Occasionally throughout the series, the episodes suddenly start fuzzing static and commercials are shown, presumably as part of an ad break. The ones that host these commercials are usually Yellow Face or Blocky. This article lists all of the commercials.

List of commercials

Blocky's Funny Doings International


Blocky in his commercial

Blocky's commercials advertise for Blocky's Funny Doings International, which is supposedly a prank company owned by Blocky. The advertisements consist of Blocky walking the viewer through the process of pulling pranks, which usually end up with the victim in an endless cycle of dying and coming back to life again.

Yellow Face commercials

Bubble Transformer

The Bubble Transformer

Yellow Face's commercials promote ridiculous products and are horribly drawn and designed. However, his commercials did receive publicity when the contestants started using one of his products in later episodes. Some of his products look exactly the same.

Other commercials

These commercials do not include Yellow Face or Blocky.


  • Yellow Face stated that the price for telling him how a vat can pour an island is $19.95, but for a split second at the end, the price is increased to $99.95.
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