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The bathrooms are a location that appeared in "Paper Towel" and many scenes in BFB.

It is the setting of "Paper Towel" and many parts of BFB. It served as the Cake at Stake Place from "Lick Your Way to Freedom" until "Enter the Exit". It was succeeded by Gelatin's Steakhouse from "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" onward.

The Swimming Pool is located behind it.


It appears to be a purple outhouse that is rather modern. It has a sloped roof, 2 doors which presumably lead to separate stalls, a faucet, and a lantern.

In "Paper Towel", the doors are rather light colored with a white gradient.

In BFB, the doors are now the same color as the details on the building. The light gradient doors would make a return in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" when Bomby is finished using the stall on the left.



The indicator at the top of each door seem to have three permutations:

Permutation Meaning Description
off off ( - - ) Vacant The room is empty.
off on ( - O) Occupied (Stage 2) Finishing up.
on on (O O) Occupied (Stage 1) Fully occupied.

When someone finishes using a room, the door the user was in shines and makes a ding sound.


Near the left door there seems to be a faucet. It is revealed to be as such when Eraser uses it to fill an empty water bottle.

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  • The bathrooms appear to have a water fountain, as seen in "Paper Towel".
  • It is unknown which door is for males and females, as both doors have a circle with a rectangle in them as a symbol.
    • However, in "Paper Towel", Eraser went into the one on the right, meaning that the girls bathroom is on the left.
      • However, Bomby used the bathroom to the left, which may indicate either the genders were swapped, or the genders for the bathrooms are neutral.
  • The boxes nearby seem to be changing sizes. In "Paper Towel", they were smaller than the fence. In episodes of BFB, they seem to be larger.


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