Battle for BFDI

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United States of America



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November 3, 2017 – present

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Michael Huang
Cary Huang
Satomi Hinatsu

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14 (currently)

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"Getting Teardrop to Talk"

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"Don't Dig Straight Down"


Michael Huang

Battle for BFDI, also known as BFB, Battle for B.F.D.I. (as seen on the title card), and Battle for Battle for Dream Island, is the fourth season of the Battle for Dream Island series and the successor to IDFB, the short-lived 3rd season of BFDI series, It aired on November 3, 2017, with the release of "Getting Teardrop to Talk".


Battle For B.F.D

Battle For B.F.D.I (BFB) Intro HQ

The intro to the season.

Unlike IDFB, Battle for BFDI goes back to the traditional format of challenges and eliminations, similar to the first and second seasons.

The art style is more simplified and animated more loosely, which in turn allowed the running time of the first episode to be nearly half an hour long, and later episodes to be able to be made within a shorter time frame.

Many unexplained plot changes have happened to let new characters join the cast and for old characters to return.

The premiere episode, "Getting Teardrop to Talk", introduces the fourth season's cast as well as the new hosts, Four and X from the 2008 Jacknjellify video, "X Finds Out His Value".

Although the release of IDFB confirmed the end of BFDIA, the release of BFB does not confirm the end of IDFB. Since all the characters are present (except for Evil Leafy and Nonexisty), including the ones that were originally trapped in the Locker of Losers, this might mean that IDFB is not canceled and BFB takes place sometime in the future. However, it is highly possible, as stated by Cary in his BFB 1 reaction video.



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Main article: Battle for BFDI/Elimination Table
Participant Team(s) Status Ranking
Pencil TeamIcon Pencil iance First eliminated in "Lick Your Way to Freedom" 64th
Bracelety TeamIcon Bracelety Team Ice Cube! Third eliminated In "Today’s Very Special Episode63rd
Liy TeamIcon Liy Death P.A.C.T. Fourth eliminated in "Fortunate Ben" 62nd
Roboty TeamIcon Roboty Beep Fifth eliminated in "Four Goes Too Far" 61st
Loser TeamIcon Loser The Losers! Sixth eliminated in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want" 60th
8Ball TeamIcon 8-Ball A Better Name Than That Seventh eliminated in "Questions Answered" 59th
Stapy TeamIcon Stapy Free Food Eighth eliminated in "This Episode Is About Basketball" 58th
David TeamIcon David Beep Ninth eliminated in "Enter the Exit" 57th
Match TeamIcon Match iance Tenth eliminated in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" 56th
FireyJr TeamIcon Firey Jr. Team Ice Cube! Eleventh eliminated in "Return of the Rocket Ship" 55th
Basketball TeamIcon Basketball A Better Name Than That
Blocky TeamIcon Blocky A Better Name Than That
GolfBall TeamIcon Golf Ball A Better Name Than That
Grassy TeamIcon Grassy A Better Name Than That
RobotFlower TeamIcon Robot Flower A Better Name Than That
TennisBall TeamIcon Tennis Ball A Better Name Than That
TV TeamIcon TV A Better Name Than That
Balloony TeamIcon Balloony Beep
Cloudy TeamIcon Cloudy Beep
Nickel TeamIcon Nickel Beep
Rocky TeamIcon Rocky Beep
Woody TeamIcon Woody Beep
Book TeamIcon Book Bleh
Dora TeamIcon Dora Bleh
Gaty TeamIcon Gaty Bleh
Ice Cube TeamIcon Ice Cube Bleh
Lollipop TeamIcon Lollipop Bleh
Saw TeamIcon Saw Bleh
Taco TeamIcon Taco Bleh
Teardrop TeamIcon Teardrop Bleh
BlackHole TeamIcon Black Hole Death P.A.C.T.
Bottle TeamIcon Bottle Death P.A.C.T.
Pen TeamIcon Pen Death P.A.C.T.
Pie TeamIcon Pie Death P.A.C.T.
Pillow TeamIcon Pillow Death P.A.C.T.
Remote TeamIcon Remote Death P.A.C.T.
Tree TeamIcon Tree Death P.A.C.T.
Bell TeamIcon Bell Free Food
Eraser TeamIcon Eraser Free Food
Foldy TeamIcon Foldy Free Food
Fries TeamIcon Fries Free Food
Marker TeamIcon Marker Free Food
Puffball TeamIcon Puffball Free Food
YellowFace TeamIcon Yellow Face Free Food
Bubble TeamIcon Bubble iance
Fanny TeamIcon Fanny iance
Flower TeamIcon Flower iance
Lightning TeamIcon Lightning iance
Ruby TeamIcon Ruby iance
Snowball TeamIcon Snowball iance
BarfBag TeamIcon Barf Bag Team Ice Cube!
Bomby TeamIcon Bomby Team Ice Cube!
Donut TeamIcon Donut Team Ice Cube!
Gelatin TeamIcon Gelatin Team Ice Cube!
Naily TeamIcon Naily Team Ice Cube!
Spongy TeamIcon Spongy Team Ice Cube!
Cake TeamIcon Cake The Losers!
Clock TeamIcon Clock The Losers!
Coiny TeamIcon Coiny The Losers!
Eggy TeamIcon Eggy The Losers!
Firey TeamIcon Firey The Losers!
Leafy TeamIcon Leafy Beep, The Losers! Second eliminated in "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".
Rejoined in Get to the Top in 500 Steps and was placed on The Losers!
Needle TeamIcon Needle The Losers!
Pin TeamIcon Pin The Losers!

