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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

Introducing you all to the BRB: The Big... Rotating... Building!

The Big Rotating Building (BRB) is where contestants go after they are eliminated after the split. It was first mentioned in "Take the Tower" and first seen in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?".

As of "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning" all of the eliminated contestants were snapped out of the BRB by X.

As of "Chapter Complete", the BRB has been detached from its base in The Pillary Ruins by Four and its upper half is now in the Desert.

Design and functionality

The BRB closely resembles the Yoyle Needy, except the "dome" on the top of the BRB spins rapidly. There is a banner on the dome which reads "Big Rotating Building". On the roof of the BRB's dome is a door, constantly opening and closing, showing the fast moving gears inside. Other than that, the BRB's interior is unknown.

Attached to the railing on the BRB's platform by chain and hooks are several cages in varying sizes. During an elimination, eliminated contestants are locked inside them until the game ends. If spun fast enough, they can be used as propellers, as shown in "Chapter Complete", when Four flies the BRB onto the Sun.

In the stingers of "The Game Has Changed" and "The Tweested Temple", Blocky and Ruby are seen with tablets, and in "Chapter Complete" Balloony confirmed that all of the BRB's inhabitants were given tablets to use during their time in the cages.


The contestants are listed in order of elimination.


  • Similar to the Tiny Loser Chamber and Locker of Losers, BRB shares an acronym for a well-known phrase, "be right back".
    • This was further hinted in "A Taste of Space", when Four stated "The contestant with the fewest votes will 'BRB'".
  • Before the release of "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", the function of the BRB was accidentally mentioned in the Humany video "BFB 21 Behind the scenes of X's lines (done by Cary)", where Cary mentioned Ruby was being spun in the BRB. This was later edited to have the video cut off at the "spinning around part", but this confirmed that Ruby, along with the other BRB prisoners, were being spun around.
  • The cages in the BRB are a possible reference to the cage that Firey was locked up by FreeSmart in "Welcome Back".
    • In the Humany video "CARY REACTS TO BFB 22", Cary says that the BRB's model was based on the Yoyle Needy, further hinting to this.
  • As of "Take the Tower", at the end of every episode (except "The Game Has Changed", "The Hidden Contestant", and "Uprooting Everything"), screaming is heard from the BRB.
    • Out of the aforementioned episodes, "The Game Has Changed" is the only one that doesn't outright omit the BRB from the stinger altogether.
  • Taco's cage is missing in the stinger of "Fashion For Your Face!".
  • In "The Hidden Contestant" and the stinger of "The Tweested Temple", the white objects connecting to the cages and the building are missing from Taco, Blocky, and Firey's BRB chains.
  • Leafy and Teardrop are the only contestants who didn't enter the BRB after being eliminated.
  • Profily and Lollipop are the only ones who were never shown spinning inside the BRB.


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