"Yeah, real pro everybody! BFDI Recommended Characters is doing just fine over here!" — Balloony
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BFDI Recommended Characters-0

BFDI Recommended Characters-0

Original video.

"BFDI Recommended Characters" is a video that was uploaded on December 23, 2011, on carykh, 8 days before "Return of the Hang Glider".


The video is a very fast-paced slideshow of every character that was recommended during BFDI's first season. The video mentions that it does not include rejected characters, invisible characters, conjoined characters, and characters that Cary forgot to include.

The video starts with Bomby being the first recommended character, debuting in BFDI 11, and ending with Electric Blocky being the last recommended character in BFDI, making their appearance in BFDI 25.

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