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The rules held in a page held by Book in BFDIA 1.

BFDI Game Rules is a piece of paper that appeared in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know". It has four rules, read by Eraser, Firey, and Yellow Face before the contest in BFDIA 1 started.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", it is revealed that the Announcer wrote the rules.


  1. Contestants not present may not compete.
  2. Eliminated contestants must be treated with TLC.
  3. Spin the wheel to choose the next contest.
  4. Before a contest, players may switch teams if they want.


  • The second and third rules were originally "Eliminated contestants must be killed." and "No reading ahead.", respectively, but it's revealed that Eraser was just hallucinating.
  • When Eraser was reading the rules, an "image" was shown. However, there was no image.
  • When Yellow Face read rule 3, rule 4 read "No reading ahead."