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You don't need to squish me, because I've already been squished, 10 years ago.

BeiBei is a character that appeared in The BeiBei Squisher, a jacknjellify video from 2008. She is a stuffed animal version of the character BeiBei, who is one of the Fuwa, a group of mascots from the 2008 Olympics. Her name is taken from the first part of Beijing, a city in The People's Republic of China, which is where the 2008 Olympics took place.


BeiBei is a fish that resembles a giant panda. The waves that are on her head are based on a design in traditional Chinese paintings.[1]


In "The BeiBei Squisher", she is squished by a Rube Goldberg machine.


  • BeiBei is the first character shown in object show content to ever be on the internet (with the exceptions of some of the recommended characters).
  • She is the first character ever seen in all the jacknjellify YouTube history.
  • She is the fourth character to have a Text-to-Speech voice.
  • She and NiNi are the only females in the Fuwa.
  • She represents the element of water.
  • All members of the Fuwa have a color and a wish. She is blue and her wish is prosperity.
  • The names of the Fuwa are all taken from the sentence, "Beijing Huan Yin Ni", which means "Beijing Welcomes You".
  • Beibei was a contestant in Total Fuwa Island, an old elimination show that possibly predates Total Firey Island.
  • BeiBei's plush was/is stored in Cary Huang's shed, as seen in "We Discovered Our Forgotten "Firey” Comics — BFB 23 on Friday, August 21".



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