BFDI Second Season Voting was a video, uploaded February 12, 2012, where viewers got to vote on who would join BFDI's second season, BFDIA. The 20 most voted contestants would join. Viewers were allowed to vote for any contestant up to 20 times, as long as the votes were all on one comment. 60 contestants were up for voting: the original BFDI cast, the thirty recommended characters that had a chance to join BFDI in Reveal Novum, and 10 other recommended characters.


Italic text means the character joined BFDIA.

Contestant Votes In
Rocky TeamIcon Rocky 1,008 Yes
Nickel TeamIcon Nickel 892 Yes
Firey TeamIcon Firey 724 Yes
Leafy TeamIcon *Leafy 606 No
Teardrop TeamIconTeardrop 585 Yes
Bomby TeamIcon Bomby 582 Yes
Bubble TeamIcon *Bubble 556 No
Needle TeamIcon Needle 489 Yes
Spongy TeamIcon Spongy 456 Yes
Dora TeamIconDora 439 Yes
Pin TeamIcon Pin 405 Yes
Ruby TeamIcon Ruby 381 Yes
TennisBall TeamIcon Tennis Ball 359 Yes
Coiny TeamIcon Coiny 334 Yes
Pencil TeamIcon Pencil 320 Yes
Match TeamIcon Match 315 Yes
Ice Cube TeamIcon Ice Cube 313 Yes
Flower TeamIcon *Flower 312 No
Donut TeamIcon Donut 307 Yes
Fries TeamIcon Fries 303 Yes
Book TeamIconBook 296 Yes
YellowFace TeamIconYellow Face 292 Yes
Puffball TeamIconPuffball 291 Yes
TV TeamIcon TV 287 No (Became host)
Pen TeamIcon Pen 285 No
BlackHole TeamIcon Black Hole 269 No
DiaNonexisty *Nonexisty 266 No
Woody TeamIcon *Woody 266 No
David TeamIcon David 251 No
Blocky TeamIcon Blocky 239 No
GolfBall TeamIconGolf Ball 215 Yes
Eraser TeamIcon Eraser 185 No
FireyJr TeamIcon Firey Jr. 179 No
Taco TeamIconTaco 159 No
8Ball TeamIcon 8-Ball 154 No
Fanny TeamIcon Fanny 153 No
Snowball TeamIcon Snowball 143 No
Cake TeamIcon Cake 134 No
RobotFlower TeamIcon Robot Flower 119 No
Remote TeamIcon Remote 115 No
Marker TeamIcon Marker 109 No
Pie TeamIcon Pie 104 No
Balloony TeamIcon Balloony 102 No
Naily TeamIcon Naily 100 No
Cloudy TeamIcon Cloudy 97 No
Lollipop TeamIconLollipop 95 No
Lightning TeamIcon Lightning 93 No
DiaELeafy Evil Leafy 90 No
Bell TeamIcon Bell 90 No
Basketball TeamIcon Basketball 86 No
Pillow TeamIcon Pillow 79 No
BarfBag TeamIcon Barf Bag 78 No
Eggy TeamIcon Eggy 77 No
Clock TeamIcon Clock 59 No
Gaty TeamIconGaty 54 No
Grassy TeamIcon Grassy 53 No
Roboty TeamIcon Roboty 50 No
Tree TeamIcon Tree 49 No
Saw TeamIconSaw 36 No
Bottle TeamIcon Bottle 29 No
Bracelety TeamIcon Bracelety 18 No
Gelatin TeamIconGelatin 1 Yes

An * means that this contestant could not join BFDIA due to not being present.

A † means that this contestant joined BFDIA because other contestants were absent.

A ‡ means that this contestant joined BFDIA by being recommended by a winning viewer.

Total votes: 15,532

Total voters: 789

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