purple Face about the situation. Yellow Face snaps back at him, begging that the controller works, to which Cloudy stares blankly. Yellow Face then tells him about the backup controller, which he has in his warehouse. He tells Purple Face to go with Cloudy back to the machine to help him. Cloudy objects, telling him he can do it by himself. Purple Face argues that Cloudy needs his help. Yellow Face then stomps to his warehouse angrily, rambling about how it could take him lots of time to get there, but before he can even finish his sentence, he arrives at the warehouse.

Cloudy goes to the machine, telling the three that he has brought help, to Match's excitement. Purple Face walks towards them, informing them that he is the help Cloudy brought. Match is then severely disappointed. Purple Face explains that it is his job to free them, as he is the "hero". Donut exclaims that it's very claustrophobic inside the machine. Purple Face pulls out a megaphone, asking the others to help get them out of the claw machine. He tells them not to worry, as more help is arriving. It then cuts to space, where Black Hole hears Purple Face's call and starts going to Earth to help.

Yellow Face realizes he underestimated how big the warehouse is. A rack falls down, and all the boxes on it fall as well. One box in particular, however, contained the spare Crankatron controller. Yellow Face is very happy about this.

Cloudy thanks everyone for coming and says it's time for a montage.

  • Snowball and Winner both punch the machine but fail to leave a single dent or crack on it.
  • Blocky throws the machine off of a cliff, thinking he had solved the problem. However, the Crankatron bounces back onto the edge, crushing him.
  • Firey ignites Bomby, causing him to panic. The giant explosion does nothing to the machine.
  • Pin and Coiny try pulling the crane machine off a cliff with a rope, but just like in BFDIA 1, they fail.
  • Four and X both try using the Zappies on the machine, but just make the three inside dizzy.
  • Snowball attempts to throw Anchor at the claw machine, but it does nothing and Anchor is left dazed and damaged on the right hook.
  • Announcer drops his UFO onto the machine, but, like everything else, to no avail.

After the Announcer drops his UFO onto the machine, Yellow Face comes back to the others with the spare Crankatron controller, but in bad timing, Black Hole comes to help the others, and sucks up the controller upon contact. The Announcer explains their last hope is to crush all of them with the Announcer Crusher, and then make Four recover them. Book, in a distressed voice, asks to hurry and asks them to guess who the most flustered individual in the world is. Donut thought it was Book, but it was actually Pin. Pin explains, and Announcer gives Pin some cake, then continues to crush all of them. But even after they got squished and then recovered, they were still in the claw machine. Match says it didn't work and asks the Announcer if he has any other ideas. He says yes, before admitting that he doesn't as he thought saying yes would give him an idea. Match panics, as she believes the three of them will be stuck in the machine for eternity. Cloudy tells her not to worry and would think of something to get them out of there any minute.

Trillions of years later, taking place at the heat death of the universe, nothing and nobody is left but a white void and the Announcer who states that everything in the entirety of the universe is gone until Book points out that she, Match, and Donut are still here, still inside of the Crankatron. Match asks if she could dye her hair blue again, which Book says that it is not the time for that, Match asks back what else is going on besides the spot they reside in. Donut questions where the green diary from earlier in the crane went. Not getting a response, Donut decides to roll in what Match asked and says that she looked good in blue last time, in which Announcer also agrees as well. The camera zooms out with shadows around the borders until the screen cuts to black, with what is heard to be muffled paper turning.


  • This marks the first time the TPOT debuters interact with BFB Contestants and EXITors.
  • This is the first time Purple Face and the TPOT debuters appear in a non-canon short.
  • This is the first time X uses the Zappies.
  • New Friendly can be briefly heard playing in the background at the begining.
  • This is the first Jacknjellify video to release on a Friday since "Chapter Complete".
  • Albeit non-canon, this is the first time Yellow Face and Purple Face interact since "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2".
  • This video is available in 4K resolution, the first BFDI animation to have this since "Welcome Back".
  • This marks Black Hole's first appearance in a non-canon short where he doesn't end up killing another character.
  • The Announcer is the only character that didn't die in this video.

Continuity references



  • Blocky is crushed by the claw machine.
  • Bomby is lit by Firey to blow up the claw machine.
  • Firey might've been blown up by Bomby's explosion.
  • Anchor breaks and becomes unconscious when Snowball hits Anchor on the claw machine's glass.
  • Pin and Coiny fall off a cliff.
  • Book, Match, and Donut are crushed by the Announcer Crusher.
  • Everyone except for Book, Match, Donut, and the Announcer die in the heat death of the universe.
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