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"The Four is Lava" is the 15th episode of Battle for BFDI and the 46th episode of the overall series. It was released on December 14, 2019.

The episode starts with Gelatin and Flower on a small island that has Cloudy's collection, surrounded by lava. Gelatin tells Flower that there is not enough room on the island. Agreeing with his sentiment, Flower pushes him off instead. Having done so, Flower grabs sunglasses from the collection, puts them on, and crosses her arms.

Meanwhile, Leafy, Needle, Ice Cube, and Taco is sitting on the roof of the restrooms. Taco is still trying to get over the fact that Book saved her and Ice Cube from the lava and sacrificed herself in the previous episode. Ice Cube tries to say something, but Leafy interrupts, saying that Book and Taco should just be friends, but Needle pushes Leafy, which makes her fall off and glide. However, she is saved by Firey, who does the Four pose. Leafy says that Firey "can't ignore her anymore". Firey is confused, but Leafy, now livid, tells him he knows he still knows her, otherwise he would have not recovered her long ago. Firey instead gets her to safety, dodging her question. (Full article...)

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Did you know...

  • ... that Camera is the only non-contestant to appear in all four seasons of BFDI?
  • ... that Loser was the first contestant to be eliminated with a vote count with more than four digits?
  • ... that "Don't Dig Straight Down" had the most contestant deaths out of all BFB episodes, with 36 deaths?
  • ... that Leafy taking out her Yoylemap and saying, "Blue skidoo, we can too!" to teleport to Yoyleland in "The Glistening" and "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" is a reference to the kid's show Blue's Clues?
  • ... that you are a wonderful person?


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