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Basketball's Aboveground Factory is a room located in the hotel's fourth floor. It is owned by Basketball and appears to be her personal laboratory where she runs experiments. It has a completely green tone like the hallways of the fourth floor, and the lights are turned off.


It first appears in "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life" and is shown to be the room where Basketball is diagnosing Robot Flower's out of sync call and response function. As a result of Basketball leaving the window open, Marker's paperclip gets flung through the window and presses Robot Flower's reset button and pushing her over, leading Basketball to mistakenly assume that the main reason why Robot Flower was not functioning properly was because of the paperclip. Afterwards, Basketball notices that only two minutes are present on the challenge timer and Robot Flower hurries with Basketball, breaking through the door to the challenge location.

Things inside the "factory"

  • An Earth
  • An computer setup with two monitors attached to the wall
  • A radar dish attached to the ceiling
  • A mini fridge
  • A spare computer monitor
  • An microwave
  • A shovel
  • A lava lamp
  • A toolbox
  • A "black box" metal vault safe
  • An easel
  • A rug with a pattern that divides it into 9 squares
  • Several diagrams depicting TV and Robot Flower
  • A poster depicting two gears interlocked
  • A stool
  • A sign above the door reading, "Basketball's Aboveground FACTORY"


  • Basketball's Aboveground Factory is a reference to Golf Ball's Underground Factory.
  • There are two diagrams depicting TV and Robot Flower to the left of Basketball's station, with info points on parts of their bodies. The TV diagram has two drawings of TV, one of which has a dotted outline of his legs. This diagram depicts a large question mark pointing at that outline, suggesting that Basketball was trying to figure out how TV's legs worked.