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This page lists interactions between Basketball and Robot Flower. Basketball and Robot Flower didn't start out close in BFB, but overtime, Robot Flower started to rely more and more on Basketball to keep her functional. The two have become close friends as a result.

Episodes suggesting a friendship[]

Basketball and Robot Flower both agree that 8-Ball is a better leader than Golf Ball in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".

In "The Four is Lava", Robot Flower overheats after standing in lava and remembers that Basketball knows how she works, so she has Four recover her so she can fix her. Basketball is concerned, asking if she's been fried and says she'll see what she can do to help.

In "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?", Basketball forms a team with Robot Flower. Robot Flower is impressed that Basketball stood up to Golf Ball. Basketball thanks her and says Golf Ball was being a total-, but is cut off when Robot Flower informs her that this is the first time Basketball has been on a team with no other balls, though this turns out to be false when Snowball joins. When Snowball accuses Robot Flower, Grassy, and Bell for betraying them, Basketball says Robot Flower wouldn't betray them, other than a previous time. When Basketball and the rest of the team reach the top of the Hotel, Robot Flower rushes over to Basketball's side.

In "The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life", when Robot Flower says she loves the challenge because she loves squares, Basketball asks "What about circles?" Robot Flower isn't sure how to respond. Later in the episode, after Robot Flower gives the team batteries instead of blocks, Basketball drags Robot Flower to her Aboveground Factory to figure out what is happening with her, leaving Eggy in charge. Later, they are seen in a room with Basketball looking at Robot Flower's order history. She starts freaking out when she sees "Order RF001" which was the first order anyone put on Robot Flower's shop. It had an order of 3,000 items. Suddenly, Marker's paper clip hits Robot Flower's reset button. After Basketball pulls out the "robot splinter", Robot Flower starts to feel better. Basketball believes that pulling out the splinter fixed everything. Robot Flower tries to tell Basketball something but Basketball interrupts her to see how much time is left in the challenge. After realizing that the challenge is almost over, Robot Flower immediately drags Basketball back to the team.

In "Getting Puffball To Think About Rollercoasters", Robot Flower grabs some string for Basketball. Basketball calls Robot Flower a life saver and uses the string to improve their attraction.

In "Fishes and Dishes", Basketball and Robot Flower built the breathable bubbles for their team. Despite Robot Flower's sabotage, Basketball is still concerned when she and TV are killed by the water filling the robot.

In "The Great Goikian Bake-Off", Basketball tells Snowball that Robot Flower is not made of the strongest type of metal in a rather worrisome manner. Shortly after, Robot Flower takes Basketball and the rest of The Strongest Team on Earth. to Basketball's Aboveground Factory. She also follows Basketball's demand, which was telling her team to get behind Snowball, since Four was going to attack them.

In "The Seven Wonders of Goiky", she begs Teardrop to stop raining on Robot Flower, as the rain is hurting her. When the challenge begins, Basketball is annoyed that none of her teammates cared about Robot Flower and brings her to her factory. When drying her off, Robot Flower asks why she's the only one who cares if she's ok, and vents about how no one else cares for her. Basketball tells her it isn't true. Robot Flower continues, saying she doesn't like being 'Robot Flower' and wishes she were more like the original Flower, or Puffball Speaker Box, Purple Face, or Firey Jr. (ironically, all are variations of preexisting characters). Robot Flower comes to the decision to have Flower's personality downloaded into her, since it seems like everyone prefers her more. Basketball begs Robot Flower not to do this because she's already her own person. Robot Flower says that she just wants to feel wanted and and pleads for Basketball to do this for her. Basketball reluctantly decides to go through with it, for her friend.

When the power cuts down during the downloading process, Basketball frantically asks if she's ok. It turns out that she only downloaded season one Flower's personality into Robot Flower, which causes her to act meaner. Basketball is concerned that they also overwrote her personality. Basketball is later seen panicking over the situation when Eraser shows up at her factory asking for glue. Basketball tries to explain to him that they might've lost Robot Flower forever. Eraser only cares if she has glue which makes Basketball angry. Basketball's concerns are once again ignored when she tries to tell her teammates what happened. In the stinger, she watches Robot Flower from on top of the hotel, worrying for her and telling her she'll bring her back.

Episodes with neutral interactions[]

In "Today's Very Special Episode", when A Better Name Than That continues to berate Golf Ball despite her and 8-Ball making up, Robot Flower tries to tell her team, including Basketball, that 8-Ball is on good terms with Golf Ball, but TV cuts her off.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Basketball inspects Robot Flower and finds out that she can send data to the ship and therefore can save both them and Bleh from elimination. It's later shown in BFB 15 that Robot Flower was a little irritated when Basketball started inspecting her.

In "Fishes and Dishes", Eggy brags about how good of job she's doing at keeping TV in line. Basketball acknowledges that Robot Flower seems to be the one watching TV.

Episodes suggesting a conflict[]

In "Fishes and Dishes", Robot Flower says their team shouldn't use the Robotic Fish Monster to deceive the fish monster. Basketball says she understands this must be frustrating for her and tells her to hang out with TV until their team is finished. Instead, Robot Flower sets the robot to self destruct, with TV's help. Mortified, Basketball asks what she just did and Robot Flower says that mechanical minds stick together.

In "The Seven Wonders of Goiky", after Flower's season 1 personality is downloaded into Robot Flower, the power cuts out, frying the computer, halting the download, and momentarily shuts her down. After she reactivates, she gets up and calls Basketball stupid. Robot Flower shoves Basketball away when she tells her she needs to be fixed up, calling her ugly and that she needs her space. She mocks her stuttering and tells her to get out of her face. She pushes her to the side, not caring for what Basketball has to say, and leaves the room.

In "Balancing P.A.C.T.", after Robot Flower knocks TV off the Balance Beam, Basketball tells her to stop and she tells to everyone to help her. Then, Robot Flower smashes Basketball, killing her. Later, when Basketball talks with Two, Robot Flower sets Basketball on fire.

In "Out Of The Blue", after being recovered by Two at the end of the episode, Robot Flower immediately begins chasing Basketball.