Remaining contestants


  • Four
  • X
  • Donut (temporarily while Four was missing, and X was hiding)

Eliminated contestants

Contestants that were eliminated but rejoined



  • This season features the most contestants out of BFDI, with 64 of them.
    • Strangely, Evil Leafy and Nonexisty are the only 2 contestants not to appear in this season. This is most likely due to Evil Leafy being the antagonist, and Nonexisty being more of a joke. (However, this doesn't mean that they will not appear later.)
    • There is an equal ratio of male to female contestants with 32 of each gender.
  • Assuming one contestant will be eliminated each episode (except the first one) and that there will be at least 2 rejoins, there will be at least 66 BFB episodes.
  • It is possible that Battle for BFDI takes place in Yoyleland, as the tower on top of the Yoyle Mountain can be seen in multiple scenes, like seen in the picture on the right.
    • However, it is more likely that the season's location is nearby Yoyleland because the grass isn't purple.
      Screenshot 2017-12-24 at 7.38.09 AM
  • The intro is always started by a character using their limb to resemble Four.
    • The intro has been started by Four (BFB 1-3), Snowball (BFB 4), Spongy (BFB 5), Grassy (BFB 6), Bomby (BFB 7), Barf Bag (BFB 8 and 14), Coiny (BFB 9), Stapy (BFB 10), Liy (BFB 11), Eraser (BFB 12), and Saw (BFB 13).
      • Barf Bag is the first female to do Four's intro pose.
      • Stapy is the first eliminated contestant to do Four's intro pose.
      • Team Ice Cube! has the most contestants who has done Four's intro pose, at 3.
      • Snowball is the first contestant to do Four's intro pose.
      • Barf Bag is the first contestant to do Four's intro pose more than once.
  • The intro's song is called "MUSIC OF FOUR'S 3D HAND".
    • Mistakes in the intro:
      • Everyone after Marker in the lineup has rough finishes to their limbs and facial features out of everyone else in the intro.
      • Spongy didn’t have any legs.
      • Lightning and Pillow didn't have arms when all contestants are showing until the intro in BFB 3.
      • Although it's hard to see, Bracelety's mouth is blue instead of white, but only when all the contestants are showing.
      • Until BFB 4, Robot Flower doesn't have any body, but only when all contestants are showing.
      • Tree is missing in the first part. However, he was added to the intro in BFB 3.
      • TV was missing his legs until BFB 3.
  • Before the second half starts, a faint voice clip of the objects saying "Switch" over and over can be heard, which is taken from "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know".[1]
  • The hosts, Four and X, previously appeared in a 2008 jacknjellify animation called "X Finds Out His Value".
    • They are also the second time that there have been two hosts simultaneously, the other being Firey Speaker Box and Flower Speaker Box, if TV does not count as a host.
    • As of BFB 6, they disappeared through Four's multiplication with Donut.
    • As of BFB 9, X has returned, being found out as a disguised as fries within Fries.
    • As of BFB 10, Four has been recovered by Pin.
  • This is the first season not to have past episode release dates.
    • However, the creators sometimes announce the release date for the future episode(s) after the voting[2].
  • The original BFDI assets for facial features and limbs aren't used in BFB (except in the air fluttering, most walking and running, other rare occasions, and sometimes even as a joke). 
  • Since BFDI, BFDIA, and IDFB use the same animation style, BFB decided to use a new animation style where the mouth, arms, and legs are hand-drawn, and the animation is in frame-by-frame. However, some of the scenes of BFB uses the old animation style sometimes.
  • This is the first season in which previously eliminated contestants aren't held in the TLC. Instead, all of them are being held somewhere inside of EXIT.
  • This is the first season where a female is in last place. (Note that Woody was last place in BFDI as Flower rejoined late and finished 4th/21, and Donut was 22nd/22 because Bracelety, who got the least BFDIA join votes, was not an official contestant at the time).
  • This is the first season that David and Dora appeared together, however they are in different teams, as David is on Beep and Dora is on Bleh.
  • The BFB intro was the first intro to feature the host, unlike the intros of BFDI, BFDIA, and IDFB.
  • The show is animated with Animate CC and saved on this folder.
  • This is the first season of BFDI in 6 years to get past five episodes.
    • This is due to BFDI reaching 6 episodes on June 1, 2010, BFDIA 6 being cancelled, and IDFB going on its "best hiatus ever."
      • IDFB 2 is having an intentional hiatus[citation needed], thus getting the name, "BFDI's best hiatus ever!"
  • If Flower, Spongy, Blocky or Teardrop get eliminated in BFB, they will be the contestant(s) who have been eliminated the highest amount of times at three.
    • Since the first three have been eliminated twice in BFDI and the later two were eliminated in BFDI and BFDIA.
    • Match has become the first contestant to be eliminated three times.
  • The scene backgrounds used in this series are from Paper Towel.
  • Just like the previous seasons, BFB Stingers always take place at night.
  • Pencil and Leafy were the first two contestants eliminated. Coincidentally, they both subtracted some of nearly everyone's points in Bowling, Now with Explosions!.
  • This season marks the first time where Leafy was eliminated.
  • This is the second season where a female contestant got eliminated first (Pencil) chronologically, the first being Flower in Season 1.
  • The average number of limbs of a BFB contestant is 2.98.
  • The logo with X and Four spell out "bfb", X's feet being the b's and Four in the middle being an f, all in lowercase.
    • However, in the "Battle for Nothing" intro shown in "Enter the Exit", X appears to be frowning. His other foot now forms an "n", and Four is just an outline. The logo spells out "bfn".
  • When someone is walking or running, the running animation for BFDI is used.
  • BFB episodes were expected to come out every two weeks despite no official schedule for them ever being made, but many episodes were released in three weeks or more, and one of them was released barely over a year after the one preceding it.
  • During the QnA of the 2019 BFDI + II Meetup, Cary stated that the host of BFB was originally going to be a giant spider.