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You're all getting a reward, BFDI DDSs. The super fun portable handheld videogame console will let you play the most exciting games on 12 screens. A dodecascreen. Plus, it's foldable.

BFDI DDSs are handheld game consoles that appeared in "A Leg Up in the Race" as a prize given to the final 12 contestants remaining in the competition. There are 12 screens to play on, hence the name "DDS", which stands for "dodeca-screen". It is also foldable, as shown wrapping in 12ths around Match.


In BFDI, it is a thin board with 12 tiny screens, a D-Pad, and a Circle Pad along with multiple other buttons that are outlined in gray and colored white.

In BFB, it is colored a deep purple instead of white, because of the color scheme of the background objects, but it remains the same otherwise. However, the D-Pad and Circle Pad swapped places.



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