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Latest BFB episode

Official BFB 30 Thumbnail.jpg

"Chapter Complete" is the 30th and final episode of Battle for BFB and the 62nd episode of the overall series. This episode is the second part of the two-part finale; the first half was "SOS (Save Our Show)". It was released on April 9, 2021.

The episode starts in Four's subconscious, where Stapy and Match are talking about Four being their favorite host. Four suddenly shows up announces that the final 2 are Bracelety and Pencil, who are also very fond of Four. Pencil showers Four with compliments and gets every contestant in the E.X.I.T. chanting his name. Suddenly, he hears Flower wondering where he is. The eliminated contestants also hear Flower and want Four to explain what she's talking about. Four starts getting shaky and nervous, and soon he gets the whole desert shaking. The earthquake opens three holes in the ground in the shape of a face. Four tells Flower and Gelatin to let him stay in the ground forever. Flower gets scared and decided to tell the Announcer, even though Gelatin is nonchalant about the situation.

The episode then cuts to Profily talking to an upset X, who is sitting on the exact spot Four melted into the ground, refusing to leave his side. Profily decides to sit with X. X then thanks Profily multiple times in an upsetting way. (Full article...)

Previous episodes: "SOS (Save Our Show)" • "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" • "Uprooting Everything" • "The Hidden Contestant" • "The Tweested Temple" • More...

Latest TPOT episode

TPOT 1 thumbnail.jpg
"You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" is the first episode of Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two and the 59th episode in the overall series. The episode was released on Sunday, January 10, 2021. It was announced to release on Saturday, January 9, 2021 in the stinger of "Uprooting Everything", however, it was delayed a few hours due to glitches of the intro. It is a new show that Two, the host, created in "The Escape from Four". In this episode, two recommended characters, Winner and Price Tag joined the game, the latter serving as a replacement for Nonexisty, as he could not participate due to not existing.

The episode starts with TV playing a recording of Four suggesting to add back the original A BFDI as the winner's prize for Battle for BFB. Yellow Face suggests to switch back to Battle for BFB, but Fanny disapproves and says that Four had betrayed their trust. The others agree with Fanny. Fries then praises Fanny that she has the spirit of a leader, but asks if Two does any better than Four as a host, as the contestants have been waiting for ages to compete in TPOT. Two then interrupts their conversations and starts floating around the building, and then flies to the top, reminding them that it was time for Cake at Stake. The contestants as well as the RCs stare at Two blankly from the bottom of the tower. Two then uses their powers to make them float to the top of the Bathrooms. (Full article...)

Did you know...

  • ... that Tree's IDFB redesign (pictured) originally colored him yellow?
    Tree's redesign

    Tree's scrapped IDFB redesign

  • ... that in real life, Four's screech must be louder than 120 decibels in order to cause damage?
  • ... that BFDI 8 had the most deaths ever?
  • ... that The Power of Two was originally never going to happen, and that the contestants not in post-split BFB were going to be permanently killed off?
  • ... that Stapy is the only male character that hasn't died yet?

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