The rules hold the very important purpose of ensuring both an accurate and welcoming community. Breaking the rules, then, will most of the time be met with a warning. Getting warned for the same offense three times, or getting warned four times in total, will both result in a block.

You can also read the full rules, which are more detailed but use more complicated English, here.

Rules about accounts

  • You must be at least 13 years old when creating an account. Though we won't do detective work, if we find out that you're younger, you will be blocked until your thirteenth birthday.
  • Your account name, bio, and profile picture must all comply with following rules against profanity, impersonation, and pornography.
  • You cannot use multiple accounts, also known as sockpuppeting. If you wish to move accounts, your old account will be banned.
  • You cannot reveal your own or others' personal or private information. This includes addresses, phone numbers, real names (of other users; using your own name is perfectly fine), etc.

Rules about editing

  • You cannot vandalize. Vandalism refers to the destructive and unwanted changing, either intentional or not, of any possible part of this wiki (articles, user pages, images, templates, categories, etc.).
  • You cannot edit war. Edit warring is the repeated undoing and redoing of an edit against one or more users. In these cases, alert an admin instead of edit warring. Edit warring against vandalism, however, is acceptable.
  • You cannot add fan-made or non-BFDI related images to articles. Relevantly, please restrict most references to other object shows.

Rules about behavior

  • You cannot use heavy profanity or profane images, bigoted language and rhetoric, or slurs in any area of the wiki. Light profanity, such as piss, hell, bastard, damn, ass, and dammit, are allowed if they are not directed at other people.
    • You cannot use overtly sexual language or imagery. This refers to actual pornography and also to fetish art.
  • You cannot be disrespectful to other users, people, or groups. Respect their personal wishes and requests. Offensive jokes, including "triggered" jokes, count as disrespect.
  • You cannot advertise outside of your own spaces (your own blogs, talk page, user pages, etc.).
  • You cannot spoil upcoming episodes outside of the future episode articles. This extends to both articles and comments. Spoilers in personal spaces are fine.
  • You cannot spam. Spamming usually refers to posting multiple unwanted comments in a short span of time. It can also refer to posting irrelevant, off-topic, or overly long comments under an article.
  • You cannot threaten the wiki or other users. This extends to threatening to break the rules in any way.
  • You cannot claim to be another user. Saying that you are someone you're not (especially if that person has some powers over this wiki) is a very bad thing to do, and will lead to you being blocked, no matter what.
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