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"This is shooting you off like, a cliff, with my Not Cannon!" - Match
This article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official BFDI universe.

BFDI Mini-Season - "Marbles" is a video by carykh uploaded on May 8, 2012—between the time "Return of the Hang Glider" and "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" aired. The video is based around carykh's "The Amazing Marble Race" style of videos. Marbles drawn to represent the first season's 21 characters are put through a gauntlet of multiple obstacles. Every trial ends with a limited number of spots, with the balls failing to reach safety before the others getting eliminated.


The marble race has 5 different phases, with each one eliminating contestants or deciding the winner. The first phase eliminates six contestants, the second eliminates five, the third eliminates four, the fourth eliminates three, and the fifth is used to decide the winner from the remaining three contestants.


Contestant Ranking Eliminated in
Blocky TeamIcon Blocky 1st N/A
Needle TeamIcon Needle 2nd N/A
Match TeamIcon Match 3rd N/A
Pen TeamIcon Pen 4th Phase 4
IceCube TeamIcon Ice Cube 5th Phase 4
Rocky TeamIcon Rocky 6th Phase 4
Teardrop TeamIcon Teardrop 7th Phase 3
TennisBall TeamIcon Tennis Ball 8th Phase 3
Snowball TeamIcon Snowball 9th Phase 3
Leafy TeamIcon Leafy 10th Phase 3
Bubble TeamIcon Bubble 11th Phase 2
Firey TeamIcon Firey 12th Phase 2
Spongy TeamIcon Spongy 13th Phase 2
David TeamIcon David 14th Phase 2
Coiny TeamIcon Coiny 15th Phase 2
Pencil TeamIcon Pencil 16th Phase 1
Pin TeamIcon Pin 17th Phase 1
GolfBall TeamIcon Golf Ball 18th Phase 1
Eraser TeamIcon Eraser 19th Phase 1
Flower TeamIcon Flower 20th Phase 1
Woody TeamIcon Woody 21st Phase 1


  • Flower places 20th, similar to her first placement in BFDI.
    • A similar ranking applies to Woody and Rocky, who placed 21st and 6th respectively, similar to their final BFDI rankings.
  • Teardrop would've made it to Phase 4 but Needle got chucked over her and landed infront of Teardrop, making it so Teardrop was out instead of Needle.


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