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BFDI Storyboards are videos with the storyboard for that episode in them. The original episode is shown on the bottom right. In the storyboards for the first season, each entry replaces the words in the original title with their synonyms.

Currently, there are 11 storyboard videos. One storyboard video was released in August of 2011, and no newer storyboards were made for a while. However, from July 2018 to September 2018, more storyboards were released. In April 2020, the first BFB episode storyboard was released.

Inside many .fla source files of episodes, some storyboards for that clip can be found.


Storyboard name Original episode Video Upload date
Acquire the Submergence "Take the Plunge" BFDI_Storyboard_1_"Acquire_the_Submergence" August 11, 2011
Boundaries and Difficulties "Barriers and Pitfalls" BFDI_Storyboard_2_"Boundaries_and_Difficulties" July 28, 2018
Are You More Well-Read Than an Avalanche Particle? "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?" BFDI_Storyboard_3_"Are_You_More_Well-Read_Than_an_Avalanche_Particle?" August 4, 2018
Kindhearted Roughness "Sweet Tooth" BFDI_Storyboard_4_"Kindhearted_Roughness" August 11, 2018
Unite Bridge "Bridge Crossing" BFDI_Storyboard_5_"Unite_Bridge" August 18, 2018
Activate of 🕒 "Power of Three" BFDI_Storyboard_6_"Activate_of_🕒" August 25, 2018
Mystifying Puzzles "Puzzling Mysteries" BFDI_Storyboard_7_"Mystifying_Puzzles" September 1, 2018


Storyboard link Episode Video Upload date
Link "Getting Teardrop to Talk" April 24, 2020
Link "Lick Your Way to Freedom" May 12, 2020
Link "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" May 29, 2020
Link "Today's Very Special Episode" June 17, 2020
Link "Fortunate Ben" October 20, 2020
Link "A Taste of Space" December 4, 2020
Link "Fashion For Your Face!"
April 3, 2021


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Storyboard link Episode Video Upload date
Link "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" January 22, 2021

Differences between storyboards and episodes

  • Differences in the storyboard for "Getting Teardrop to Talk":
    • When Loser says Pencil to put Naily down, the latter is referred to as a boy (because Naily was originally a male).
    • Fanny (in one panel only) is depicted with arms the storyboard, but she doesn't have them in the final episode.
    • When Teardrop sits on the cliff, Lollipop was intended to come first instead of Eggy.
    • Lightning was intended to never have arms at all (they were only in the storyboard when he grabs Fanny to join the team).
    • TV was originally intended to show "YAY" instead of a flower.
    • Saw was originally intended to drop lava droplets.
    • When Four says that iance loses, he refers to the team as "the alliance and others".


  • The video title of the storyboard of "A Taste of Space", "Storyboard of "A Taste of Space" — (BFB 27 comes out on Friday, Dec 11", confirms the release date of BFB 27, at December 11th.
  • The storyboard of "A Taste of Space" was made private shortly after its upload for having too low quality, and was reuploaded later with higher quality.
  • The storyboard gets referenced in BFB 29 with budget cuts causing the episode to degrade into a storyboard of the episode near the climax.
  • BFB 23's storyboard video was made unlisted shortly after it was published. This is likely due to an alternate line where Lollipop uses profanity. The profane line was later censored.
  • BFB 23's storyboard showed in some clips that Bubble was supposed to be in BFB 23, however since she was eliminated it had to be changed.