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The subject of this article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official BFDI universe.

BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes is a video that jacknjellify uploaded. It showcases several deleted scenes from what was going to be BFDIA 6 before it was cancelled. These scenes are considered non-canon due to several events that clearly didn't happen in IDFB, which was made after this video was released.

Deleted scenes

Opening scene (Scene 1)

Ruby keeps feeding W.O.A.H. Bunch and FreeSmart yoyleberries.

The scene begins with Coiny, Yellow Face, Needle, Bomby, Nickel, Ice Cube, Pin, Book, Pencil, Ruby, and Spongy falling from the sky, as a continuation of "The Long-lost Yoyle City." They all turned into Yoyle metal via the side effect of the yoyleberries Ruby is holding. She, who refers to them as just "berries," offers some of them to Pin, who rejects her offer; she already had 13. Then, Ruby asks Book, who refuses, complains that she is obsessed with yoyleberries, and states that she has been feeding them to everyone. Ruby denies this, but everyone agrees with Book. This is the only animated scene.

Scene 2

Scene 2, along with the following scenes, is not animated, and are just stills, similar to the Vote Yoylecake video. This implies that these scenes were never animated, and only the voices were recorded.

The scene begins with the HPRC (Hand-powered Recovery Center) cranking out supposedly Gelatin, who then complains because everyone is metal. Fries then uses his Anti-Yoyler to supposedly get rid of the side effects of the yoyleberries on everyone. Yellow Face proposes that everyone should go home to Goiky, but Pencil shoots down the idea since the HPRC is still stuck in the glue. Book suggests that they could just live here in Yoyleland. The Firey Speaker Box agrees with her. Gelatin asks where in the city they can live; the Firey Speaker Box states that they can stay anywhere in Yoyle City; all they have to do is choose a building and it becomes theirs. Gelatin agrees with, and compliments the idea.

Scene 3

Walking sound effects can be heard. Pencil shouts, "Oh my tree!" to Book, saying that they should get the Clubhouse of Awesomeness presumably to live in, following the last scene. Book reminds her that it's on top of the Eiffel Tower, a homage to Get in the Van, which is 2,763 miles (4,446.62 kilometers) away. Pencil asks if the Eiffel Tower is magnetic. Book replies with a yes, following with a happy, "A-ha!" from Pencil. Several sounds that the FreeSmart Supervan produces are heard, implying that the magnet feature on the van has been activated as an attempt to pull the Clubhouse of Awesomeness to Yoyleland. In the background, the camera is slowly zooming in on Pencil's face. After a while, the sound of an object rushing through air can be heard, meaning that the Eiffel Tower has detached from the ground or has possibly reached Yoyleland.

Scene 4

The next scene starts as Tennis Ball is walking around, finding a house. He stops and talks to Golf Ball, saying, "this house looks appropriate," and asks for her opinion on it. She says that it's perfect, not too big, and not too small, but a loud sound of metal hitting something cuts her short. She questions what it was, but then quickly regards that the house wasn't her first choice anyways, suggesting that the presumed Eiffel Tower must have hit the house.

Scene 5

Music that was played in the Clubhouse of Awesomeness in previous episodes can be heard in the background, implying that this scene takes place in it. Pencil apologizes to Book and Ice Cube for not letting them in because they are not in her alliance, but will only let them sleep on the roof. Book, letting out a frustrated sigh, agrees with it. Pencil says to Ruby that she has caused a lot of problems for them today, but because she is in the alliance, Pencil lets her in, instructing that her bedroom is upstairs. Ruby expresses a happy, "Yay," and then footsteps can be heard.

Scene 6

Howling wind sound is heard in the background, following up with Book saying that it's cold outside, possible meaning that they are on the roof Pencil mentioned previously. Book questions if Ice Cube is cold, and she replies with no. Book then realizes that Ice Cube obviously isn't cold, because she's used to it.


The video ends with a short video encouraging the viewers to vote for Yoylecake in Wikia's Battle of the Fantasy Food contest, with the caption reading, "Can't wait? Vote Yoylecake," and, "Final Week! Vote every day." After that, every spam comment in the competition that the BFDI fans made are shown, with the caption reading, "ALSO PLEASE DON'T SPAM COMMENTS LIKE THESE 1,842 DID," telling the viewers to not spam comments in the blog post.



  • At 0:07, Spongy disappears. He reappears at 0:15.


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