BFDI TikTok Compilation (formerly known as BFDI TikTok Compilation — BFB 20 on Wed, June 10) is a video on jacknjellify's YouTube channel. The old title confirmed the release date of "A Taste of Space", which is June 10th, 2020. It is a compilation of various jacknjellify TikToks.

List of TikToks

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"This is shooting BFDI TikTok Compilation off like, a cliff, with my Not Cannon!" — Match
This article or section is non-canon. The events described did not happen in the official BFDI universe.

Loser's dance

Loser dances to music playing in the background. Because the music was copyrighted, a different one plays in the compilation video.

Get in the Van (clip 1)

A clip from "Get in the Van". Book slaps Match to notify her that they passed the library, and states that "it's the rules". She also states that Match can slap her as well If they pass the matchstick factory.

X Marks the Spot

A clip from "X Marks the Spot". Four gets angry at Balloony and Lollipop for high-fiving each other instead of "high-fouring". Balloony then states that he only counts one, which leads to Four pulling out four fingers out of Balloony.

Puzzling Mysteries

A clip from "Puzzling Mysteries". Pen spins a basketball, with Eraser spinning 3 at once, and Golf Ball 7. Eraser asks Needle how many she can spin, calling her "Needy", leading her to slap Eraser.

Half a Loaf is Better Than None

Multiple clips from "Half a Loaf is Better Than None" were shown in a row.

Clip 1

The Announcer shows off his marble collection, and drops it into a vat of acid. He states that whoever retrieves it will receive 15 points. All of the contestants and recommended characters jump into the vat to try and get the points. Tennis Ball retrieves the marbles using his magnet.

Clip 2

The contestants try to jump over the hurdles, with Blocky and Bubble doing so successfully, and with Tennis Ball and Rocky Failing.

Clip 3

Eraser challenges Pen to jump over a ledge. Pen does so successfully, declaring it the "easiest thing I've ever done". Eraser tries to jump over, but fails, calling Pen, who calls Blocky, and then Firey, Match, Pencil, Bubble, and then Leafy. Leafy calls Ice Cube, however she gets "revenge" and allows the objects to fall.

Take the Tower

A clip from "Take the Tower". Woody sees Teardrop coming on the bracelet, and then slings Woody and Lollipop away. Taco assumes she was the only one left on the bracelet, with Ruby stating "That's a no from me".

The Glistening (clip 1)

A clip from "The Glistening". Tennis Ball, Pencil, and the Recommended Characters all vote for Ice Cube. The Announcer then states she is eliminated, and is sent to the TLC.

Welcome Back

A clip from "Welcome Back". Pencil hangs off a ledge, and calls for help. Bubble tries to pull her up, but pops in the process, leaving Pencil to fall. Book and Ice Cube dash down the Yoyle Needy stairs. Ruby tries to instantly go down, but shatters due to the height. Book then catches Pencil just in time.

Get in the Van (clip 2)

Team No-Name are riding Puffball to Yoyle Mountain as part of the challenge. Gelatin states that there is not enough room on Puffball, and pushes Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, and Rocky off.

The Glistening (clip 2)

The contestants do the long jump as part of the challenge. Rocky jumps a considerable amount. Bubble tries to jump, but ends up failing due to her turning into metal from the Yoylecake she ate earlier. Flower then throws Firey to jump, deeming it as his turn. Leafy then uses her map to teleport to Yoyleland, and Flower does her "jump".

Why Would You Do This on a Swingset

A clip from "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset". Four says "It's time..." and zaps Gelatin. X then turns off his alarm clock.


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